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Try These Sexy Valentines Day Gift Ideas With A Difference!

Updated on July 12, 2012

As Valentine's Day fast approaches you're probably thinking about what valentine's gift you are going to get for your loved one. What are going to surprise them with this year?

Guys are you going to buy your girl the obligatory bouquet of red roses tied with a red silk bow? Or a box of delectable, top of the range chocolates wrapped in foil love heart wrapping paper with card attached or will it be a cuddly teddy bear holding a rose with the words sown on his tummy saying, 'I love you'?

And what about you girls, what's it going to be, a bottle of his favorite cologne, an article of clothing or jewelry?

The above are all standard Valentine's day gifts we give year in, year out. Why not be a bit more adventurous, think outside the box and buy your loved one something different. Do something different to the usual valentine's dinner date.

Here, I'm going to give you some ideas to make this Valentine's Day more than romantic, static and expected. These ideas will take your Valentine's Day to the next dimension and make it one you will never forget!


Alternative Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Champagne Hot Air Balloon Flight for 2

Spend Valentine's Day with your loved one flying high in a hot air balloon sipping champagne and taking in beautiful scenery. This year is a leap year, so girls you can propose to your beloved! & what a lovely romantic way to do it in a hot air balloon, high up in the sky.

Rally Driving Day Out

Fast cars are seen as big boys toys and most men would love to experience the excitement of driving at high speed around the track in a Ferrari. To fulfil this desire why not treat your man to a day rally driving where he can get pumped up and let off some adrenalin around the track.

These Rally Driving days offer a jam packed program of fun. Girls, if you're game why not join your man and race him to the finish.

Round off the day with a stylish dinner date.

A Spa Day

Spend the day at a spa being thoroughly pampered and spoilt. Enjoy a relaxing massage, luxurious facial, manicure and pedicure.

Some Spas have special offers for Valentine's Day where couples can massage each other with specially blended oils. This sounds like a fun and loving activity. Make enquiries as to whether the Spa you want to attend offers this service

Finish the day with a romantic dinner, wining and dining your loved one at her favorite restaurant.


Gondola Ride in Style

Gondala boats flowing up and down the river causeways in Venice is a popular daily scene. It is also a lovely and romantic affair to participate in on Valentines day. But you don't have to go all the way to Venice to enjoy a gondola tour!

You can take an excursion through the American waterways with your own personal gondolier for a unforgettable taste of an romantic affair made famous in Venice, Italy. While you relax in the arms of your love you can take in the sights, enjoy a glass of champagne and small picnic or sip on a cup of cappucino or espresso.

Now that's a Valentine's Day gift with a difference!

Not Your Ordinary Romantic Dinner Date!

Going out on a dinner date for Valentine's Day is a popular occurrence. You get all dressed up and go to your favorite restaurant only to partake in the same old dinning experience that is a meal, a few drinks, some chit chat and then go home.

Why not make this year's Valentine's Day dinner date more exciting.

  • First, make a reservation in a restuarant that is in a hotel.
  • Second, ensure that the dinning room has a live band so that you can request they perform a love song whilst your dining.
  • Try something new to eat, be adverturous and spontaneous. From across the table feed your partner with small morsels of food on a fork.
  • Book a room as part of the package so that when you finish dining you can continue the romance back in the room!

In order to create the right atmosphere it would be good idea to order beforehand some his and her sexy lingerie, flowers and chocolates that you can display in the room you've booked.

Sprinkle the bed with rose petals, delicately position the sexy lingerie and place the chocolates and champagne on the bedside table so that you can reach them easily to feed each other whilst entwined on the sweet smelling, rose petal bed. Sexy!


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