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Unusual Christmas Decoration Ideas

Updated on December 6, 2013
Unusual Decoration for Christmas
Unusual Decoration for Christmas

Ahh…it’s that time of the year again. Christmas will soon be knocking the door so it’s the best to look for ideas to decorate your home now. And if you’re thinking to plan a holiday party, it’s really the high time. Thinking of Christmas decorations, all that comes to mind at first is strings of Xmas lights, classic Xmas tree adorned with ornaments, wreaths, garlands, and stockings. But this time, don’t let your Christmas party be a traditional affair. When decorating for Christmas, think beyond all that you read a moment ago. Here are some ideas that inspired me.

Christmas Party Themes

Narnia Inspired Christmas
Narnia Inspired Christmas

Christmas in Narnia
CS Lewis's classic fantasy novel gives us a surreal and whimsical theme to decorate Christmas party. Create a magical wardrobe at the front door that guests have to pass through to enter. Snow covered tree, lamppost, white drapes, ice statues, and strings of white lights will turn your regular Xmas venue into the magical realm of Narnia. Remember the White Witch’s palace? That’s the sort of ambience you have to create. To add that final touch, make sure to hire a snow machine to create a wintry ambience.

Alice in Wonderland Inspired Christmas
Alice in Wonderland Inspired Christmas

Alice in Wonderland Theme
The magical world of Lewis Carol’s Adventures in Wonderland makes a perfect Xmas party theme too. To make your Christmas tree look extraordinary, decorate it with rabbit clock, glittery teapots and cups, cards, hearts, butterflies, little dolls and flamingos. Aqua blue, silver, pink, and purple will add that whimsical quotient to the overall look. To indulge the sweet tooth of guests, offer Christmas candies and drinks with “Eat me” and “Drink me” labels. To heighten the effect, put signs at the entrance saying, turn left, this way, that way, up, and down. As for costumes, white rabbit, Cheshire cat and Mad Hatter with a Santa hat are great options. Incorporate magicians and mind readers to keep the party entertaining for all.

Christmas Carol Karaoke
You may not like carollers knocking your door at Xmas night, but there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy singing out loud “All I want for Christmas is you”. This festive season, plan a carol karaoke night. Either hire a karaoke bar in London or invest in a jukebox. Consider sticking to the theme when choosing your playlist. It can be more fun than a movie marathon if planned properly. Choose songs keeping different age groups in mind.

Candy Land Inspired Christmas
Candy Land Inspired Christmas

Candy Land Christmas
Giant lollipops lining the path, large candies suspended from the ceiling, and candy canes creating an arch at the entrance, a candy land theme really takes things up a notch. And not to mention, it’s always a favourite amongst kids. Hire someone to play Candy Fairy who’ll greet the kids at the entrance. Candy striped linens, little bowls of bonbons, and a candy Christmas tree, who doesn’t love a candy land. A candy land wouldn’t be complete without a candy bar. Hire glass jars in different shapes and fill them with different types of sweeties. Hang streamers and sprinkle glitter around the jars to add glamour and fill the gaps.

Dickensian Christmas
For a quintessentially British Christmas, nothing offers better inspiration than “A Christmas Carol”, Dickens’ novella that revived the holiday spirit in England. Conjure up a fun classic Christmas party but with twisty costumes like Street Urchin Magicians, pickpockets, Victorian carollers, and the Ghost of Christmas Past Present and Future.

Even if you’ve chosen a usual theme like Santa Grottos, cookie exchange, movie night, gift wrapping, or a cocktail party, make sure to add these little décor details to create a festive vibe.

Trees beyond Red and Green

Christmas Tree beyond Red and Green
Christmas Tree beyond Red and Green

A Christmas tree doesn’t have to be a traditional red, green, and gold one. Get your creative horses racing and think of unusual ways to decorate it to make it the centre of attractions.

White as a Feather

A whimsical white feather tree decorated with silver and grey ornaments will give a lovely modern twist to your traditional affair. Decorate the tree with silver baubles, white owls, stars, moon, snowflakes, silver ribbon, icicles, and twinkling white lights. It will wonderfully reflect the wintry weather outside.


Keep the colour scheme limited to rich hues like brown, gold, bronze, and metallic. A rustic lantern hung above the tree will cast its glow over the evergreen tree, creating an overwhelming look. Adorn the tree with twinkling gold fairy lights and ornaments, proving that even the most trivial pieces can be used in a beautiful fashion. Wooden basket and Cornucopia ornaments, faux fall leaves, golden brown ribbon, pinecones, and raffia bows will add that rustic touch you’re looking for.

Modern Glamour

For a fun, edgy twist, cover a white tree with burst of lime green or peacock blue coupled with silver for a dramatic effect. Feathers are optional but if added, will make it look even more whimsical, modern, and cool. A weathered urn or a crystal clear vase will make a perfect base.

Alternative Christmas Trees
Alternative Christmas Trees

Alternative Christmas Trees
To create something extraordinary, you have to go out of the ordinary. Just follow your instincts and you will come up with an unusual tree that guests will keep wowing at. From books and cushions to champagne bottles and ties, anything can be used to create an unexpected tree with a personal touch.

Think Pink

Get the kids excited with a pink Christmas tree. This unexpected treat will surely transform the overall look of the room. Adorn it with aqua blue, pink, silver, and gold ornaments, pearl garlands, organza ribbon knots, and fairy dolls.

Table Centrepieces

Only festive glitter and candles are not going to make that perfect holiday tablescape. You need offbeat centrepieces to complement the look. Here are some festive ideas you’ll fall in love with.

Ornamental Table Centerpieces
Ornamental Table Centerpieces

Your Christmas ornaments can be turned into magical centrepieces with a little bit of creativity. Put differently coloured ornaments in different glass jars orfasten sticks to the baubles, and put them in a glass jar filled with glitter. Or you can even glue red ornaments on top of tall vases. Probabilities are endless.

Snow Globe Inspiration
To bring the festive wintry charm inside, hire or purchase snow globe inspired centrepieces with Santa, snowflake, or a mini Xmas tree scene inside. This will definitely add that wow factor to your décor.

Mini Christmas Tree
Mini Christmas Tree

Mini Xmas Trees
Create tree shaped centrepieces. It sounds difficult but is super easy. All you have to do is purchase Styrofoam cones that you can easily find at any craft store. Spread glue all over it and then sprinkle coloured glitter on it. Once dry, glue a Silver Star or snowflake ornament on top of it. Crafting the mini Xmas trees displayed in the image is easier than you can imagine. And they make wonderful centrepieces for your festive table too.

Christmas Lights
Christmas Lights

Lights It Up
Arrange twinkling coloured fairy lights under decorative glass cloche shaped like a bell. Watch the eyes glow as you have the delectable Xmas dinner. The bell shaped cloche will keep the chiming spirit of Christmas alive in the party whilst creating an intimate aura.

Christmas Candles
Nothing can match the charm and intimacy that candles bring to the ambience. Place a bunch of candles in jewel tones surrounded with ornaments and glitter and your festive centrepieces are ready.

Little Things that Count

Only trees and centrepieces are not going to help you evoke the theme. Here are little décor details that will assist you set that magical aura.

Lanterns: Lanterns are not just for summer parties. Tie ornaments and pretty bow and ribbon onto red and white paper lanterns.

Napkin Rings:Tie a glitter snowflake to a decorative ribbon to make a napkin ring.

Lighting: Lighting can transform the whole look. Make sure to decorate the banisters and railings at the entrance with twinkling fairy lights.

Ribbons: Use ribbons wherever you can. Tie them behind chairs, around candle stems, wine glasses, and of course tree.

Hope these décor ideas will infuse the magic of Christmas into your home or party venue. Please share your thoughts and more décor ideas in the comments below.


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    • zeusspeak profile image

      Celina Martin 4 years ago from London

      Thanks a lot peachpurple. I also found beer bottle tree very attractive and fun! Will try to gather as many bottles as i can this year ;-)

    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 4 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      i love the beer bottle christmas tree, very unique and the color matched very well. I also love the candyland decoration too. Lots of unique idea that can save lots of money. Thumbs up