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Unique and Cool Gifts for Christmas

Updated on May 20, 2012

Unique and Cool Presents for Christmas

            The difficulty of finding Christmas gifts varies from person to person. If it is a child from one to 5 years old, it isn’t that tough to find something fun for them to have. However, finding the perfect present for an adult or a teenager needs more special attention. The thing we do not realize is, whether we are giving something to an infant or a grandfather, we should be looking very meticulously for that perfect gift. It is always said it is the thought that counts, so even if your present is inexpensive, the person will still cherish it because it is perfect for him or her. So here are a few great gift ideas to start you up in your Christmas shopping this December.

1.      Lego Harry Potter: HogwartsCastle

Who doesn’t love the legendary story of the boy who defeated He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named? For almost a decade, Harry Potter has become a global phenomenon, which has spanned into mega-hit movies, comics, and toys. So if you are planning to give a Harry Potter themed gift to a Die-Hard Collector Fan of just a kid who loves it, then the LegoHogwartsCastle is a wonderful gift this holiday. The set comes with seven characters including Harry, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, Professor Snape, Hagrid, Professor Dumbledore, and Draco Malfoy. This iconic figure is certainly going to be not an easy build, but the instructions will let you ease through it slowly. The set features revolving portraits, flames rising from the torches, and owls dwelling in the spires. It has 682 pieces overall and they it is recommended for ten year olds and above.

2. Barbie Pink 3-Story Dream Townhouse

Whether she’s your daughter or niece, every girl loves Barbie. Since its debut fifty years ago, this landmark toy has become a must-have for every young girl around the world. With its wide range of dolls and accessories, the brand has stood the test of time with unique and exciting features for Barbie every year. Now comes a new addition to the Barbie dollhouse collection: The Barbie Pink 3-Story Dream Townhouse. The ambitious design comes with a real personal elevator, the basic fireplace and flat screen television, a luxurious bathroom, a whirlpool tub with outside tiki lights, and sounds for the doorbell, shower hum, and much more. This interactive dollhouse will be hours and hours of stimulating role-playing that will spark up your child’s imagination. And it’s perfect for your gay son or Barbie Collector friend.

Barbie Pink World 3 Story Dream Townhouse

3. Spy Net: Secret Mission Video Watch

Now here is another interactive toy to give to young boys. What kid hasn’t played spy day in and day out, imagining themselves leaping around catching the bad guys? Now, you can add to their experience with Spy Net’s sleek and authentic Secret Mission Video Watch. Features include taking 2000 photos, capturing twenty minutes of video, and a microphone for recording four hours of audio. It also has a built-in lie detector, voice changer, and a USB cord to download missions from the website. This very unique item encompasses any belief that is a toy because its design shows otherwise. Hours of fun can be found from this wonderful toy and the educational value is priceless.

Secret Mission Video Watch

4. FurReal GoGo My Walkin' Pup

This next gift is totally adorable and very enjoyable. Hasbro introduces GoGo My Walkin’ Pup from their FurReal series. This puppy comes with a leash that acts as the remote to let you control where it heads off. He barks, makes whining noises, pants, and even wags his tail. It responds to petting in different ways and responds when not treated carefully. Even when you ignore it, it whines for attention like a real dog, and eventually falls asleep. One of the best parts about this toy is when you take it for a walk on the sidewalk. People passing by will think it’s the real thing! My Walkin’ Pus is an amusing and delightful for any age and it’s a good gift to kids who are not allowed to have real pets. Let them learn the responsibility of taking care of animals!

5.      Temperature controlled Faucet Light Color Change

Are you looking for a fun and quirky gift for that someone who is not really into any techie gadgets or fancy hardware? This Color Changing Faucet Light by Hog Wild is the perfect find. With additional universal adaptors, this neat kitchen add-on will fit in any faucet. It comes with its own batteries, filter screen, and complete instructions. It’s beautiful chrome color will lighten up your day every time you wash your hands or clean the dishes. Your guests will be surprised and impressed with this enjoyable tool. It adds a chic and modern feel to any kitchen. Perfect for your mom or grandma!

6. NEWO 55 Dream Cheeky Wireless USB Missile Launcher

If you are looking for a fun and whacky gift for that techie-loving friend, something of a useful novelty will be a perfect choice. Newo releases a quirky new kind of USB port: The USB Missile Launcher. It has an easy wireless set up where you can place the usb 15 feet away from your computer. It comes with a target and three foam missiles that shoot up to 20 feet. It also has a 4-Feet USB cable. You can use your PC to control the movements of you missile by turning and swiveling it in every direction. And with its realistic sound effects, you’ll be having more fun with the USB than with your computer. It’s a great and funny gift to give this Christmas that is also very useful to that modern-day person.

7. Pet's Eye View Camera

            Have you ever wondered what your pet does or where it goes when you’re not there? The Pet’s Eye View Camera by Uncle Milton is the perfect solution! It’s a nifty, lightweight camera that you can latch on to your pet’s collar. It is water-resistant and has an internal memory that can store up to 35 photos. There is also an Auto interval setting for time-lapsed recording of 1, 5, or 15 minutes. The camera also includes a lithium camera and USB connectivity to transfer your pictures to your pc and online. Pet lover’s will love this neat toy and have loads of fun viewing pictures of their pets going to unexpected places. A great present to all pet owners (except with snakes and fish) and curious kids! Have the feeling of your own National Geographic!

8. ProActive Sports Trunk It Golf Gear Organizer

This next gift is a great for avid golf players. Have you ever experienced lugging around all your golf accessories and have to sift around your pack in frustration to find what you are looking for? Well, here is your solution. ProActive Sports Trunk It Golf Gear Organizer is a case for golf gear like shoes, golf balls, and any miscellaneous golf accessory. It is made from durable and long lasting nylon material and mesh ventilation panels to give shoes space to breath. The case also has a holder for easy carriage anywhere. It is also lightweight, sleek-looking, and very fashionable. It is a practical and thoughtful gift to that specific man who loves golf and to someone who is a common neat freak. Make sure he doesn’t have one already!

9. Book: One Hundred Young Americans by Michael Franzini

            Michael Franzini is a photographer and Emmy-winning director who has chosen 100 young teens and written their loves in this touching book. It explores the hidden lives and desires of average, everyday stereotypes we see and meet everyday. There are tales about an anime-lover who lost her cat in Katrina, a geek who was told by his own mother to spend more time interacting with girls than with his robot, a young prostitute from the Bunny Ranch who wants to start her own business someday, and tons of other in-depth stories. This book will open the public to the lives of the new generation and let other young teens relate to these situations. The captured moments in photos are beautiful and heart warming that adds to the reading experience. The book also teaches the reader about life, love, and struggles of the average teenager. It’s a gift for the book lover and young adult.

10. PeaPod Plus Indoor/Outdoor Travel Bed

            This final gift is for the modern mom. This product is a lightweight sleeping tent that comes with an inflatable mattress and an air pump to let your child sleep comfortably. The surrounding canopy and large zipper is built for safety and easy access. The tent is also wide enough to fit in the average six year old. It is perfect for outdoors to protect your child from insects and harmful sunlight. Since the bed is very light and easily collapsible, you can bring it anywhere with you with no hassle. There is no assembly required and it is available in varying colors for your little boy or girl. This inexpensive, nifty, and no hassle product is the perfect gift for your wife or your friends with a child. Never leave home without it.

There you have it! Ten unique and awesome gifts to give to the whole family or your closest friends. Most of the recommended gifts are inexpensive and practical and can easily be ordered online or found in your nearby stores. Always remember that when it comes to your family and friends, the gifts you give them will be cherished and appreciated. So always find the perfect one for each of them. Christmas is almost here so don’t dilly-dally on buying those presents early. Merry Christmas and happy hunting!


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