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Turkish (Delight)Holiday

Updated on November 17, 2010

Turkey Pictures.

Turkey 2010

Turkey Ovacik.

After a 18yr break we decided to go back to Turkey for a two week break, I think that the deciding factor was that they are still not in the EU and so not on the Euro. If you have traveled in Europe recently you will have noticed that anywhere on the euro is as expensive as in the UK.

After much searching we decided on Ovacik. This was a bit of a change in that Ovacik is inland Turkey, at the foot of the mountains, but it did say that a short dolmus ride would take us to the coast and nearby towns, and that the temperatures were not quite as high as on the coast, we are not ones for laying on the beach all day every day we like to get out and about by the local transport, what is the point of going to a different country if you are not going to experience the local people and sights?. So what did we Ovacik and would we recommend it for your Turkish Delight ???

First Impresions!!!

After a 4hr flight and arriving in the early hours of the morning the room we were designated was far from acceptable, but we were promised another room if one was available later that morning.

First impressions were not favorable but it was early and we were tired, but true to their word we were allocated another room later that morning which was quite nice. I will do a review of the hotel later in the hub if you are interested.

It is amazing how things look better when the sun is shining, after a few hours sleep and a bit of breakfast it was time to explore. Coming out of the hotel and turning right takes you down through Hiaronu and down into Olu Deniz a walk of around 15min depending on how many times you stop for a drink. It is a bit of an odd mix of bars and restaurants with the odd local house and farm in between which only added to the charm.

Olu Deniz has a lot more bars and restaurants and more night life, to give you an idea on prices you could get a local beer for 3TL and cocktails from 5TL at most bars and a three course meal for between 15TL & 20TL at the time we were there we were getting just over 2TL to the pound so it is cheap to eat out.

The Monte Verda Hotel where we were stopping seemed like an ideal spot as it was away from any noisy bars but a short walk and you could have as much night life as you wanted I would class it as being family friendly  quite a few of the restaurants had a children's play area.

Ovacik View From Our Hotel.

Monta Verde Hotel Ovacik.

Monta Verde Hotel.

As I said earlier our first impressions of the hotel were not favourable the room we were allocated was nothing like the one advertised on their website but after being moved to a different room things were more favorable, to be fair the first room was in a block that they had just purchased and had not had time to refurbish. We had booked the hotel on the strength of all the good feedback on the Trip Adviser website. The hotel is attractive and the staff are very friendly and go out of their way to help you. You have the choice of two pools, the main one and a smaller one that they class ass there quieter pool in case you need a snooze with out any distractions.

They have a choice of two bars one upstairs and one down near to the main pool. Both with sat television, the down stairs bar area also boasts a pool table and a football game.

They do a range of different packages at the hotel the one that we chose was the bed breakfast and evening meal. I was a bit disappointed with the food, it was of a high quality and nicely presented but do not expect a full English Breakfast and the choice for your evening meal was a bit restricted. BUT when you take into account that after deducting the cost of our flights from the package we worked out that the the cost for bed breakfast and evening meal worked out at a measly £10.00 each per night.

Eating out was cheap you could get a three course meal for around £10.00, at some restaurants you even got a drink included. A lot of places were only charging 3TL for a large beer so compared to any destinations that are on the euro it is still quite cheap to holiday in Turkey.

View From The Monta Verde Hotel

The Views Are Wonderful.
The Views Are Wonderful.

Out And About.

Places To Go Things To See.

I am not a big sun worshiper But Dawn my better half does like to catch a few rays, you can do that at the pool side at the hotel of course your stay would not full filled without a visit to Lagoon Beach. It did seem a little strange staying at an inland resort but the dolimus buses run every five minutes all you have to do is to flag one down from where ever you are, the ride to the Lagoon beach is only around ten minutes, you will not be disappointed. Classed as a nature reserve there is the sea ward side and a large shallow lagoon at the back perfect for any one with children.

The back bay area is reached by bearing right at the entrance to the nature reserve and walking for five minutes up the road where you will come to a number of private beaches/ camping sites with beach and bar facilities, the beaches have free entrance with a very cheap deal on the sun beds and brollies. The food is of exultant quality.

As you can see from the photos the private beaches are a lot less crowded and are highly recommended.

If you are more adventures the Para Gliding here is said to be the best in the world, it really is fascinating just watching them even if like me you do not have a head for heights.

Lagoon Beach.

Back Bay Lagoon Beach, Private Beach Side. Olu Denez
Back Bay Lagoon Beach, Private Beach Side. Olu Denez
Back Bay Lagoon Beach Nature Reserve Side. Olu Denez
Back Bay Lagoon Beach Nature Reserve Side. Olu Denez
Sea Front Beach Olu Denez
Sea Front Beach Olu Denez
Para Gliding Olu Denez.
Para Gliding Olu Denez.


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