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Unique Items To Toss At A Wedding

Updated on April 7, 2011

Tori and the Pug Idea

Tori Spelling wanted to throw toy pugs in the air instead of rose petals after she and her husband-to-be, Dean McDermott, said their vows during their wedding ceremony. Well, that’s different. In the end, she opted against this idea, but it was a strong contender at the time. A wedding is a memorable occasion in one’s life, so it is only commonplace that a bride would want it to be one of the most personable, special days in her life. Oh yeah, and for the groom, as well.

The Ordinary

There are the usual suspects found at any typical all-American wedding: guests blowing bubbles after the wedding ceremony or after the wedding couple depart the reception hall, or even throughout the day. There is also the age-old (but greatly banned) rice throw, the grand releasing of the butterflies and/or doves…But, what if you don’t want to have your loving guests send you off from the wedding ceremony with “just the usual”?

Creative Wedding Toss Ideas

Practically, anything goes. Get creative; this will be the biggest day of your life to do what you want to do. Take advantage of it. This may be the grandest moment of the whole shebang. This is the key announcement to your wedding guests and to any passerby that hey, you are married now.

  • If you’re environmentally-conscious: you could opt to have your guests throw grass seed—beige and seedy and not very dusty at this stage, so no mess if a seed happens to slap against your fancy attire. Also, an added bonus is the parson’s lawn will love the grass donation.

  • If you’re romantic: How about your guests tossing sprigs or buds of lavender at your feet, or they can help hold up strings of white lights under which you and the groom walk?
  • Or, even suggest the guests hold candles or lanterns as you pass by. (Preferably, not the camping sort, but, hey, if you’re looking for an outdoorsy laid-back wedding, go for it!) This could be really charming at dusk.
  • If sparkle and music is your idea, opt for the jingle jangle of music against the gleam of silver. Give your guests access to silver bells that they can jingle after the I-Dos are said.
  • Or for a more festive in-you-face look, have your guests wave wands with feminine colors of ribbon attached. This would be lovely for a Renaissance-themed wedding (joust, anyone?)

  • If one of the wedding couple is a pilot or someone who works for the city airport, why not have your guests toss paper airplanes? They don’t have to be the I-made-this-out-of-scrap-paper variety. You could make paper airplanes or origami of another sort out of quality colored stock paper. You could even add ribbon or other details to make this a unique, yet personal party-tossing gesture. And, if kids are there, you've just found a great toy for them to play with while the adults relax or groove.

  • Like balloons? You could have your wedding guests let go of helium-colored metallic wedding-colored balloons. This isn’t for the environmentally-conscious, however. So, if a balloon launch isn’t your idea of congratulating the newly-married couple, how about doing a balloon drop instead? As the wedding couple is exiting the wedding the reception, the guests can drop lightly-weighted balloons from above. No airplane is needed for this, folks. The wedding guests can take their place with their balloons in an upstairs building window, and just as the newlyweds pass underneath outside, the balloons can be dropped. Also, spring-loaded coiled ribbon can be dropped over the departing wedding couple’s heads.

  • Into the excitement of the 4th of July? Party poppers, noisemakers, and kazoos can be used. Also, if you are trustworthy of your wedding guests, sparklers make a dazzling sight under a dark sky of stars.

I'm The Bride: It's MY Wedding

Use your imagination. Use the theme of your wedding for inspiration. If someone as ritzy as Tori Spelling envisioned her guests tossing stuffed animals at her and Dean at their wedding, then there should be no faux-pas in planning such amusement at your wedding. Remember, this is your special day. Practically anything you dream up can be realized as your wedding. At the least, you’re sure to end up with some unique wedding photographs and a unique story.


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    • Eiddwen profile image

      Eiddwen 5 years ago from Wales

      Unique and so wonderful .

      I am really looking forward to reading many more by you.

      Take care and enjoy your weekend.


    • Mary Contrary profile image

      Mary Contrary 6 years ago from Columbus, OH

      Interesting-maybe you could toss the will and kate condoms

    • Simone Smith profile image

      Simone Haruko Smith 6 years ago from San Francisco

      These are lovely ideas! Nice Hub!