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Ugly Christmas Dresses

Updated on November 4, 2013
Ugly Christmas Sweater Dress- Bucktooth Rudolph
Ugly Christmas Sweater Dress- Bucktooth Rudolph | Source

Ugly Christmas Dresses

Ugly Christmas Sweater parties were super popular last year, even more than usual and people around the web tried to get their hand on a sweater that is fun to look at, noticeable, comfortable and not too pricey.

Luckily for us there are a lot of sweaters to choose from. However, last year there was one Christmas fashion item that was missing and it was really hard to get your hands on. Ugly Christmas Dresses.

This year it will all be different, A new trend is on its way and it is a great one. You can now find a great Ugly Christmas Dress that is made with a solid good quality.

Many of these dresses are just adorable and not that ugly but there are still festive and they are something that you will enjoy wearing.

An ugly Christmas Dress can also be a nice Christmas gift or present for a women and it is always something that inspires a great and fun Christmas spirit.

Bucktooth Rudolph Dress

One dress that really catches the eye is the one on the photo above, the Bucktooth Rudolph Dress.

I think that it is just so cute and adorable but still a wonderful dress for any ugly Christmas sweater party because it can be easily called a sweater-dress and it is really funny with the Bucktooth Rudolph up front.

This has a High quality double-panel construction with reinforced seams and machine washable.It is defiantly one of my favorite ugly Christmas dresses for sure!

 Fair Isle Reindeer Sweater Dress
Fair Isle Reindeer Sweater Dress | Source

Fair Isle Reindeer Sweater Dress

Anther wonderful dress that just can't be overlooked is this cute Fair Isle Reindeer Sweater Dress

A great thing about this one is despite its being short, it is still really warm so it feels great wearing it even on colder evenings.

I think that this dress in particular can be a really amusing present for Christmas because it is not only a fun item but also a really practical one.

This design was seen on the TODAY Show and on ABC's Wipeout!, It was also introduced in People Magazine so it is super popular and this is defiantly going to be trendy this Christmas.

It is perfect for Ugly Christmas Sweater Parties, holiday pub crawls, the ski cabin, and makes a great gift!

Fair Isle Reindeer Sweater Dress

Reindeer Threesome Naughty Sweater Dress

This dress is just hilarious! This is a Reindeer Threesome Naughty Sweater Dress and in this case, words are not enough to describe what is going on with this design. One will defiantly be noticed wearing one of these.

I love it because it is so much fun and it fits right in the fun and amusing Christmas spirit.

Apart of the Naughty Reindeer Threesome, the design is fun and looks really cute. In my personal opinion it is a much better choice for a girl to wear a dress to a party than an ugly sweater and especially if this dress can be fun and appealing.

Reindeer Threesome Naughty Sweater Dress
Reindeer Threesome Naughty Sweater Dress | Source

Christmas Parties

There are different sort of parties that Christmas brings along. It is a festive time of year and celebrations are everywhere. Its great and everyone loves it but my absolute favorite Christmas party is our annual Ugly Christmas Sweater party!

It is always so much fun to see how original some people are. Many prefer making their own ugly Sweater out of an old piece of clothing and the result surprise me everytime! There are some outrages ideas that can be done, the possibilites are endless.

I'm a person who prefer getting something ready rather than prepering something by myself and that is why that is great that there is a big selection of ugly Christmas sweaters that I can get.

I have made this hub in order to help women find good quality dresses and accessories for their ugly Christmas sweater party.

I will keep this hub updated as Christmas approaches and try to keep it as fresh and fun as possible. Currently there are not enough selection of Dresses in my opinion but I'm sure that the collection will get bigger as Christmas gets closer and everyone would be able to choose something that fits their taste and style.


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