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Transformers Rescue Bots birthday party supplies and themed ideas

Updated on August 24, 2015

Plan a Transformers Rescue Bots Birthday Party Theme

Who hasn’t heard of Transformers? It’s like talking about Superman or Spiderman – somewhere, somehow, at some point, a conversation around you had to revolve on the robots that can transform into cars. If you’re a parent, then you've had better chances than most to come into contact with Transformers, sometimes quite literally (stubbed toes on a toy robot, anyone?).

The trouble with a successful franchise is that there are many spin offs, and I mean many spin offs – Beast wars, Armada, Rescue Bots – you name it. Not to mention reboots and mini-verses. That would be a lot of characters taking up vital memory space in your head. Don’t worry, even if you can’t tell a Decepticon from a MorBot, and Spittor sounds like something you wouldn’t want to step in, there is still hope for your themed birthday party. Here you can find a plethora of Transformers Rescue Bots party ideas and a variety of featured supplies to help you complete your mission of throwing the best party ever.

Transformers Rescue Bots Birthday Party Invitations and Ideas

Any gathering of Autobots starts with an invite, after all, they have to travel a long way, from planets scattered in all corners of the galaxy, like Aquatron, Gigantion or the Jungle Planet.

An easy way to make memorable Transformers Rescue Bots birthday invitations is to fashion them yourself - you can print characters and add quotes like : “ Autobots, roll out!”, “; Rescue Bots, roll to the rescue”, “Optimus Prime requests all Autobots to gather at…”. For location, you can add : “the Ark” (the ship the Autobots came on”), “Griffin Rock” (where the Rescue Bots are stationed on Earth) or “ Cybertron” (the Autobot home world).

If you don’t have the time to spend on the invites, you can always print readymade Rescue Bots party invitations or purchase them on Etsy. The latter option gives you the possibility of customizing the invites – like adding your child’s picture.

Think Fast!

Who's their (or Your) Favorite Rescue Bot?

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Transformers Rescue Bots Birthday Party Decorations and Ideas

While Griffin Rock is a beautiful island, you still need to spruce up the town a bit with some transformers rescue bots birthday party decorations, before the Autobots gather. If you’re looking for a color theme, there are four readily available ones (one for each main autobot). Alternately, you can decorate more tables, each with a character color scheme. For Chase you have red, white and blue (police style), for Heatwave it’s red, yellow and blue. Blade is decked out in yellow and orange and Boulder is green (with yellow patches stripped with black).

To add to the effect, you can make mini cardboard Rescue Bots and have them as table ornaments. There are templates available for all four main characters: Heatwave, Chase, Boulder, Blades . These can serve a double function – they are decorative, but the children can also play with them.

You can give your buffet table an extra spark with printable Transformer Rescue Bots cupcake wrappers, pop corn box and cupcake toppers. Additionally, you can place transformer badge cut outs throughout the house – you can even glue some on the bottom of transparent plates.

Going with the robot theme, you can also make a gear garland – there is even a gear template generator to make life easy for you.

For that extra bit of wow, you can make Optimus Prime balloon hats – your guests can wear them or you can use them as decoration throughout the house.


Transformers Rescue Bots Birthday Party Food and Drink Ideas

After a busy day saving Griffin Rock from the plots of Doctor Morocco and his army of MorBots, the Rescue Bots have to fuel up and replenish their energy.

The Rescue Bots’ source of energy is called “Energon Cubes” – you can make your very own energon cubes with light blue jelly – something like this. This works great for summer parties.

You can serve licorice as Heatwave’s fire hose and you can even make his fireman ladder by using salty sticks glued together with vanilla candy coating or marshmallow fluff. For Chase you can fill bowls of blue, red and white candy or have bits of watermelon. Bumblebee can also sneak in with Oreos served as his wheels.

Paprika or orange slices can in turn become Blade’s blades and chicken nuggets can be served as Boulder’s boulders. For the latter, any spherical shaped food can suffice – meatballs, cream puffs glazed with chocolate even bits of chocolate candy (the one with nuts, to give it a more boulder like aspect).

For something more substantial, you can serve Optimus Rolls (sliced wraps) or make Transformers sandwiches (you can find sandwich cutters in the shape of the Transformers badge on Amazon).

Another idea for a Transformers Rescue Bots party snacks is making rice krispie robots. You can go as wild as you like – you can add candy for buttons and eyes, you can use edible paint and candy strips. The sky is the limit. Here is a small tutorial.

All that food makes an Autobot thirsty – you can serve brightly colored sodas as “Liquid Energon”.


Transformers Rescue Bots Birthday Cake and Cupcake Decorating Ideas

Just like you can find a Spark at the core of every Autobot, at the center of every party lies the birthday cake. You can order a custom cake from a local cake specialty shop, or you can get down and dirty (possibly even literally) and make your own, after all, there is nothing quite like the feeling of satisfaction that you get from seeing children happily dig in something you made yourself.

The staple of any Transformers Rescue Bots birthday cake is the Transformers badge. It also provides you with a simple but pretty cake solution – print out a badge template, use it to cut out an exact replica into fondant and add that to the top of your cake. To get it more in the Rescue Bots, rather than general Transformers theme, you can add a flame pattern (as Heatwave’s signature) at the bottom of the cake – something like this.

If you’re feeling confident enough in your fondant cutting skills, you can make a more elaborate pattern – print out one of the Rescue Bots and cut the parts out of matching color fondant then stick them together using edible glue. The end result can come off looking like these cookies.

For the crafty, you can attempt to make a 4 tier Rescue Bots cake. The first three tiers have a regular cake shape. The last tier you can bake in an oven proof bowl and then trim it down to shape. Then you cover each layer with fondant, like shown here. Then it’s a matter of cutting out eyes and mouths out of different colored fondant, and adding them on with edible glue.

If you’re tempted to add cupcakes, you can print out Rescue Bots cupcake toppers. You can also make Heatwave cupcakes – tricolored cupcakes (using red, yellow and blue frosting).

How to make an Autobot Logo Cake

Pin the badge on the bot game
Pin the badge on the bot game | Source

Transformers Rescue Bots Birthday Party Games and Activities

Rescue bots need to be active, so here are some fun Transformers Rescue Bots party games that you can set up at home.

You can have a matching game where you have children match the rescue bot to the vehicle or the driver. Here’s a printable version of the game. While we’re on the topic of printables, you can always add coloring pages to the party – it’s one of the few quiet but fun activities that the kids can enjoy. Another one would be playing word search – for children of reading age, they can search a word puzzle for their favorite Autobot characters.

Any party deserves a piñata – you can find some Transformers piñatas on Amazon, or you can try to make your own with this tutorial.

You can make a Heatwave fireman contest and have children hit targets with super soakers. While messy (and wet), this would be a lot of fun. For a spin off, you can place a bottle with a Doctor Morroco print on the fence/table and have children try to knock it down from the distance with the water gun.

For something equally active, you can set up a “space chase obstacle course” and have the children race to reach the Allsparke. Your hoops can become gravity wells, you can set up balloons and boxes as steroid fields and you can make a play tunnel into a black hole (with the help of some paint or cloth).

You can also have the children play MorBots vs Rescue Bots – each one has a balloon tied to the ankle and in order to win they have to pop the other team’s balloons without getting their own popped. To help them get into character, you can get masks (from Etsy or Amazon).

For a stomping good time (pun intended) you can have them try to find pieces of the Allsparke (tiny cardboard keys) hidden inside balloons. Popping them will provide a lot of entertainment.

Lastly, you can set up a craft stand – build your own Rescue Bot – and arm the children with cuice boxes, toilet paper rolls, pins, buttons, glue and scissors.

Transformers Rescue Bots Birthday Party Favors and Ideas

When the party starts winding down it’s time to hand down some Transformers Rescue Bots party favors. Apart from the favors themselves, you can make the gift bag special by assembling a Transformers box. Inside, the children can find Transformer bracelets, “Roll out” gumballs (red, blue and yellow), tattoos and stickers (a staple of any child gift bag, really) and toy robots.

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