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Unique wedding gifts for the happy couple

Updated on May 17, 2014

Choosing a unique wedding gift

The spring wedding season is here and if you have been invited you may find yourself wondering what the ideal gift is.

It may be easier to go and look at the wedding registry in the department store to choose a wedding gift, but it doesn't always make the best present. If you know the bride or the groom well, then do you want to be remember for getting them a cup and saucer of a china set they will never use? I know I don't. I much prefer to get something more personal.

To choose the perfect gift it is a good idea to know them as a couple. If you buy a present that is only geared towards one and not the other, it isn't the best present.

Gift cards

If you prefer no to select a present, you can always purchase a gift card. These are always welcome. Whereas cash can get spent on bills, groceries and gas, a gift card ensures they will choose something they want as a gift, a special treat to commemorate their wedding day.

Camping gear

If the couple enjoy the outdoors, why not buy them camping gear. All newly married couples are short of cash and camping is a great way for a new couple to keep the cost of vacations low but still allowing time away. You could also include maps, a camping stove and other camping paraphernalia .

If they enjoy national parks you could buy them a years pass to a local national park that you know they enjoy visiting.

A personalized trivet

Personalized trivet
Personalized trivet | Source

Personalized trivet

This beautiful personalized trivet would be ideal. It would be used at every mealtime and would be a gift that will be remembered for many years to come.

Which type of gifts do you prefer to give?

Do you prefer to give traditional gifts or something unique?

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Coffee Gift Baskets

I love the idea of a gift basket, they are always presented so well and look beautiful.. Even if you can't attend the wedding you can still show them you care.

What do your newly married couple like doing together? Perhaps it is gourmet coffee. Why not surprise them with a gift basket full of these products.

A love of music

The gift of music
The gift of music

Gifts for music lovers

Do the bride and groom share the same musical tastes? If so, you could buy them tickets to an upcoming concert by their favorite artist. If this is in another city, a hotel room would also be appreciated.

A CD by their favorite artist will give them hours of listening pleasure. Or make a compilation of love songs to commemorate their wedding day.

Premium Wine Club

Premium Wine Club

For the gift that keeps giving.

Whether you choose one bottle or a bottle a month for the newly married couple, this is sure to please.

Buying wedding presents on a budget

If you are short on cash this isn't a problem. You were invited to a celebration of their marriage. If they are friends, they will understand. It is still better to take something however even if it is only a card with a personal message inside.

If you wish to take a present it could be something that you have made. For example, you could make jam and put it in a pretty jar with a hand-made tag. Here are instructions for making mango jam.

If you have a digital camera, offer to take additional photos and then scrapbook them and have them ready for the couple when they return from their honeymoon.

If they have animals, offer to care for those whilst they away on their honeymoon, or house sit for them.

Gone fishing

Big game fishing
Big game fishing

Gifts for anglers

If they enjoy fishing you could buy them hand selected lures or fishing flies. A new tackle box stuffed with fishing accessories would be appreciated and not duplicated by another guest.

You could include books or videos about fishing. If they keep their catch, you could also include cook books with fish recipes.

A matching pair of waders or fishing vests and hats. If you aren't an angler yourself, there are always experienced anglers in the sporting goods stores to assist you in your selection.

An gym membership

If the couple enjoying keeping fit and exercising, why not purchase a yearly gym membership for a local club. There are often price breaks if it is for a couple joining. Then after the year is completed they would have the option to renew if they enjoyed it.

I hope you are inspired

I hope this has given you some ideas to buy something a bit unusual for the bride and groom. If you have any comments or stories about unique presents you have been given or you yourself have given, I would love to hear about them.

Please leave your comments below.

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