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Trick or Treating Safety Tips

Updated on July 26, 2012

Trick or Treaters


Safety for Trick or Treaters

Ever since I was a child there has always been an inherent danger in trick or treating. Occasionally you would have one bad person handing out dangerous items for Halloween. I live in a community were the candy was always x-ray-ed. The local hospital got tired of Trick or Treaters being hurt on Halloween. Eventually the police just paid children to collect samples from each house to find out which adults were being naughty and which ones were being nice.

It is sad to me that children can't be safe to trick or treat, dress up and show off their outfits but that is the times we live in.

Now Trick or Treating has changed entirely especially since 9/11. I think the holiday effected most by 9/11 was Halloween. But there were those few brave souls including my son and myself that insisted on going after 9/11 and the score was big.

Since the the local mall has taken over Trick or Treating has a safety precaution. The vendors at the local mall give candy out to children as they parade through the malls in their costumes. This to me is a bit sad because it seems like Halloween has been marginalized alot.
My son is older now and besides giving candy to younger children he really doesn't like candy so Halloween isn't very exciting for him.

So if you still let your children go round your neighborhood trick or treating I thought i would provide you with some safety tips.

1) Never let your children eat the candy they collect. I always had an exchange system with my son which worked well because I knew the candy he preferred.

2) Map out your route in advance and let your entire group know the route in case one accidentally gets lost.

3) Trick or Treat in groups and always with an adult present. Two adults for every five children is a good ratio.

4) Only Trick or Treat in the Daylight

5) Only go to houses of people you know.

6) Never go inside anyone's house and remain visible the entire time.

7) Give the children who are old enough cell phones so if they get separated they can call to be picked up.

8) Have one parent on pick up duty for lost Trick or Treaters.

And then have a wonderful Halloween.


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    • JT Walters profile image

      JT Walters 6 years ago from Florida

      Hi MyFavoriteBedding,

      Great tip. Thanks for reading, commenting and providing feedback.


    • MyFavoriteBedding profile image

      MyFavoriteBedding 6 years ago from United States

      It is sad that a few bad apples had to make Halloween an event that has to be built on so much caution. Besides what you have listed as things to be aware of, I would like to share something that people need to be aware of, and that's CANDLES. I knew a girl who was trick or treating many, many years ago, and her costume caught on fire as she was standing at a doorway, collecting her treat. She was severely burned, over 2/3 of her body. People should NEVER have open flames of any kind on their doorsteps.