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Twilight Party Ideas for Birthdays and More!

Updated on June 26, 2015
Twilight themed party ideas
Twilight themed party ideas

So do you want to plan the best Twilight themed party possible? Whether it is for a special birthday or just a fun slumber party for the girls, here's some hot Twilight party ideas for you to consider. Halloween will be coming along soon, and then of course you can always have a Twilight DVD watching party just for fun, or plan something special for the release of the next movie.

There isn't a lot of official Twilight party merchandise yet, so you can either make your own decorations and invitations or you can rely on Ebay where some creative folks have made up Twilight themed party supplies to help you out. It is also easy enough to come up with some great designs on your computer for printing out; or you can check out some of the licensed Twilight merchandise that's available from Amazon. I link to some different options below.

Twilight Party Supplies Photo by
Twilight Party Supplies Photo by

Twilight Party Invitations

The Twilight themed party starts with the party invitations themselves. If you want to make your own, try getting some black construction paper or cardstock.You can either have the card stock cut into postcard size pieces to go out, or create traditional fold-over greeting cards if you want to send them in an envelope.

Use glitter pens to create the text and you have a fun reference to sparkly vampires. In fact, you could buy some glitter and include a little bit in each envelope. Just don't go overboard. If someone spills it on their carpet as they are opening the envelope, it can be tough to get it all picked up.

You can keep the cards plain or decorate the front of each one with picture or sticker of an apple, like the cover of the book. Or try lacing or framing the cards with red ribbon. If you know calligraphy, you can do some calligraphy on the front. Or check your local crafts store and find calligraphy letters that you can rub onto your cards.

To make cards on your computer, look for some Twlight fonts online if you want to use a particular characters' handwriting or make your invites look more like the book covers.

If you don't want to make your own cards, there are plenty of slick looking Twilight party invitations on Ebay, such as the ones below.

white chess pieces to represent Breaking Dawn
white chess pieces to represent Breaking Dawn

Thematically, black, red and white should be your colors of choice.The book covers can help you come up with some great ideas, but don't be afraid to experiment. The theme can be carried out even if you don't stick closely to the icons of the series. Of course, the movies should inspire you with many ideas as well. How about some tracking down some postcards from Forks, Washington if you are really dedicated. You could even make those your invitations for the party.

Pile up bowls of red apples for the first book; add a vase or two of red & white flowers for New Moon; adorn the walls and doorways with red ribbons and streamers for Eclipse; and then artfully scatter white chess pieces on tables for Breaking Dawn. If you are really keen, get some extra chess pieces and paint them red.

Red apples and red roses are perfect for your twlight themed party
Red apples and red roses are perfect for your twlight themed party

It is easy to find white and red balloons and if you look hard, you should come across black balloons as well.See if you can find red or black napkins and plates for the food.

You want to keep the atmosphere subdued, so how about changing out some light bulbs in the party rooms? Try red bulbs or even blue ones, just to give a spooky atmosphere. Or consider candlelight in some rooms, maybe at the buffet table? Red, Black and White candles are easy to come by. You can use pillar candles or, if you have plenty of candlesticks, get tapers.

Choose red and black candles to decorate the party room.
Choose red and black candles to decorate the party room.

More great Twilight theme party tips

  • Balloon bouquets can be created with black and red balloons. Add white ones as well, if you like.After the party, let your guests take home their red & black balloons as a way to remember the event.
  • You can use Red fairy lights for decorations around the room to replace some of your other lighting and make the atmosphere twinkly and a bit dark.
  • Black candles flicker & glow, casting a warm light on the dinner or buffet table.
  • Use red candles to add a sexy, dangerous vibe to your Twilight party. They look great paired with the black candles.
  • Twilight decals and stickers - you can decorate your goodie bags with them or fill the goodie bags with them!

I've also put together a hub featuring lots of different Twilight movie posters that are available very cheaply. They can be used to decorate or you can use the posters as prizes for any games you might come up with, or for best costume, etc.

Also, be sure to check out the video below for how a Twilight party can come together. There's some even more great ideas in the video! And for more great tips also check out this hub on fabulous twilight party favors.


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    • profile image

      alice cullen rocks 7 years ago

      hey i need party game ideas please help all i have is dog dabate twilight jepourdy and bobing for apples in ice cold water

    • profile image

      tabitha 8 years ago

      i love twilight and can't wait to see if i can have my party like twilight thanks for the great ideas

    • embitca profile image

      Emma 8 years ago from Boston

      Thanks Janet, I love your Twilight cake hub. Those cakes look pretty awesome!

    • Janet21 profile image

      Janet21 8 years ago from New York

      My 11 year old daughter recently got into the Twilight series and just finished New Moon. She may have a Twilight theme party for her 12th b-day this year. Thanks for the fun ideas!

    • Kiki Stamatiou profile image

      Kiki Stamatiou 8 years ago from Kalamazoo

      I love this article very much so, in that I am a Twilight buff. You have a beautiful way of sparking the readers interest with your unique narrative quality. Great job.