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Ideas For Great Tropical Christmas Decorations

Updated on March 21, 2011

Do you want some great tropical Christmas decorations? Think islands. Think sandy beaches and palm trees. Think about Santa. Can you even picture jolly old Santa Claus in the tropics? Where do you think he vacations? A Santa in a straw hat, Bermuda shorts and Hawaiian shirt could make for a great tropical Christmas decoration!

First of all, to get into the tropical Christmas decorations spirit, you have to picture a tropical island, bright colors or even your last Hawaiian vacation. What images invoke a tropical mood with you? The palm trees and sandy beaches as mentioned above are always among the first images. How about coconuts or other tropical fruits like pineapple? Lush, exotic looking tropical flowers or Hawaiian leis are also reminiscent of the tropics. Grass huts, hula skirts and tropical birds are other tropical connotations.

Think about how these tropical things could lend themselves to great tropical Christmas decorations. For some tropical holiday outdoor d├ęcor, make your own sandy beach. Use a plastic tarp and pour sand all over it. The sand, which you could purchase at a home improvement store, would hide the tarp. Stick a kid's plastic shovel in the sand along with a kids sand bucket. Plop a fold-out beach chair in the sand and plant a sun umbrella in the ground. Voila! An instant tropical Christmas decoration for your yard. It is a very effective scene, especially if you live in cold climates.

How about fashioning silk tropical flowers into a wreath for your front door? Or hot glue sea shells onto a small grapevine wreath for a beach feel. Purchase one of those inflatable Santas for your front yard and dress it in a Hawaiian shirt, shorts and flip flops. Another cute tropical Christmas decoration for the outdoors is outfitting a wooden or inflatable reindeer with flower lei, surfboard and perhaps a colorful parrot perched on the antlers.

Indoors, one idea for a tropical Christmas decoration is using a grass hula skirt or even bamboo mats to circle your Christmas tree. Hang flamingo lights or lights shaped like flip flops or palm trees. Use seashell ornaments and top your Christmas tree with a sea star. Stick those cute little drink umbrellas all over your Christmas tree. One other tropical Christmas decoration that is clever is having a few colorful beta fish swimming in their own little glass bowls and displaying them on your mantle, bar area or coffee tables.

A tropical Christmas decoration can be fun and creative. There are many retailers online that sell tropical novelty items. Candles made from coconut shells make for effective tropical Christmas decorations. Perch a lifelike parrot or other tropical bird on the back of your sofa or in your Christmas tree. Instead of a real Christmas tree, use a live potted palm tree or even a fake one and decorate it.

Your version of the tropics can be whatever you want it to be. From a bowl full of seashells to using a real pineapple as a table centerpiece, there are plenty of imaginative ideas in your quest for a great tropical Christmas decoration.


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