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All "Monsters" Love Popcorn Balls

Updated on October 8, 2019
kenneth avery profile image

I love food and I love to cook, but sometimes, the first love takes over my second love. But not in this case.


Delicious Halloween Popcorn Balls are (24 Individually Wrapped) Halloween Candy

If you want to take a look at this Halloween Special, get Halloween Popcorn Balls: Sweet, salty and spooktacular, for the unreal price of $19.97, at Amazon.

I promise that these tasty treats are sure to be a monster hit when included to Halloween party snacks, You will love how these popcorn balls come packaged in an orange and black wrapper that features a haunted house. You can afford to stock up on these tasty treats to hand 'em out to trick-or-treaters in lieu of sugary candy or round out the ghoulish goodies being offered to guests at a Halloween haunt.

Popcorn ball treats are individually wrapped, with 24 pack. Total wt., 1 lb size : 3 Inch popcorn balls.

The price of these unbelievable price is $19.97, this special comes with a loving-warning: No matter how many popcorn ball packages you buy, I cannot promise you that any of these delicious delights will be left, so you might hide a few for yourself.

Once these mouth-watering treats are opened and put in your Halloween “treats” dishes, the trick-or-treaters will come-a running because these popcorn balls are just so delicious that is almost impossible for these youngsters and their parents to keep from asking for extra packages of these wonderfully-tasty and healthy snacks, which are really not a snack, but a good food source.


The Various Uses For Popcorn

if I had enough time and space, I wish that I could devote everything about popcorn and how it has been used for several years.

Among the first and most-common use for popcorn is popping, the act of popping the corn which two or three family members or friends can get in on the great time. The aroma from the popping corn is almost impossible to stay put until the popcorn is served.

People, as you have read, got to mixing fresh popcorn with molasses and when it is mixed, the mixture is placed in the refrigerator, and when it is served, it is called Popcorn Balls. These tasty items are arguably the most-favorite Christmas snack that people can eat and ask for more.

In the early days of Christmas in the United States, children and their mothers would pop-up a large amount of popcorn and the mother provided the sewing threat and the needles for the children to place on kernel at the time until they had created a popcorn ball that they placed on their Christmas tree.

It has been said that there are things such as Popcorn Cakes, but only the popcorn goes into the icing.


Where I First Tasted My First Popcorn

was when I was in 1959 at age six. My family lived in rural northwest Alabama, Marion County, to be exact, and honestly, we were a segment of the poorest families to live in this country due to the joblessness of that country where the only source of of money was farming, and I do not mean to mislead you into believing that we (and others) operated those huge farming operations tending thousands of acres. Our small farm was less than 20 acres, but my dad farmed it alone from sunrise to sundown, not with a gasoline-powered machine, but with one mule.

But my dad was one of the strongest, wisest, and patient men who was my hero early on. I can remember when I was a little boy and sitting near the fields where he plowed, sowed, and harvested his corn and cotton crops that I know did not bring that less money to our family because the bigger farming industries were always given better treatment, but my dad, mom, and older sister never bothered to offer one complaint. My mom, whose faith was next to the Biblical hero, Job, would simply say in her soft voice, we need not worrying, because the Lord will provide for us.

And she was so right. Year after year. But, life had its perks, although I did not one thing about perk, so I just enjoyed each day to the best of my abilities. Then the day came when my sister came in and told our mom that she had been talking with this guy who spied her while he was driving past (the old) Hamilton High School and as nature had it, the two hit it off and before long, he asked her to go to the movies because he had a decent job which gave her points with him.

But my wise sister told him that she would be glad to go, but he had to take her and the entire family to take-in a movie at the Ford Drive-in Theater, Hamilton, Ala., just a few miles out on highway 278 east of Hamilton. We had never been to a drive-in, so I was half scared and half excited and when the film began, I was siting in the back of my sister’s boyfriend’s 1950 Ford, with two doors and red interior. But my mom was sitting with me and was quick to scold me when I got out of hand.

An intermission soon came by and that was so people could head to the snack bar so they could buy delicious snacks along with cold soda pop. My sister’s boyfriend came back with three or four red boxes all filled with this great-smelling substance that was all as white as a Michigan snow in January. I was so excited about what my future brother-in-law was going to tell us all about his new-found snack item, but he had eaten a lot of the snack before he let us eat it.

He handed a box of the super-nice-smelling popcorn to my mother, who was excited and curious as I was, and with her index finger and thumb on her right hand, she reached into the red box and gave me a kernel of the popcorn. Out of pure instinct, she said to chew it slowly because she did not want me to get choked on the husk of the popcorn. I was amazed at how much my mom knew about popcorn.

And to this day, she never revealed where or how she discovered popcorn, but I can tell you this: I was blessed to eat numerous bowls of her popcorn that she would pop on our electric stove. And her popcorn balls that she made at Thanksgiving and Christmas were, in my opinion, fantastic!

Yes. My mom was very special, as I am sure that you mom was special also. My mom and I would talk for hours (when I lived at home with her and my dad) about life and its elements.

Over the years, it hit me: her memories were made possible for those pans of popcorn . . .and those delicious popcorn balls.

September 24, 2019_____________________________________________

© 2019 Kenneth Avery


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