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Unusual Baby Gift Ideas

Updated on March 10, 2013

Buying Baby Gifts Doesn't Have to Be Boring

Many parents register for baby gifts and want only what is on the registry. However, for more unusual parents, appropriate baby gifts may be very difficult to find in the local Babies R Us. We all have friends who won't be happy with the ordinary, and many of us are gift givers who wouldn't be happy with common baby gifts either. It may be tougher to think up unusual baby gift ideas, but the Internet has made it simple to find them once you have a few good ideas. Here are some baby gift ideas for parents who are interested in more than just a Diaper Genie and a rocking chair pad for their nurseries.

Gifts for Baby Geeks

These days, geeks are rarely ashamed of being geeks. They fly their geek flags proudly and want their kids to do the same. If you have a geek friend or relative with a geekling in need of gifts, there is a fast-growing market for geek baby products that appeal to any type of geek.

For Trekkie parents, there are miniature Star Trek uniforms for babies, stuffed Star Trek characters and onesies with the parents' favorite characters on them. Also consider framing a wall poster from a Star Trek movie to be used in the nursery.

For Star Wars geeks, just about anything you can imagine is available. So many people are interested in Star Wars baby gifts that you can buy anything form tiny Yoda costumes to stuffed Wookies. There are Star Wars bath toys, Star Wars crib bedding, Star Wars nursery lamps and more.

If your geek parent or parents are super into computers, there are baby t-shirts that have sayings about computers on them. Also consider something simple that has some binary code on it. A throw pillow with binary code printed on it, yes, those are available, is a great nursery gift for computer geeks.

Goth Baby Gifts

Adult goths tend to reproduce and have baby goths. The problem is that there are limited outlets for baby goth clothing and accessories. You don't see a Goth Babies R Us on every corner, and frankly I'd be weirded out if you did. But, there are a few places online that you can get goth clothing.

EBay usually has some goth clothing items for babies, toddlers and other kids. Do searches for black baby clothes, for onesies with skulls on them and for goth-style blankets. A small black blanket may not seem like a hard-to-find gift, but most baby products are made in pastels and a black baby blanket may not be something that your goth mom has ever seen before.

Another great goth baby gift is bleak wall art that isn't scary looking. Think of windswept cemeteries or ravens.

Anything with a skull and crossbones on it, especially a pink or blue skull and crossbones or one with a bow on it, usually goes over well for goth babies. They are a great mix of cute and goth.

UFO Baby Gifts

A lot of people are into UFOs. No matter how you feel about UFOs, real or fake, you have to admit they are pretty interesting. They are always good for conversation, and many people love to read and talk about them. If you know a UFO enthusiast who is in need of a baby present, there are plenty of UFO and alien baby gifts out there to fulfill that need.

Many of the UFO toys on the market are made for older kids, so be sure that the ones you buy are specifically made for babies. There are plenty of soft, safe alien and UFO toys out there.

Just Plain Weird Gifts for Babies

If your friend doesn't fit into any one specific fan group, there are still a lot of weird baby gifts that are available. Whether it's a Cthulhu-themed gift for infants or one that makes the baby look like a vampire, there is plenty on the market for those who have more unusual tastes. Don't take a generic gift to a baby with unusual and interesting parents- chances are they want to raise their baby to unusual and interesting as well. Here are a few items that will amaze and amuse as well as provide the baby with something interesting to play with.


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