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Perfect Gifts for Men, Christmas, Birthday, Graduation Gift Ideas

Updated on January 20, 2016

Avoid the arguments this year!!

Unique gifts for men are more difficult to locate than gifts for women.

Men are fickle, but they are easy to please

Opting for the Christmas gift to please and tantalize your man is tantamount. As statistics show, the better the gift you get for him, the larger and more expensive gift he will get for you next time in return.

Choosing one of these perfect gifts for men, will show him how much you care about him and how much thought you have put in to finding him that perfect gift, but only if you do love him, if not, just get him some socks.

Birthday Gifts, Christmas Gifts, Last Minute Gifts

For unique gifts for men, you have to think outside the box.

A typical shelf bought gift is all well and good, but for a unique gift that means something and can last a long time, you need to put some time and effort into it.

Sporty Men

Men usually love or follow a type of sport. For the ultimate sports gift, a season ticket for their favorite team may be a viable option. Even a signed baseball or basketball would be a gift idea for a man.

Gym equipment for the men whose physique may need a lift is also a possibility. Fitness is always on the usual 'New Years Resolution' list. Give them a shove in the right direction with some body building equipment or a boxing bag.

Scuba diving, surfing, or wind surfing lessons are another gift idea for the man whom has everything. Take them out of their comfort zone for some exhilarating moments in their lives.

Working Man Gift Ideas


Tools are to men what shoes are to ladies. Men love tools and new gadgets. Offer them something related to their work or DIY skills and they usually love it.

This is a simple choice of present for a man. Whatever tool you get them, is usually a good choice unless they already have one which does not need replacing.


Men love to play with gadgets, as they think they know everything. New inventions which are totally useless to normal people, act like shiny objects to magpies. Men love them.

Remote controlled toys are high on their list, either gas (petrol) powered or battery operated. These toys will last a long time and take the man out of the house to play.

This serves three main purposes. It takes the man out of your hair for hours at a time. It helps them bond with the kids as they play together. And it keeps their little minds amused.

The choice in this field of 'mens toys' are amazing. From small battery operated vehicles, and rough terrain 4x4s to helicopters and even massive remote jumbo jets.

These are serious hobbies for grown men and make excellent gift ideas for youths to older men.

Mobile Phone Watch


These unique gift ideas for men are not expensive but are very good and different. A camera is incorporated with WI-Fi enabled, video, bluetooth and it even tells the time.

Men will love this idea. Anything with bluetooth, they will love. Comes in a choice of colors, even pink if the gift were to be given to a lady.

Click on the smaller image for details and selection available.

Metal Detectors


Metal detecting for some men is an ideal present, as most men would love to get a chance to dig for buried treasure or war memorabilia. Sometime in 90% of men's lives, there has been that treasure hunter instinct, it may still be there.

A trip to the wilderness with friends is always a good relationship healer.

You could combine purchasing the metal detector with a trip to Europe to hunt for World War 2 relics, or a trip to a sight where there has been a great battle in the past. The metal detectors can now search the ground to more than a meter deep, and many recent discoveries have led to normal people becoming rich from finding Roman coins, old bullion and many antique pieces of jewelry.

Metal detectors start form as low as $30, and can give hours of fun and get him from under your feet at weekends.

Paint balling for men

Graduation Gifts

Perfect Graduation gifts are usually easier to find than Birthday gifts, a perfect graduation gift would be a little vacation for whoever graduated, the better the grades, the better the vacation, which is also an inspiration, or blackmail, which ever way you see it.

It may be best to team up with the parents of one of the graduates friends, as going on vacation alone is not so good. If they are the adventurous type, send them on an extreme sports trip for a weekend or up to a two week stay in the extreme sports capital of the world, Queenstown, New Zealand, or you could just arrange for a bungee jump around the corner.

If they are the gadget type graduate, look into buying a remote control car, helicopter or aeroplane, they do come in kit form as well.

The perfect gift for a graduate is usually a car, whether it's a really old car which they have to re-build themselves or just a second hand run-around.

Perfect Personal Gifts

A unique personal gift is very hard to think of, as these type of gifts are everywhere, and once given, usually end up in a drawer and forgotten about.

No man usually wants handkerchiefs with his initials embroidered on them, or a knitted jumper with one arm longer than the other. So think of something more personal, if he is a coin collector, can you get him one evasive coin he never got.

A little bit of special jewelry like an important ring or a choker chain is good as a secondary gift.


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