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USPS Missed A Day; Did You Miss USPS?

Updated on November 11, 2011
The flag may be up, but the mailman has the day off!  Federal Holiday (Veterans Day). If USPS drops Saturday deliveries, this will happen 52 more days/year (minus the holidays that happen to fall on a Saturday...but aren't those on Mondays now?!)
The flag may be up, but the mailman has the day off! Federal Holiday (Veterans Day). If USPS drops Saturday deliveries, this will happen 52 more days/year (minus the holidays that happen to fall on a Saturday...but aren't those on Mondays now?!) | Source

Flag's up, but service is shut down today!

[The Postal Service has a budget problem that is partly one imposed by Congress. To deal with that, USPS proposes ending Saturday deliveries. It might feel a lot like it did not having service on Veterans Day, only 5200% more times per year!]

Now I must confess that it wasn't just the surprise of putting Mom's letter in the mailbox, only to later remember that the mailman (a lady) wasn't coming. It was Veterans Day in America and that is a national and federal holiday. While some Americans loudly suggest that the United States Postal Service (USPS) doesn't work very well when it is open, it doesn't work at all when it's closed!

I had also forgotten that the town's banks would be celebrating that day off, though their unique version of the Las Vegas "deposit" machines was there in the entranceway and could spit out my "Last 10 Transactions" much the same as the US Postal Service's automated machines in their entranceways can spit out stamps (when they are actually operating!)

My confusion raised this question: "if I could get along (by necessity) without a day of mail service I was accustomed to having, could I also get along without USPS delivering my "snail mail" of bills and advertisements on Saturdays?"

Admittedly that would mean the equivalent of adding 52 more USPS "holidays" per year, but could I survive in the name of "economy" and "dealing with the deficit?"

Actually, the USPS really needs to cut a deal that could just cut a lot more, or even cost me more. That "cost more" one was only awaiting a postal rates increase to be celebrated on New Year's Day (another holiday!) when the cost of buying those three stamps on my Mom's letter is already scheduled to increase (again, darn it!)

"Congress must deal with the matter" is the latest fait accompli way of proceeding in Washington, DC, and I suppose that's a good thing, if judging by the way the President and Congress haggled over the National Debt is any prognosticator of what they might accomplish by "tackling" the USPS budget deficit any day soon.

Seriously though, if I had to look out my window at that flag on my mailbox ten times less each week, and walk out and open it two times less per week, would it really hurt my "weight consciousness" program which is monitored by my wife?

I think I could accept seeing "No Saturday Deliveries" long enough to get used to it, as long as they kept the post offices open on Saturdays. After all, the lines there are already so long still being open five days a week, that sometimes I go there just to practice and develop my patience! Imagine how long those lines could be, if everyone like me had to do all their post office business in four days rather than five!

Where do you stand?

Do you also favor the post offices being open on Saturdays, if delivery service is dropped that day?

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