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Unique Christmas Party Ideas

Updated on October 3, 2011
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Marye Audet-White is an internationally known food writer, food editor for Texas Living, cookbook author, and food blogger.

If you are looking for unique Christmas party ideas it is not too early to begin researching and planning. Remember that most people will have their holiday schedules planned and full by the first week of November. Even before you make your menu you need to decide on a date and send out your invitations.

Create Unique Invitations

Let your guests know immediately that your Christmas party is going to be something special by creating unusual invitations that compliment the venue. Even if you are planning a very formal cocktail party there are ways to have creative invitations. Consider the following:

  • Use an inexpensive glass ornament and write the time, date, place, and phone number on it with permanent marker or a gold or silver pen. Box it carefully for the mail.
  • Print copies of vintage family Christmas photos and add your information to the backs.
  • Everybody loves cookies! Bake gingerbread or sugar cookies in Christmas shapes and send them along with your invitation.

For more formal parties there are tons of websites that create unique printed Christmas cards. Some to check out are:


Unique Christmas Party Ideas for Adults

Creating a unique Christmas party for adults isn't as difficult as you may think. Here are some ideas for you to use as a starting place. Don't be afraid to add your own creative ideas and make it your own.

Winter Wonderland

The theme of this party is winter. Use white and icy blue as your colors. Ask your guests to wear white or blue.  Use clear glass or clear plates and paper lace cake rounds for placemats. You can even use the small ones for place cards.

Use lots of white pillar candles and tapers as well as white twinkling lights for ambiance.


  • Shrimp cocktail
  • Baked brie and crackers
  • White cheese fondue
  • White chocolate –peppermint candy bark
  • White chocolate covered pretzels
  • White frosted cake or cupcakes
  • Frozen pina colada

Nostalgia Party

Have guests send you old photographs of their Christmas's as children. Print black and white copies and use these as place cards. Use vintage ornaments and decorations – you can find these at thrift shops, antique stores, and on eBay.

Foods should be simple, comfort foods. If you happen to have a vintage cookbook check out the appetizer section for more ideas. Here are some to get you started:

  • Decorated sugar cookies
  • Meatballs
  • Cheese cubes

International Christmas Potluck

Have your guests bring foods that are representative of their heritage. Decorations can be almost anything from small flags from the country to any type of Christmas decoration that you like. Do some research about the various traditions in other countries and be inspired! Use these Christmas traditions to create an exciting melange of Christmas cheer.

For beverages have on hand a few traditional punches such as Wassail or Swedish Glogg.

Children's Christmas Parties

From tree trimming parties to gingerbread parties, Christmas is a great time to host a children's party. Keep the decorations simple and don't plan too many things; perhaps a craft, a game, and a short Christmas show like A Charlie Brown Christmas .

Classic Christmas fare like cupcakes and cookies can be individualized with creative decorations. If you want to go beyond the same old chocolate and vanilla cup cakes you might want to peruse this list of the 50 best cupcake recipes on the Internet with flavors like Crème Brulee, S'mores, and Irish Cream. Sandwiches can be cut into holiday shapes with large, Christmas cookie cutters. If you make homemade bread consider coloring the dough with red or green food color for even more holiday cheer.

Of course, these ideas are a jumping off point. There are many directions that you can go with your party and many ways to make it uniquely your own.

  • Hollywood Glamor
  • Caroling Party
  • Ice Skating Party
  • Victorian Christmas
  • Sledding Party
  • Old Fashioned Taffy Pull
  • Favorite Christmas Movie
  • Favorite Christmas Story
  • Christmas Eve Pajama Party

Think about your guests; their interests and what would be fun for them. Keep the food and other details as simple as possible so that you can have plenty of time enjoying your party. Unique Christmas party ideas can be inspired by almost anything but it takes time and planning so don't wait until the last minute.


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    • profile image

      Izabella Jonsson 7 years ago

      Themed parties are perfect since it makes planning a lot easier.

    • Lillee McLoflin profile image

      Lillee McLoflin 7 years ago from Texas

      I love themed parties - food related or not. It makes it much more fun and helps you get involved. I love the parties where everyone brings something and trades or shares with the other guests.