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Unusual Party Celebration With Rare Ideas and Scenarios

Updated on December 30, 2013

Unusual Party Celebration With Rare Ideas and Scenarios

Unusual parties in London are a part and parcel of its culture, which has a bent for rare and weird celebrations. We all celebrate birthdays, weddings, special occasions and events in our way. But if you have the urge to celebrate differently and be out for the crowd, then you must be looking for unusual venues in London. There are a lot of venues in this city, which have been created for people trying to move beyond the stereotypes. For such a celebration, pick some rare ideas, and plan with an expert’s eye.

Some Great Unusual Party Ideas

Some great unusual party ideas are the factors that primarily pull the partiers. So it makes it unavoidable for a host to spend good time on planning for the theme. Leave out what you had thought 3 or 4 years back in the year for this party. It is 3-4 years ahead. And there are lot many ideas to be realised. Fond out some amazing vaudeville ideas for an unusual party in London:

A Surprise Party:

Unusual parties, when dedicated to an individual would be a great idea. It is hard for the person to get the things undercover known, if it is planned at an unusual venue. So plan next surprise party at an unusual party venue in London.

Topsy Turvy Theme:

Topsy Turvy party can be planned with everything planned way opposite from the usual. Serve sweets before the dinner, and cal upon your guests in a different way than the usual. How about an invitation that is read front to back?

A Christmas or a New Year in Summer

Well, we all wait for it through the year. How if we just jumped months before, to make you jolly? It is much more fun to celebrate it with an amazing summer party in the summer season when everyone is least expecting it, and rather waiting on it.

Caught Through the Day Theme:

How about a caught through the day theme? Get stuck at your venue with its doors shut tightly, letting no one go away. It could be just the theme to start the guests. But remember you can not hold your guests against their wish. So better to inform them of the duration they will be held in, for a freak’s party.

Venues with a Difference, in the Panorama Of London
Venues with a Difference, in the Panorama Of London

Picking Up The Right Unusual Venues

Unusual parties are not about picking up a party theme at planned at any unusual party venue. It is important to match this unusual party venue with theme you have picked with. There are some amazing venue sin London which would be befitting for your theme.

On Float Venues:

On float venues can be very useful to make even a usual celebration special. Think of a barbeque party on the deck of an on float venue or rather an evening celebration of anniversary. Find few more such parties on venues like HMS Belfast or HSQ Wellington.

Skyhigh Venues

There are several venues for which sky is the limit. Hire one of these venues in London and have the best time in the city. Choose the most happening and panoramic view from the top of a venue. Such a venue would be a perfect match for a topsy turvy party, bringing a perfect illusion.

London Attractions

There are a few London attractions that make for the perfect and most happening party in the city. Think about the venues like Tower of London, or the Tower Bridge. Both of these venues would serve as a perfect base for a thriving unusual party in London.

These unusual party ideas coupled with even more unusual venues will create a magical aura at your party in London. Choose the best combination from the options given above and have fun.


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