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Ultimate Christmas Gifts

Updated on July 4, 2015

Every year Neiman Marcus unveils their Christmas Book with lots of “fantasy gifts”.They can range in price from a few thousand dollars to over a million dollars.These gifts may be too pricey for most of us, but what if similar items where available in your price range? Instead of having to rob a bank to give a fantasy gift why not just check out Amazon to find a gift you can afford and that the person you give the gift to will appreciate.

I thought it would be fun to do some comparison of similar gifts.The first item on their list is a fully decorated library from travel book publisher Assouline. There would be books on photography, art and travel destinations lining the shelves of your new library. You even get custom carpeting and artwork from around the world. Instead, buy a book, or even a couple of books that will inspire someone; give them a gift of learning or a picture book that shows them the world!

They will also donate $2,500 to First Book, a nonprofit that provides books to children in need.You can also send a donation to First Book, it can be any amount you like.For as little as $10 you can donate four new books.

Dancing Fountains

According to Neiman Marcus no estate would be complete without “his and hers” dancing fountains. For the astronomical price of one million dollars, you can have two water fountains with robot nozzles so that you and anyone you invite, can watch the fountains as they whirl, twirl, sweep and bow. Kind of like dancing but with water! Or, for as little as $30 you can have your own mini fountain. If you want to spend more for a water fountain in your backyard you can do so for as little as $50 or as much as $500. They come in all shapes and sizes with colored lights and water sprays!

As well, $10,000 will go to which is a nonprofit organization that provides clean drinking water to developing countries. However, you too can participate as only $25 can bring clean water to someone for life!

Dream Hideaway

For just over $75,000 you can buy a Dream Folly hideaway from Neiman Marcus.This incredible fantasy gift has a “I Dream of Jeannie” inspired eighteen foot yurt. Just what you need in your backyard! It maybe a little strange to have this oversized tent in your backyard but the interior is to die for! It comes with hand-embroidered velvet down pillows, a velvet couch, vases of roses, candles and of course a crystal chandelier.

Not right for the camper in you? Well Amazon has a solution. Get your own tent for your private hideaway from as little as $100 or more if you want one large enough for a party! Instead of velvet down pillows how about a down sleeping bag! One accessory to consider for camping is a battery powered lantern. Works better than candles and is less of a hazard.

Flower Show

Perhaps you have an extra $420,000 and would like to take in an International Flower Show Tour. You and nine friends can board a Gulfstream G-IV private jet for a two week adventure. You will visit Merges, Switzerland where you get to check out 300 varieties of tulips at the annual Tulip Festival held in May each year. After that you will visit flower shows in Athens, Avignon, France and then London. Along the way you get to stay in luxurious and sometimes historic hotels.

If this is out of your price range you might consider ordering some bouquets from Amazon. For around $40 you can get a lovely arrangement of assorted flowers. Or for $60 you can get a an arrangement of assorted roses.

You have your choice of live arrangements or silk arrangements. Flowers are not just for special occasions and can be enjoyed all year around. Your choice includes everything from roses to petunias and all the silk varieties in between.

Table Tennis Anyone?

Do you have an extra $45,000 in the bank? If so, you might consider purchasing the ultimate in table tennis. This contemporary art ping-pong table is a limited edition black rubber table and was designed by noted artist Tom Burr. The ping-pong table can be in your home for the whole family to enjoy. Neiman Marcus will also donate $2,500 to Big Brothers and Big Sisters.

Instead you might want to consider some other choices. Amazon has a number of different tables and they start from as little as $100 for a mini table but you can also spend over $1400 for an outdoor tennis table. Don’t forget to pick up some paddles and balls!

Ferrari FF

Just in case you are in the mood to spend $395,000 on the ultimate fantasy gift, Neiman Marcus can provide you with your own exclusive edition of the 2012 Ferrari FF. You and three passengers can be flying down the highway at over 200 mph and it goes from zero to 60 in less than 3.7 seconds. Not only do you get this incredible car but it comes with a custom set of luggage that matches the semi-aniline leather interior! Can you say wow! Unfortunately this is one item Amazon doesn’t sell unless you are into model cars!

2012 Ferrari FF: Fast and Functional?


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    • rwelton profile image


      6 years ago from Sacramento CA


      Now, if I could just put my finger on that extra $420K I had lying around- I could be in Tulip Heaven. This year I will have to settle for the Amazon version..



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