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Unique Gifts

Updated on February 3, 2011

When it comes to gift giving, whether its that impossible boyfriend or father to buy for or mother that has everything. This time of year comes the time when difficult gift giving decisions get made. I've compiled a list of gifts that are unique and fun, for the kitchen. This will save you from purchasing those boring "I get something like this every year" gift. This is your chance to look, sophisticated and stand out with your gift in a sea of ties, wallets, slippers, calendars and candles. Hopefully this will let you think outside the box, and give something useful!

Whipped Cream Dispenser

Don't let the name of this confuse you, all though it is a "whipped cream dispenser" This tool made by ISI does a lot more then just make whipped cream. Although making whipped cream is the main purpose, there is a list of things this tool can do. You can make your own flavored liquor, marinate meats, make espumas, carbonate strawberries, make batters for fried foods among other things. You can never have enough tools in the kitchen, and this is no exception, expand your friend and family's culinary achievements, this will guarantee it.

Soda Siphons

Whether its Falvor or just to add decorations to your kitchen, This Classic Glass Soda siphon is great! Recently just written up in the Wall Street Journal as winner in "best taste" This unique gift will sure to be a winner. Make your own sodas with any flavors, make your own coca colas or rootbeer, the options are endless! Own this historic treasure that was manufactured for years in Europe until the only remaining factory closed several years ago. Unlike the original, the siphon head on this soda dispenser has been updated and is extremely reliable. This Classic Glass Seltzer bottle offers thick glass wall construction encased in metal mesh for a classic look with maximum strength. The rubber base prevents chipping the glass or scratching furniture. This is a lovely accessory to any kitchen or bar and our price is great! Includes a full one year warranty from the manufacturer. Dimensions are 5" x 14".


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