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Transformers Birthday Party Supplies and Cakes

Updated on March 19, 2016

Transformers Birthday

With the release of the latest Transformers movie, many children will be requesting this party theme for their next birthday celebration

This page will feature party ideas and supplies to host a Transformers theme birthday. You will find licensed party supplies, unique party favors, wholesale party favors, custom party items, birthday cake toppers, cupcake picks, party games and activities, party attire, decorations and more. There is also a photo gallery of awesome birthday cakes that any Transformers fan would love. Hopefully viewing these birthday cakes will provide you with many ideas for your own birthday cake masterpiece.

You will find everything you need for your party planning right here!

Transformers 3 Party Supplies

Revenge of the Fallen Party Supplies

The Transformers Party Supplies includes (8) invitations, pocket dinner plates, cups, forks, spoons, activity placemats, 16 napkins, Transformers tablecover, centerpiece, mylar balloon, 24 balloons, crepe paper rolls, curling ribbon, star confetti and cake candles.

You can add on other fun party supplies including Premade Party Favor Kits. These favor kits contain a Revenge of the Fallen mask, Revenge of the Fallen sticker sheet and Revenge of the Fallen lenticular bookmark, a pullback race car and tumbling ninja. Other party supplies include a Pull String Pinata, Personalized Birthday Banner, Cake Topper, Removable Wall Decorations, Photo Backdrop, and more.

Transformers Birthday Invitations

I always like to start off my birthday party planning with personalized invitations. They may cost slightly more than the packaged invites, but I think they are more than worth it. There are other ways in which you can cut costs, but I wouldn't skimp on the invites. The invitations set the overall mood of the birthday party, so a cool invite generally means a very cool party!

There are many personalized invitations to choose from. Some of the styles include trendy ticket style invites, VIP Pass invitations which come with plastic case and lanyard, and photo invitations. All of the invitations can be personalized with your child's birthday party details and information.

Transformers Balloons

Set the stage for your birthday party with these large mylar balloons. These full figured balloons are 30" in size and come in both the Animated Optimus Prime Character as well as Bumble Bee.

There are also other party balloons available including 18" round and square mylar balloons.

Every Little Boys Dream!


Wholesale Party Favors

To help you keep to your birthday party budget, there is a very nice selection of wholesale party favors on the market. These party supplies will help you fill the party favor bags with really fun items without breaking the bank. Some of the party favors available include:

  • Coloring Book Sets with Crayons
  • Note books
  • Gift Goodie Bags
  • 8pc Stationery Sets
  • Stampers
  • Pull Top Water Bottles
  • Pencil & Pencil Cases
  • Stickers
  • Tri-Fold Wallets
  • 5 in 1 Cartridge Erasers
  • Drawstring Backpacks

Transformers Party Favors

Party Mommas is an online party store run by Kat and Kim. In my personal opinion, they have some of the best and most unique party favors out there. There designs are terrific. The good news is that they recently added Transformers party supplies to their line of products. Here are the items that they carry:

  • Standard sized Hershey candy wrappers you can add a photo of the birthday child to these wrappers
  • Scratch off Birthday Party Invitations
  • Scratch off Birthday Party Games/Favors
  • Unique Water Bottle Labels
  • Name Tag Stickers
  • Favor Treat Bags with Custom Labels
  • Thank You Notes ~ Thank You Tags
  • Birthday Party Wall Print Party Decoration

Party Favors

Stickers, Goodie Bags, Party Favor Packs, Stationery Sets, Tattoos, Paper Masks and Loot Bags.
Stickers, Goodie Bags, Party Favor Packs, Stationery Sets, Tattoos, Paper Masks and Loot Bags. | Source

Transformers Favor Bags

In addition to the treat bags with custom labels and gift goodie bags listed above, there are other favor bags that would be great for your birthday party.

Fabric Favor Bags: These unique party favor bags measure approximately 7" X 8" and have red grosgrain ribbon handles. Each bag has a small card thanking your guests for coming. The favor tags are personalized with your child's name and age.

Personalized Gable Favor Boxes: Parties n Happy Days offers personalized gable boxes for your favors. Each box measures 8" X 5" X 9.5" and includes a handle for easy carrying.

Mini Pinata Favors: Bay Ridge Party Supply sells trendy mini pinata favors. These favor containers are the latest rage in party supplies. Pinatas are made from hard stock quality posterboard and measure 7" by 3.5". There is a small hole at the top of the pinata for adding candies and other favor goodies. Mini pinatas also make great party decorations until they are ready to be handed out to the party guests. You can hang them around the party room.

Learn How To Make Mini Pinata Favors

Transformers Birthday Party Attire

It is always fun for the birthday child to dress for their party theme on their special day. If your child would like to dress for their birthday party, they can choose from an official costume or a personalized birthday shirt.

The Transformers costumes are available in Optimus Prime and Bumble Bee. Both costumes are available in both classic or deluxe.

If they would rather not wear the full costume, they can select from a large selection of personalized birthday shirts instead. There are many cool designs to choose from. These shirts can also be personalized with your child's name and age.

Whether they choose the full costume or custom birthday shirt, they are sure to love showing off their party attire to all of their birthday guests!

Party Games & Activities

Transformers Rub-N-Color Pack: Transform your party with a rub-n-color party pack. Each party pack includes 4 rub-n-color picture pads and 4 wood tools. Picture pads include 12 pages. Just rub the picture to reveal the color below.

Transformers Magic Reveal Pack: Each package includes 4 coloring packs. Coloring pack includes 1 coloring pad with 12 pages and 3 markers. Use enclosed pen to color the pages and reveal the picture below.

Transformers Water Wow Pack: A great party activity! Each package of water wow includes 4 reusable doodle boards and 4 fingerpaint sponges. Wet sponge, wipe doodle board and watch the colors appear. Let dry and color again.

Transformers Pin the Shield Game: The goal of the game is to place the sticker closest to the shield, whoever has the highest points, wins! Game features Megaton and Bumblebee and 16 stickers and one game poster

Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Party Game: Game includes 1-game poster, 12-player stickers and 1-blindfold. The person placing the sticker closest to the chest wins.

Custom Transformers Pinata: This custom pinata would make a wonderful birthday party activity. Fill it up with candies and small toys and you are good to go!

Cake and Cupcake Supplies

Edible cake images, cupcake rings, cake toppers, cake kits and cake pans.
Edible cake images, cupcake rings, cake toppers, cake kits and cake pans. | Source

Transformers Birthday Cakes

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Transfomers Party Talk

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    • profile image

      transformers fan 

      7 years ago

      Not sure what movie you are talking about, but yesterday I watched the 3 part 'Dark Of The Moon'. The movie is awesome and kids are going to love it! So, I guess such transformers stuff for kids are going to be even more popular.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      If anyone in or around the Los Angeles is having a Transformers themed party, I have the perfect suggestion. I am the owner of a replica of Ratchet from the Transformers G1 cartoon series and my buddy is the owner of a replica Bumblebee from the latest movies. We will drive up to your party and your guests can get a kick out of seeing there favorite Transformers right in front of them. they can take pictures and check the cars out. they will be the hit of your party and everyone that is there wil think you are awesome for "finding them". Please contact me for rates and availability at:

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      My son,4 turning 5 and my daughter 13 loves this movie stuff. I grew up watching the cartoons and my husband spent his 20s adoring it. So for my kids generation we have Shia labeouf adding to the craze (even my 4 almost 5 year old is like "Shia labeouf!" everytime he sees a pic of him) so I decided to have a tf themed party for him. He will love the optimus prime color scheme and the optimus prime toy I bought him.

    • profile image

      Transformers Costume 

      8 years ago

      I love this page! When I was a kid I always wanted a Transformers birthday party but never got around to it. I was always moving on to GI Joe or something similar. Maybe for my 40th? Hmmmm... :)

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      I have a son 9 years old who is a Transformers Nut. This year we spent all kinds of money on Transformer stuff for his party and had almost 80 kids at our house. The best thing we had and was one of the cheapest things was this toy and sucker thing I bought online from a company called Nationwide Candy for just $6.56 each. Here is link if anyone is interested

      I know people might thing wow you spent $6.56 x 80 = ? But I am ashamed to say how much I spent hiring guys in Transformer costumes, cakes, and decorations. And i am truly embarrassed to what else i spent money on??? Had I known everyone would have been happy with just this sucker toy thing I could have saved a lot of money..:(

    • Janet21 profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from New York

      @Erika: That photo was taken by khosey1. There is a link to her flickr page directly under the photo. You can visit her flickr page and post a question in her guestbook.

    • profile image


      9 years ago


    • Janet21 profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from New York

      @kiwi91: Hey, GI Joe is still a very cool party theme! I am sure it was great. :)

      @lakeerieartists: My girls aren't into Transformers and my son is too young to be into it. So, I really know nothing about the movie or toys. All I know about the movie is the big Megan Fox drama. :) That Optimus Prime character looks really cool, though.

    • lakeerieartists profile image

      Paula Atwell 

      9 years ago from Cleveland, OH

      Another thorough job, Janet. My kids like transformers, but I don't. No one asked my opinion. :)

    • kiwi91 profile image


      9 years ago from USA

      I loved Transformers as a kid. I remember when I was 5 my parents asked if I wanted a Transformers themed birthday party. Back in the 80's this stuff wasn't as readily available, so they ran out and I had a GI Joe party - I wasn't too happy about that (brat!). Nowadays you can order everything online, it makes it much easier. Looks like you've thought of everything! Nice work.


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