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Unusual and secret places to visit in Bangkok!

Updated on November 30, 2011

What to do in Bangkok?

Bankok is a city rich of history, style and personality, and there is almost no business that does not exist or can thrive in Bangkok. Below are some unusual places you must check out when you're in Bankok.

Mansion 7

If you're looking to see something in Bangkok that you simply can not find anywhere else in Thailand, this is the place for you! Mansion 7 is a celebrity owned shopping mall and food place, but with a twist: It is designed as a haunted mansion. You will be greeted by strange sounds mixed with house music, a scary claw and a stunning blood-red moon. In the shopping center you will find a range of shops and also a giant haunted house called Dark Mansion. This 170 million baht project was set up by the Thai actress Chris Horwang, film director Yuthlert Sippapak and DJ / actress Opal. This place is well worth a visit and aims to establish itself as a new drinking place in Bangkok.

Lumpini Park

Lumpini Park is a well known landmark in Bangkok, but its events and content may be less known. For example, the huge lizards and songs by the water. This beautiful park is also an outdoor gym, a school, a radio station and a pavilion. Spending a day at Lumpini Park could give poetry readings, backwards jogging, Tai Chi or Yoga. Lumpini Park is truly one of the best and most beautiful places to relax in a busy city like Bangkok.


Sirocco is a truly amazing place to visit and is a luxury restaurant on the 63rd floor. Sirocco not only offer luxurious cocktails and good food but also a fantastic view of Bangkok. Do you remember the opening scene in Hangover 2? This is where the first and the last scenes in the movie was filmed.


Amphawa is a completely different experience in Bangkok and is located just outside of the northwestern Gulf of Bangkok. Amphawa is an area that follows the river and all the houses are built on stilts. It is popular to buy from small boats that sell food and to look at the beautiful surroundings and nature. But the main attraction is the millions of fireflies that makes the already beautiful surroundings sparkly at night.

Bangkok Planetarium

On Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok Planetarium, the oldest planetarium in Thailand is located. In addition to the planetarium there is also a museum that has permanent exhibits on astronomy, which is pretty amazing.

Wine Pub

The Wine Pub is cool pub that specializes in wines. The pub is located in Pullman, and literally has an encyclopedic list of the wines. The Wine Pub has great good food and lots of delicacies such as cheeses, salamis, and hams from around the world. For endless tapas and a bottle of wine, you pay about 900 baht, but if you visit the pub on the last Friday of the month, it's wine tasting with accompanying dishes for only 90 Baht.

Toh Deaw

Toh Deaw means in Thai, "a table". This conceptual restaurant located in Chinatown and has only one table, where the chef decides what to eat. There are eight seats around the table and the whole idea is that visitors will meet new people, enjoy good food and interesting conversations.

Fantasia Lagoon

Another ingenious Thai combination of random activity is Fantasia Lagoon. Situated on top of a shopping mall, where you can spend a family day at one place. After a day of shopping and good food, enjoy jumping in and out of swimming pools, whirlpools and water slides at the head of a department store with amazing views of Bangkok.

Wonder World Fun Park

Wonder World Fun Park is a water park, and a crazy one! In addition to the usual water park is also a rodeo bull, a crazy bus, a ball house, a Ferris wheel and even the infamous tower Shot Tower, which suspends riders before they fall down with a bang in the water again.

Bangkok's choice of bizarre attractions is really unmatched. Let’s hope Bangkok will continue to evolve and invent any number of random brilliant business project to fascinate the world trotters for decades to come.


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    • JT Walters profile image

      JT Walters 6 years ago from Florida


      Bangkok looks like a lot of fun.


    • lejonkung profile image

      lejonkung 6 years ago

      Great! Have a really nice trip!

    • Steve LePoidevin profile image

      Steve LePoidevin 6 years ago from Thailand

      Fun stuff to see! We will be in Bangkok again in a couple of months so will have to check some of these things out.