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The best Christmas gifts for women under 50 dollars

Updated on December 14, 2019
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Isabella lives in the outback countryside and loves nature. She has strong environmental and sustainability values that influence her life.

Christmas gifts-shopping can be stressful for men.

Research on shopping behaviors of men and women says “men buy, women shop”. According to Wharton University of Pennsylvania Marketing Professor Stephen J. Hoch, “women think of shopping in an inter-personal, human fashion and men treat it as more instrumental. It’s a job to get done”.

I’ve worked in a shopping mall and have assisted confused-looking men in shopping aisles looking lost trying to “shop” and figure out what is the best Christmas gift for women. It’s a wonderful feeling being of help in their buying decisions. So I understand how stressful it can be, especially when trying to give something special to the special woman in your life, whether it be your wife, partner, girlfriend, sister or mother.

I suggest you consider something unique as the best Christmas gift for her.


What Makes a Unique Gift?

Expensive doesn’t necessarily mean uniqueness for women. For a husband, you can give a woman an expensive car, house or jewelries but she will still long for something more – your love and affection. A unique gift has good memories of your life attached to it. It can enhance the rekindling of your love.

A unique gift can emotionally tie the heartstrings of your wife. My brother had an artist make a painting of his wife on her birthday. It hangs on the wall in their living room. She proudly shows it off to every visitor as well as her children and it is a valued gift that is before their eyes every day.

You don’t have to break the budget to buy a unique Christmas gift for wife in 2019. In fact, you can get a perfect gift for less than $50! You can also buy online for less than $20. It’s not the cost that matters. Christmas is about giving, and the art of giving matters.

Purchase Decision Tips

What is the number one factor that will influence the type of gift you buy for your wife?

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Giving a bonsai tree as a gift is a gesture of respect and a harbinger of good fortune. They symbolize harmony, honor, patience, as well as happiness among friends and family.

- Bonsai Boy


Environmentally Friendly Christmas Gifts

An environmentally friendly Christmas gift is a unique and ethical gift for the wife. Environment sustainability and addressing the effects of climate change is a critical global issue that calls for every human being sharing planet Earth to be more responsibly eco-conscious in our everyday conduct.

No need to compromise your environmental and sustainability values. You can easily find products that are made from recycled materials or sourced from environmentally-sustainable practices.

I love trees and plants. They inspire my thoughts to be planet-friendly when considering unique Christmas gifts.


An Incredible Bonsai Tree Gift

Tree gifts have special and unique meanings, they’re ethical and eco-friendly. It is one of the best Christmas gifts for wife that one can gift her.

Bonsai is a Japanese art form that has transcended from the ancient Chinese art of Penjing (aka penzai) thousands of year ago. It is the art of depicting artistically formed trees, plants and landscapes in miniature.

Bonsai utilizes horticulture techniques with artistry to cultivate miniature replicas of trees as they’re found in nature. The Bonsai trees can live hundreds of years as the tree would be in nature. Bonsai (Japanese) denotes a tree planted in a shallow container.

Unique Meanings of a Bonsai Tree

Bonsai symbolizes harmony, peace, order of thoughts, balance and all that is good in nature. The different types of trees symbolizes different meanings.

For example, the Chinese Elm is the tree of harmony, symbolizing inner strength, intuition and wisdom and is connected to the energies of love, balance, peace and calm.

Every Bonsai has its own symbolism that communicates ideas and emotions. An understanding of Japanese aesthetics can help you enjoy the symbolism in Bonsai art. It definitely will bring joy, peace and harmony to your home.

Bonsai Trees under 30 Dollars - Bonsai Boy of New York

Bonsai Boy grows a huge assortment of Bonsai trees which you can get for less than 30 dollars. They also have all the necessary tools and accessories for taking care of your Bonsai. They have a huge range of resources to assist you get the best experience out of your Bonsai Tree.

Buy Bonsai Tree Online from Amazon under 50 Dollars

A 5+ Year Old Juniper Bonsai Tree in Japanese Setku Bowl
A 5+ Year Old Juniper Bonsai Tree in Japanese Setku Bowl
Get this 5+ year old Juniper Bonsai Tree for only $28.50. Weighing 12.5 pounds, it sits in a handsome Japanese "Setku Donburi" - style 4" x 5" container that is handcrafted and adorned with artistic design. The Bonsai Tree comes with instructions and organic bonsai foods and a 30-day warranty. It has 313 customer ratings, with 67% giving a 5-start rating. Juniper trees are the most popular Bonsai trees grown in the United States. The tree has fresh green needles and naturally cascading branches shows the intrinsic beauty of nature. The artistry of Bonsai can be seen in how the trees has been carefully crafted and nurtured to bring you the best that Bonsai trees can offer.

© 2019 Isabella


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