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Troll Costume for Halloween

Updated on October 6, 2010

Troll costume Photos

Troll wig 1
Troll wig 1
Troll wig 2
Troll wig 2
Troll Wig 4
Troll Wig 4
Troll wig 5
Troll wig 5
Troll Mask 6
Troll Mask 6

Troll Costume For Halloween

Troll costumes are a great outfit to wearl for Halloween. Trolls have for a long time been misunderstood mythological creatures.  Of course certain trolls are reputed to be evil creatures,  but they actually fun and friendly midgets personified by  troll dolls of a some time ago which are  smiling, big funny eyed, chubby guys with a most wonderful hairdo.

Troll costumes are based largely on this uncommon hairdo which  means a wig is more or less essential for most people. If you do cultivate long hair you most likely would not want to dye your hair in vibrant red or bright  blue.Quite amazing and brightly coloured troll wigs can be purchased online and these are a very good beginning for your troll costume.

These unusual troll dolls are rather collectible now and you may very well see collections of hundreds  with diverse hair  in shiny virtually garish hues. These little dolls come in many sizes from a tiny inch or so, up to two feet or extra tall.These are commonly made from soft rubber. Many are in use as mascots in autos and commonly hung from rear view mirrors, or perhaps placed as a  big collection on the back window shelf.

Trolls interesting  and tiny  very pleasing beings. The mythological troll in fairy tales was quite commonly very ugly and was known to be sometimes a mercenary for evild people and very nasty individuals. He's shown in this version in present day computer games e.g.  World of Warcraft.

Makeup of a quite dark hue is the most suitable  for a troll and suits him well. You may purchase masks and clothes that are of the happy  troll  version, or you are able to get the very much darker version of troll shown by the World Of Warcraft  masks which are  licensed officially by the makers. For Myself I go for the contented troll. He much better personifies of the spirit of Halloween  but it is your choice beyond a doubt.

If you do  become a troll for this Halloween you're making the right choice. This is a very colorful costume and brightly coloured  hairdo which will stand out at any party. The nasty type troll mask is perfect if you really want to be an evil and nasty troll. Even so many men and ladies will settle for the joyful troll which is definitely more in the spirit of what we really want  for  halloween.

At our website you can find lots of pictures of troll costumes with descriptions and sources to buy. Trolls .   You can read many good articles on halloween costumes here



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