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Unique Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Friends - Presents For People Who Have Everything

Updated on October 5, 2011

When it comes to Christmas gift giving, you want your gift to be the one that brings a smile. Sometimes the opportunity to give gifts is wasted on practical stuff, like socks.

If you really want your gift to be memorable, you should check out these outrageously unique Christmas gift ideas!

You will never have to worry about your friend or family member owning one already, or worry about them getting the same gift from another person. Check these unique gifts out!

  • Sea Monkeys - The little guys are way fun to watch! If they all die, let the water in the container evaporate, add more water, and more sea monkeys will appear! True story! They're a good alternative to fish too.
  • Paint by number - Do you have an artistically inclined friend? Pair this gift with the DVD Mona Lisa Smile and you'll have a fun gift.
  • Can of spam - Well...they probably don't have one already, AND it will be most unexpected...
  • Chia Pet - I hear there is now an Obama Chia Pet...or you can stick with the original
  • Marshmallow Launcher - Perfect for a college student...I know this from experience
  • Dart board - These run the gamut from Nerf dart boards to the real deal, so pick your price
  • Dancing Hamster - sure to bring a smile
  • Metal Spork - who DOESN'T need a metal spork???
  • Desk Top Zen Sand Garden - Good gift for a friend from the office
  • Bonsai Tree - Send one of these to a friend who is moving into a new house as a quirky house warming plant
  • Gum Ball Machine - Not only can it hold gum balls, but M&Ms, recess pieces, or whatever you want!
  • Airzooka - Amazing!!! It blasts the target with a puff of'll catch anybody off guard.
  • Would You Rather book and game - Good for kids on car trips or at a party
  • "Things You Must Do To Make Me Happy" notepad - enough said :)
  • Slushy Maker - People underestimate the power of a good slushy...

  • Personalized Bobble Head - Nobody will ever expect receiving a bobble head in their own image, how fun!
  • Dart Board Decision Maker - Way more fun than a magic 8 ball
  • Personalized Perfume - Slightly classier than grabbing a gift basket from the department store
  • Ice Cream Maker - This gift will benefit everyone involved :)
  • Hot Air Balloon Ride - Fun idea for a unique and memorable birthday outing
  • Lottery Tickets - Feelin lucky...?
  • Bananagrams game - My friend carries hers around in her purse, she likes it so much
  • Venus Fly Trap - If you aren't feeling the Bonsai Tree, this one could do the trick :)
  • Book on Fung Shui - Pair this book, one of the fun house warming plants, and you have yourself a fun gift for a friends new apartment or house
  • Photo Rubik's Cube - Fun way to display pictures, and a cool game!
  • Popcorn Popper - Make popcorn the way you like it
  • Rubber Band Gun - Target practice anyone?
  • Fruitcake - Funny christmas party gag gift
  • Henna Tattoo Kit - These are great for slumber parties or women's retreats and spa nights


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    • cjcarter profile image

      cjcarter 7 years ago

      Gift Experts- I'm glad you share my love for Sea Monkeys. I currently am the proud owner of 1 sea monkey... I'm hoping it will stay strong!

      Hypnodude- thanks for the feedback!

    • hypnodude profile image

      Andrea 7 years ago from Italy

      Many interesting hints on presents. And as Gift Experts says sea monkeys are always a good choice. :)

    • Gift Experts profile image

      Gift Experts 7 years ago

      Neat ideas! Sea monkeys always rock :) Love those guys!