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Unique 40th Birthday Gift Ideas

Updated on April 3, 2013

If you are feeling sort of birthday gift ideas for the 40th birthday of your friend, you need to proper research. Just think of what a person might crave for at this particular age and then choose a birthday gift accordingly. A birthday gift relevant to the age of the recipient ensures that it will be used by the same person. Otherwise your birthday gift might just end up being gifted on any other birthday occasion. Again, you should keep the preferences of the recepient in mind before making the final selection. Various other factors also need to be considered while selecting a birthday gift like the available funds and personality of the recipient. This post provides some unique and creative 40th creative ideas that can make the birthday of your friend more special. A creative gift just needs a little work on your part to make it personalized. The post also provides information about the places where you can get these unique gifts easily.

Gift a photo montage on the 40th birthday

A photo montage is a good birthday idea for a person who is turning 40. This is because the person must have already experienced exciting adventures in the past. If you can remind him all the beautiful places he visited and the lovely people he had met in the past 40 years, you can certainly impress him. This is where a photo montage can help as it allows you to organize photos and images of different sizes at one place. This particular gift is very useful for people having limited budget. Even without spending huge money on the birthday gift, you can make this personalized gift one of the most memorable gifts for your friend. Again, since you are presenting him the gift, do not forget to add photos of you and your friend together in the montage. This gift will remain with your friend forever and it will keep reminding him of your love and care. You can find the photo montages easily at local stores. You may even order online but make sure that you compare the prices on different websites so that you get the best deal for the money spent.

Gift an electronic gadget like digital eBook reader

Some lazy people do not like to do any research before picking up a gift for their friends. They end up giving a birthday gift like a simple book on the favorite subject of the recipient. However, you can twist this birthday gift idea by presenting him a digital eBook reader. At the age of 40 people do love electronic gadgets and by proving him a digital ebook reader, you give him an option to read as many books as he want using the device. Similarly, you can purchase other electronic gadgets depending on the preferences of your friend. You can buy a digital eBook reader online on the popular website "Amazon". At Amazon you will find a number of sellers selling this product at competitive prices and you can choose a particular brand and design depending on your budget. However, before buying the product from Amazon, you must check the feedback of the seller so that you can filter out the scammers present there.

Make your friends wishes come true- Gift him adventure activities

At the age of 40 most of the people love to explore new adventures so as to bring some thrill in the life. Thus, you can help such a person on his birthday, by providing him a chance to perform some adventurous activity on his 4oth birthday. There are so many activities to choose from like skydiving, sports car riding or flying lessons. If you provide your friend with any of these rare opportunities, he will certainly remember this for his entire life. There cannot be a better occasion than the birthday to fulfill the wishes of a person. Arranging these adventurous activities should not be a problem as long as you have sufficient money to pay for these. There are a number of companies providing such services and you can book a ride for your friend on his birthday.

Conventional 40th birthday gift ideas

What if your friend is too much introvert and not much fond of thrilling adventures or experiences? You cannot gift him a skydiving experience or sports car ride as it does not matches with his interests. Instead, you can go for conventional gift ideas that do work for such people. There are a number of conventional gifts available in the market like watches, coffee mugs, clothes, jewelry, shoes and much more. If you are thinking to gift a watch to your friend on his 40th birthday, you should try to make it more personalized by attaching the birthstone to the watch. Similarly, you can make a coffee mug unique by getting a personal message printed on it for your friend. You can use messages like "In remembrance of the beautiful 40 years that we spent together". Just use your brain, you cannot afford to disappoint you friend with a repetitive message written on his birthday gift. If you thinking to buy jewelry for a female recipient make sure that you buy a proper size so that it fits here properly. You can choose from earrings, bracelets, necklaces and much more depending on your budget and her likings. Gift baskets are also quite popular these days and many people opt for them while selecting a gift for their friend. The best place to buy these conventional gifts is internet. There are a number of online marketplaces where you can browse through different brands and varieties of shows, clothes, watches before making the final selection. Two of the most popular online marketplaces are Amazon and eBay. Both of these websites have gained a lot of trust of the users over the years and you can rely on these websites completely while buying a birthday gift for your friend. Again, you can also buy these gifts from local shops too.

I hope this post will help you while selecting a birthday gift for your friend on his 40th birthday.


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