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Unique Gifts for Her

Updated on July 25, 2012

Gift to Her Heart oxoxo

Heart Rose Locket
Heart Rose Locket
Message in a bottle
Message in a bottle
Set of four prints
Set of four prints
Handmade Journals
Handmade Journals
Personalized Towels
Personalized Towels
Strip Chocolate
Strip Chocolate
Coupon Book
Coupon Book
Charm Bracelet for Engraving
Charm Bracelet for Engraving
Engraved Heart Shaped Compact Mirror
Engraved Heart Shaped Compact Mirror

Find Something That She Cant Find Just Anywhere

Tis the season for giving. Which also means-tis' the season for all the men with a girlfriend, wife or love interest, to begin panicking, trying to decide what to buy for his special someone. If you are trying to buy her a gift that will make her fall in love with you all over again, the best advice I can give to each and every man out there is; don’t buy her a vacuum, pots and pans or a gift card for an oil change. Although these are all gifts that have a purpose and will be used, they are less than romantic-and less than ideal if you are attempting to shock, surprise and wisp her off her feet.

I’ve done some shopping-browsing and have asked lots of females what makes for a romantic gift, here are some things that may be an alternative to the pair of fuzzy house slippers you had in mind. Happy Holidays Boys…

1. Personalized charm bracelets or a charm bracelet of any kind are a great gift for a woman. It can also save your butt in the future (when you forget to buy a gift for her birthday or your anniversary) if you purchase her a charm bracelet that you can add charms to later down the road.

2. Rose Heart Locket Necklace (I included this because it is a 1 of a kind piece of jewelry I found on Esty, which has a lot of one of a kind items on it. Giving a woman something that there is only 1 of, is special and as unique as she is.

3. Personalized Keepsake Box- If you are looking for a gift that can be personalized, consider a sterling silver jewelry box that you can have engraved with either their name or an adoring message.

4. Flowers that last forever- Glass Roses, Gold Roses, Silver Roses, Lilacs, Orchids, whatever her favorite flower is. The great thing about spending money on a bouquet of these is that they last and no matter how long you have them, they will remain beautiful.

5. Original Prints by Obscure Artists- There are hundreds of artists in the world that are waiting to be discovered. When you find a photographer or painter that has created beauty, you can buy prints that can represent your personality, and decorate your home, for cheaper than purchasing a reproduction of art by Pablo Picasso

6. Love notes.-you can find or write them yourself. They should have sweet sayings or words of admiration that tell your husband/wife, boy friend or girlfriend how much you love them, written on them. If you have legible hand writing you can include lists of what you love about them, what you first noticed when you saw them, or recollections of your favorite most prized memories. Package them in a jewelry box or nice tin and you have yourself a very personal gift for your sweetheart.

7. Engraved Compact Mirror- Many women carry a compact mirror around with them. Give her something she can carry around that is a representation of your love for her. Have her name engraved on a heart shaped compact or your anniversary, or even a simple I LOVE YOU. It speaks wonders when it comes from the heart.

8. Personalized Bath Towels-You can get these many different places online or if you want to avoid shipping costs, call some local seamstresses or embroidery shops. If you buy the towels-they’ll put the design. Standard pricing is anywhere from $2.50-$5.00 (for the personalization) and item for the first line.

9. Strip Chocolate Couples Game or any Silly or Romantic Adult Game that she would giggle at and be willing to play- You play the game-you lose your clothes and eat lots of chocolate in ways you probably never thought about. These kinds of games can also present the opportunities to get to know new things about your partner.

10. Message in a Bottle Gifts- I have seen these a few places. You can get a unique bottle that can be sealed with a cork. Within a love message or message of encouragement personalized for the recipient of the gift, along with something such as "a key to your heart" or representation to your love affair.

11. Personalized or One of a kind Journals or writing pens- If you are involved with a woman that keeps a diary, takes a lot of notes, writes poetry, she probably has a dozen journals or notebooks and will purchase a dozen more within the next year. Get her one that is personalized with her name. An even better gift is if you can get one that is personalized that can have paper refills purchased when she has filled the pages.

12. Coupon Books- Not the kind you use at the grocery store, but the ones that allow her to a special favor, to be pampered or left alone for awhile. You have to be willing to allow her to redeem the coupons with you when she wants, so if you are not willing to watch the kids for two hours while she takes a long bath, this may be a gift you should shy away from.

13. Sweethearts Calendars-Your Photos or Photos of your choosing, customizable dates. A calendar is used daily by career woman, busy moms, college students and all that is in-between. Let her see the face of her child or your wedding picture each day. It allows you to Say something new-every day of the year and will put a smile on her face each time she glances at it.

14. Spa Day- Pamper her by giving her the gift to escape for a day that revolves around her. Facial-Massage-Manicure-Pedicure. Most towns have at least one day spa, from what I have found, a day at the spa gift certificate pricing can be as little as $75.

15. Bath Essentials- Bubble Bath, Candles, Body Wash, a Life, Bath Pillow and for Afterwards Lotion and Pillow Mist. Bath and Body Works has scents that can relax and repair after a stressful day. The ‘Sleep’ Lotion, Soap, Pillow Mist collection leaves a light scent of vanilla and lavender. A calming and inviting Christmas Gift.

16. When all else fails, and you are still stuck. Perfume, Find a scent that you enjoy-but not something that is completely opposite of what she wears currently. If she doesn’t wear a scent, some general advice, stay away from musk’s. Musk does tend to age women (at least in the smell department).

Hopefully this has given you a few more options to look at than you had before. Money should not be an issue during Christmas, although I know it is. The very best Christmas Gift my husband ever gave me was given during a period where we had nothing to spare. He fixed a jewelry box that I had had since I was 7. The music did not play any longer and the ballerina did not spin. When I opened the shoe box he packed it in that year- My eyes began to tear and I had the best feeling and biggest smile I had ever had. The cost of the repairs to that jewelry box ran him under $5.00. It wasn’t the money, it was the fact that he knew how much that beat up ballerina meant to me, and he brought her back to life. To this day, nothing has topped that gift.

Think with your heart, not your wallet-and you will do just fine. Happy Holidays…


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    • H.C Porter profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Lone Star State

      Alayne Fenasci

      Thanks for the comment(s). No, I dont mind-In fact I'll post the link within the hub so more people can enjoy it :)

      Thanks for sharing!

    • Alayne Fenasci profile image

      Alayne Fenasci 

      7 years ago from Louisiana

      You got me thinking and was inspired to write a hub of my own about the perfect gift I received. I hope you don't mind me sharing the link here.

      (If you prefer I don't share it, please do delete my comment. I just hoped it would be one you'd enjoy and find relevant.)

    • Alayne Fenasci profile image

      Alayne Fenasci 

      7 years ago from Louisiana

      I like your story about the jewelry box he had fixed for you. That is the perfect gift. My husband did a similar thing for my birthday one year, and you're right, it's impossible to top something so meaningful.

    • Ben Zoltak profile image

      Ben Zoltak 

      9 years ago from Lake Mills, Jefferson County, Wisconsin USA

      Great ideas here, I especially enjoy the letter in a bottle and personalized hand towels!

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Good ideas. I want a new Coach Hanbag! I got one 2 years ago and I need a new one! Givew a small good purse.


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