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Twas the Nite Before Christmas- The Puter Age Version

Updated on December 28, 2009

Nite Before Puter Christmas


Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house,

So many creatures were stirring twas hiding the mouse.

Mama was hiding and nobody knew where,

Papa was trying to call Sears who was delivering his chair.

The kids were grown and today had gotten paid,

but the stores were all closing like a lights out parade.

The tree in the corner leaned with a drooped barren look,

For the ornaments still in boxes wrapped in tissue without hooks.

papa just stood there looking about in complete despair,

the mouse swore he was watching as grey grew in his hair.

What kind of Christmas was this gonna be

no children no presents not even a dressed tree.

Papa shook his head, remembering the Christmas's gone by

Went upstairs to go to bed for he was too old and tired to try.

He sat down at his puter in the search box typed "I'm worried"

not knowing that downstairs Santa's elves all scurried.

and as he waited for his puter that was old and so slow,

the downstairs took on a magic and christmassy glow.

Suddenly and with a jerk he awoke  sitting in his sears chair,

he looked about he saw the tree adorned complete with angel hair.

Was he dreaming or was that cookies that smelled so good?

Out from the kitchen with the cookies was mama she stood.

Merry Christmas my dear old hubby, did you have a good sleep?

Next time I use search engine I must type the word Jeep.



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  • profile image

    Karen 8 years ago

    What a cute poem!