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Fun, Unique Baby Gift Ideas

Updated on April 6, 2015
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I strive to provide helpful information, including smart and fun methods for solving everyday problems. Be smart; have fun!

Football fans will love wrapping their baby in this warm, cozy bunting.
Football fans will love wrapping their baby in this warm, cozy bunting. | Source

Looking for a baby gift that's unique, funny or out of the ordinary?

Okay, let's be honest here. Baby showers are boring. Everyone knows it. There's the occasional baby shower that ends up being a great time, but for the most part, they're quaint, cute, and full of lovely ladies on heir best behavior -- which means boring.

Babies are not boring, though, and neither are most parents or their friends -- at least the parents weren't boring before they found out that a baby was on the way. Becoming an expectant parent has a way of zapping all the fun right out of a person. The moms feel tired, cranky and as if they're going to puke at any moment, and the dads have that constant, nagging feeling of "ZOMG I need to hurry up and become a perfect person and a money-making machine" going on.

So, while baby showers are undoubtedly happy events, most of them could use is a little levity. These gifts will do the trick. Not only will they lighten the mood of the party, they'll lighten the mood of mom and dad. I've come to the rescue with some gift ideas that are fun, quirky and original. These unique gifts will not only add a bit of a party atmosphere to the gift-opening portion of the shower, they'll also actually be used by the parents and/or baby, which makes them practical. What could be better?

Crocheted Chaps

Crocheted chaps are a big trend on Pinterest right now, with crafty folk whipping them as gifts for today's hippest babies. If you don't know how to crochet, you're in luck, as the baby chaps can now be found in specialty baby boutiques and online. But hold on, pardner -- there's more than just chaps -- some of these sets also include a crocheted vest, cowboy hat and even crocheted cowboy boots. Bring this gift, and it (meaning you) will be the hit of the party. Not to mention, the little buckaroo will look adorable in this get-up, and you'll be the one the parents will thank for some utterly adorable photos once the baby is born.

Funny Bunting Sets

Why get the parents-to-be a boring old blanket when you could present them with a super cute and funny bunting set that lets parents dress their baby up like a football, pea pod, sock monkey or flower? Bunting sets are fun and practical, as they keep baby warm and snug, giving him (or her) a feeling of security. This helps baby stay calm and cry less. They also protect babies from chilly weather and frigid air conditioning.

Because they are super cute and creative, these bunting sets also provide adorable, Anne Geddes-style photo opportunities. Just a few of the bunting set styles I've seen include a bumble bee, tuxedo, leopard, ballerina, zebra, angel, hunter (camo), puppy, watermelon, and more.

These bunting sets also make great Halloween costumes for a newborn.

Funny Pacifiers

Crazy pacifiers are super funny gifts for new parents. When the baby soothes itself with one of these pacifiers, it gives the baby the appearance of having two huge buck teeth, a mustache, vampire teeth and more. They look like gags but are actual pacifiers made from heavy-duty, long-lasting, baby-safe materials.

These are many styles available, from kissy, puckered lips to a chomping, smiling full set of teeth. These pacifiers are lots of fun, with most costing around five dollars or less. Many are even two dollars or even less. Tuck one in with other baby gifts, or make up a fun gift basket with all these crazy pacifier styles. Either way, you and the new parents will certainly get much more than your money's worth of fun out of these hilarious pacifiers.

Every time the parents pop one into their baby's mouth, they'll crack up (as will everyone else who sees the baby) and think of you.

Adorable Socks and Tights that look like Shoes

These simply adorable baby socks are another bright idea that I wish I would have thought of. Babies don't need shoes, and are notorious for kicking and wiggling them off, so why bother? These adorable baby socks and tights look like sweet little shoes, but are actually soft, great-fitting socks that keep baby's feet warm and snuggly.

A brand called "Trumpettes" got this trend going, and others such as JazzyToes and Baby Emporio quickly jumped in with their own styles. You'll find the original Trumpette pastel-colored Mary Jane socks, and also Mary Janes in bright colors. Some have a ruffled top or satin bows, while others feature sparkly metallic threads, T-straps or ballerina styling. For boys, there are socks that look like Converse high-tops, Van's skate shoes, saddle oxfords and boat shoes. These make a fun statement while at the same are practical -- they're socks, after all! Most come in separate sizes for newborns, older babies and toddlers.

Mysterio Predicts Your Child's Future Infant T-Shirt, 0-6m
Mysterio Predicts Your Child's Future Infant T-Shirt, 0-6m

Surprise T-shirt inside a sealed bag reveals baby's future claim to fame. One of 12 funny options.


Funny Bibs and T-Shirts

Parents of babies can never have too many bibs or t-shirts. They use a good number of these items every day. Parents pop them on the baby, take them off and toss them in the wash in the time it takes to say "spit-up," "strained peas" or "oh no, not again."

Funny bibs and t-shirts make that mundane on/off/wash routine enjoyable, so these gifts are practical, fun and inexpensive. There are bibs that make the baby look as though he or she is wearing a man's tie, Olympic medal, pearls, headphones and football cleats tied together and slung around the neck. Funny t-shirts abound as well, like the one that has the letters ABCD written in the AC/DC rock band logo.

The "Mysterio" shirt (pictured) is lots of fun at a baby shower. When you purchase it, you don't know which of the 12 shirts you will receive. The shirt comes bundled in a "Mysterio" drawstring bag. The parents-to-be open the bag to find out their baby's future claim to fame, which includes such funny choices as "Mayor of Hoboken," "Donut Tycoon," "Kung Fu Master" and " Monkey Wrangler."

"Porn for New Moms" Book

Not really porn at all, this funny gift idea is full of photos of great-looking, hunky, muscle-bound men performing such chores as changing diapers and feeding the baby at 3 a.m. A fun gift for any new mom, and a real hit with the women at baby showers. I promise this book is actually G-rated!

Peepee Teepees

A funny but smart invention, "Peepee Teepees" protect diaper changers and nursery walls from getting unexpectedly sprayed by naked baby boys. Place a Peepee Teepee over the little boy's "area" and it will prevent any peepee from going airborne and hitting Mom or Dad in the face or their clean shirt (the fresh one they just changed into after the previous one was used as a spit-up rag). Made of soft, absorbent cotton.

Once the Peepee Teepees have been pee-peed on, simply enclose them in their own little laundry bag (included, so they don't get lost in the washing machine), and wash them, dry them, then reuse them. Available in several fun prints, plus plain white.

Baby's First Cleats

The tiniest, softest little cleats you've ever seen! These cleats are sure to please soccer moms and football dads alike. These cleats are actually crocheted booties, with oft and safe crocheted "cleats" on the bottom of each shoe.

Teething Necklaces and Bracelets

Teething Necklaces and Bracelets

This is one of those "Why didn't I think of that?" products. Every baby grabs at mom's necklace and pulls it up to his or her mouth to chew on it. Why not wear a necklace that is actually a teething ring? This set includes a great-looking disc-shaped pendant and two bangle bracelets. The jewelry looks as though it is made of carved stone; however, it is actually baby-safe, food-safe, phthalate-free, Federally approved silicone plastic that is just the right, rubbery texture for teething babies. The pieces are just the right size and thickness for babies to hold, and are large enough that they do not pose a choking hazard.

The jewelry resists teething marks and comes in a variety of colors. It is sold in sets and also separate pieces. The customer reviews on are very positive, with moms saying how pretty the necklaces are, and how their babies prefer them over traditional teething toys.

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    • SmartAndFun profile image

      SmartAndFun 5 years ago from Texas

      Thanks, twoseven. This was definitely a fun article to research. Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting!

    • twoseven profile image

      twoseven 5 years ago from Madison, Wisconsin

      What great ideas! I agree that a funny gift can make the shower, and the parents lives down the road, a lot more fun. I had never heard of the Mysterio shirt - what a fun idea!