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Unique Bridal Shower Gift Idea

Updated on December 30, 2012

Candles for Marriage

If you are looking for a Unique Bridal Shower or Wedding Gift I want to share with you this very creative idea. My sister had saved this idea she had found many years ago and just recently found it as she cleaned her house, which was perfect timing since she has a Wedding to attend.

When she ran the idea by me I thought it was wonderful and very different. So I told her I had to photograph it to share with others who may have never heard of it before like myself. Of course when it comes to Bridal Showers and Weddings you can always just buy something from their registry, but I always say - What fun is that?

Giving a gift that is creative and thought out is the one that stands out from the others and really adds to the meaning of the occasion- Sharing the Love. This idea is so simple that you can even chose to do both - buy a gift from the registry and give a creative one.

The thing with this gift is that the Happy Couple will think of you and this gift  every time they have a monumental date within their new Marriage. So it is a gift that keeps on giving.

Here is the Candles for Marriage Poem

This is the Poem you will follow and I will show you what my sister did. Basically you are giving the Newlyweds a set of candles to light and burn with each special date throughout their marriage.

Just Copy and Paste this Poem into Word and change the Font to your liking and the couples name on the top and you are good to go.

For Heather & Nick

A basket of candles that come in a pair,

Of all different colors, for you two to share;

The WHITE ones burn first; they’re wrapped in white lace,

To celebrate the first night in your new chosen place;

The GREEN pair is taller, and should have been thinner, (you can change this to: and are a bit Thinner)

They’re to burn with your first company dinner;

There are candles to burn Christmas Eve before bed;

Your first Christmas married, that’s why they are RED;

The NAVY candles are for after your very first fight;

Use them to burn while making up all night;

PINK candles will set the mood and pave the way,

For your very first married Valentine’s Day;

Now when your first year of marriage is through,

The CREAM anniversary pair will light for you two;

By this time we hope that maybe, just maybe,

You burn the PURPLE ones for the birth of your baby;

And just when you thought you could put these away;

Take out the LIGHT BLUE ones for your fifth anniversary day;

Now just one WHITE pair left for the big 25,

The anniversary pair that will keep your love alive;

To congratulate both of you on your start of forever;

May the two of you always be happy together;

And burn these candles just the way we said,

But please don’t forget, blow them out before bed!!!

Shopping List:

Here is your Shopping List for this Bridal Shower/Wedding Gift. Obviously you can change it up any way you like - just follow the poem.

Candles - We Used Votives for these and you need to buy them in pairs

  • White - A Pair for First Night
  • Green - First Dinner Party (these are NOT votives)
  • Red - First Christmas
  • Navy - First Fight
  • Pink - First Valentine's Day
  • Cream - First Anniversary
  • Purple - Birth of First Baby
  • Light Blue - Fifth Anniversary
  • White - 25th Anniversary (my sister bought special wedding flower fragrance ones)

Basket - Pick out any pretty Basket to use to stick all your Candles into.

Fabrics & Ribbons - My Sister used Black Ribbon because the Wedding Colors are Black & White so you can choose to do any colors - try to match the Wedding Colors.

  • Tulle - For Wrapping the Candles
  • Tulle - For covering the Basket - My sister found some really pretty White Tulle that has silver sparkles on it that really stands out.
  • Ribbon - For tying around the Tulle on the Candles & Basket
  • Lace - The First Night together Candles are wrapped in lace - we happened to find some pretty eyelet fabric to use for this in white.

Paper - Choose some nice paper to print our your Poem and either place it inside or outside the basket of candles. Also have some cardstock to print the labels to tie onto each set of candles and have a hole puncher handy as well.

Candle Holders - My Sister added in a pair of Glass Heart Shaped Candle holders into the basket as well.

Pink Votive Candle - First Valentine's

Cream Votive Candle - First Anniversary

White Votive - 25th Anniversary

Light Blue Votive Candle - Fifth Anniversary

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Putting it all Together

What we did first was to print up a list of all the labels we needed for the Candle Sets on Card Stock, Cut them out and added a Hole Punch:










Then we cut the Tulle Squares and one Square from the Lace Fabric that would be used for wrapping - we actually used a paper towel for a template which happened to be the perfect size for wrapping the votive pairs.

We then cut our ribbons ahead of time so they would all be the same size for the Votive Candle Pairs.

Then on your ribbon add the tag and then tie up your Votives.

Then cut the Tulle for your Green Candles and do the same. We also Wrapped the Candle Holders in Tulle separately.

Now you can add them to your basket. We used some White Tissue Paper in the bottom of the basket to give us some height.

When done we used the Sparkly Tulle to wrap the basket and tied it up with Ribbons.

Printing the Poem

My Sister printed the poem on White Card Stock cut that down and placed it on Fancy Silver Paper and then placed that onto a heavy Black Card Stock to match the Wedding Colors and tie it all together.

You can get very creative with this so have fun with it.

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In Conclusion

So I hope you like this idea and that you will use it one day if you have a Bridal Shower or Wedding to attend. I know I would have liked to get a gift like this when I got married. There are so many ways you can put this together, but know you have the idea - so go for it.

If you use this idea and would like to share your photos of how you did it - Please Share and I will post them here.

Bridal Shower Party Supplies

I just thought I would share these Beautiful Bridal Shower Party Supplies if you are one of those who has to plan the Bridal Shower you may want to consider these. These are one of my favorite patterns called Two Love Birds. I love the sophisticated colors and of course the Love Birds.

To see this pattern and many other great Bridal Shower Party Supplies; Click Here

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    • profile image

      Kim 6 years ago

      I am so excited about this! I have been looking for a really unique gift idea for a few hours - I'm going to a shower for the future wife of my husband's cousin who we never see and I don't know anything about her. I've seen lots of ideas like soap baskets and kitchen item baskets and food baskets and while those are fine, I don't know what she likes. This is universal - so fun and so easy to put together and yet creative and thoughtful! Now I can't wait to go to the shower and hear everyone's reaction!! thanks for the great idea!!!

    • profile image

      kanwal 7 years ago

      so so

    • mulberry1 profile image

      mulberry1 7 years ago

      That is a very creative and sweet gift. Wonderful gift idea.

    • profile image

      AM 7 years ago

      I just packed this up...ready to travel to Cali!!

      My house smells like a Blueberry muffin....YUM {now so WILL my luggage!!