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Unusual Christmas Gift Ideas

Updated on October 29, 2011

Unusual Christmas Gift Ideas

So, I was thinking it might be nice to do something different for my mom for Christmas this year, and I started coming up with ideas... and then I couldn't stop, so I started writing articles so I could "unpack" my ideas since my head is so full of them! :)

I'll split this article into sections - addressing unusual gifts for various members of the family.

Enjoy! :)


Unusual Gift Ideas for Moms

I believe that most moms (I'm a mom myself too :) ) value feelings, memories and affection above all else. So my ideas for Christmas gifts for moms take this into account:

* Buy mom a new diary, but before you wrap it, write something on each page that you love and/or appreciate about your mom so that as she comes to each page she will receive a gift from you - your love and appreciation. This means she gets a gift from you every day of the year. :)

* Print out the lyrics to her favorite song - or a song that has a message from you to her. Sign the bottom of the page with love from you, and present it to her in a beautiful frame. You could use a musical frame and program it with the song if you like.

* Get your mom an mp3 player, and load onto it, before you wrap it, songs that mean a lot to her, or that mean a lot coming from you.


Unusual Christmas Gifts for Dads

Sometimes it's not the gift itself that's unusual, but the way in which you present it. Here are a few ideas for giving dad "ordinary" gifts in unusual and fun ways:

* Buy Dad a bath robe: In one pocket place a book or DVD of his favorite sport, in the other pocket place a can of his favorite drink. You could add, or substitute with: tickets to a sporting event, a pair of socks with his favorite team printed on them, or a Kindle loaded with a couple of books you know he'd enjoy.

* Borrow his car, and have it fitted with a new stereo - return it with a bow on the dashboard and his favorite band playing in the new sound system.

* Get him a month's supply of his favorite beverage, snacks, and an mp3 player loaded with some of his favorite music. Wrap it all in a hammock. You could add a cap and sunglasses as well if you like. :)

Unusual Christmas Gift Ideas for Sisters

I find my sister is the easiest person to buy gifts for - there's so much she likes and I actually have to contain myself while doing Christmas shopping, to make sure I don't come back with only gifts for her lol. :)

Of course, everyone's sister is different, so I'm going to make these ideas fairly generic. But hopefully once you've read through these, even if they're not suitable for your sister, they'll get your mind going for more unusual gift ideas :)

* If she likes to read, and she doesn't yet have a Kindle, cut the center of the pages out of a large old book, making a compartment big enough to fit the Kindle in. Place the Kindle into the hole and wrap the book. Watch her face when she opens the book ;)

* Buy a photo album, and fill it with photos from when you were kids. Add any memorabilia you may have from your childhood.

* If she has children, arrange a date (without telling her) when you'll have her children to stay; then book two tickets for her for a movie or show or concert you know she'd love to attend with her partner or a friend. Buy a small bath hamper, add the tickets, a little bottle of wine (or whatever she likes), and a few special chocolates.

Unusual Gift Ideas for Brothers

I'm lucky enough to have a brother as well as a sister. My brother has a lot of interesting hobbies, so he's quite easy to buy for if I'm getting him books or dvds etc. related to his interests. But here are a few extra ideas, for those who want to do something different for their brother:

* If he's single, create vouchers that entitle him to having chores done for him that you know he doesn't like (or plain doesn't do), and that you wouldn't mind doing. Cleaning the house, doing laundry, cooking for a dinner party, shopping, ironing... you get the idea. I guarantee he'll value that gift above many material gifts! :)

* Borrow his car and have it fully and thoroughly cleaned, inside and out, before returning it to him with a bow on the dashboard.

* If he has children, arrange to have his children stay with you for a weekend (without telling him), then book tickets for him for a sporting event you know he really wants to attend, wrap them in a jersey or cap from the team he supports.

Unusual Christmas Gifts for Boyfriends and Husbands

Here are a few ideas for unusual gift ideas for him for Christmas this year:

* Buy him a new shirt, and before you wrap it, place into the pocket, a pair of tickets to somewhere you know he'd like to go.

* Buy some sexy lingerie for yourself that you know he'll love. Put a bottle of champagne or wine in an ice bucket, fill two wine glasses with fresh strawberries with whipped cream on top, and make a sign that says something like "For ...... (insert his name of course) Happy Christmas with love from ......." Put a Christmas bow in your hair. Then have a friend take a photo of you in the lingerie (or use a timer camera - or it might work if you take the photo yourself in front of a mirror), with the ice bucket, champagne, strawberries etc, and holding the sign. Then, wrap the lingerie with a copy of the photo inside it, and place it under the tree. Keep the champagne, strawberries etc. for later. :)

* Buy him a new sweater. Place inside the sweater, a dvd you know he'll love, along with a pair of slippers, a can of something he likes to drink, a bag of snacks he likes, and the remote control ;)

Unusual Christmas Gifts for Girlfriends and Wives

To make your girlfriend or wife feel extra special this Christmas (or for her birthday, Valentine's or your anniversary), here are a few ideas that will melt her heart:

* Buy a digital musical photo frame, program it with a selection of photos of the two of you together, along with music that means a lot to you as a couple - your special song, or songs that say how you feel about her.

* Buy her a personalized jewelry box, and place into it, either a piece of jewelry you know she'll love, or tickets to somewhere you know she's been wanting to go.

* Have a photo of her printed (one in which you know she thinks she looks good), and print over the top of it a list of all the things you love about her - adjectives that you feel describe her - and then frame it.

What's the Most Unusual Gift You've Ever Received?

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    • Better Yourself profile image

      Better Yourself 

      6 years ago from North Carolina

      Great hub! I love your ideas - especially the journal for mom with notes of things you love. I'm already ready to start working on Christmas gifts since I have a big family. Thanks for sharing your ideas!

    • htodd profile image


      7 years ago from United States

      Thanks nice post!

    • lifeboost profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from United Kingdom

      Ah, Ambassadornchains, that's so wonderful to hear!! I'm so glad you've found it useful! :)

    • ambassadornchains profile image


      7 years ago

      This is a GREAT hub! I absolutely love it!! I will definitely be using a couple of these ideas! =) I love the Kindle idea. My sister is a scientist so, naturally, she does a LOT of reading/research and I think she would LOVE that!! And the thought of getting an old book as a fun trick to hide it in is so creative! I love it!! I know my boyfriend's mom would absolutely LOVE that diary idea. I've been trying to think of something special to give them for so long!! This just made my day! =))


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