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Hobo/Hillbilly Party Theme! Unique & Creative

Updated on December 4, 2012
Hobo Costume
Hobo Costume

Hobo Party

Try a Hobo Party! This themed party is perfect for any Autumn afternoon. It is a fun, inexpensive and endlessly creative way to have a good time. Birthday parties, block parties or a backyard get together, this one will be a hit that they won't forget!

Let's celebrate the Un-Fancy!

Here's what you need:

Invitations: Set the tone of your party with "Wanted" invitations. Include photos of your guests and don't forget to add a ransom.

Food: Make it Potluck with Chili & Beans as the main course.

Music: Definitely country, but for more fun, ask your musical guests to bring guitars, banjos and harmonicas.

D├ęcor: Home made signs! Wanted posters, Rail Road Crossings, Detour, No Loitering etc. Use bandanas to add flair to your tables. Wooden tables, chairs, candles and anything that is old fashioned.

Attire: This is the best part! Over-Alls, flannel shirts, old hats, bandanas, and boots. Maybe even a little smudge of dirt on the cheeks for fun!

Games: The classics work best. 3 legged race, Potato sack race, Egg on a wooden spoon relay, and Hobo Limbo. Guessing games are great too. Get oversized jar of Pickles and guess how many there are. The possibilites are endless.

Party Gifts: Give hobo sacks (bandanas) filled with goodies tied to long sticks!


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