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Unusual, best and unique gift idea for parents for their 50th marriage anniversary

Updated on July 12, 2012

Your parent's 50th wedding anniversary is fast approaching and you haven't still finalized the gift that you are going to give them. You are all exited and nervous at the same time. If this is the situation with you, don't worry. In this hub, I will try to give some gift ideas which are usual and unique and will definitely bring a smile on your parent's face.

Some of these ideas are cheap and easy to get however some of then are expensive. For the expensive one, you may need to save and plan in advance for 3-4 months.

So here goes the ideas list:

Cruise vacation
Cruise vacation

1. All expense paid vacation

Your parents spend all their life upbringing you and hardly got a chance to spend quality time together. So if you can sponsor an all expense paid holidays for your parent, it will give them a chance to spend some time together away from all their duties and worries to fall in love again. Since a vacation plan is bit expensive, so you will need to plan in advance so that you get the best deal for them.

Apart from that, you can share the plan with your other family members with letting you parents know about it. All other family member can contribute to the cost of holiday and then give your parents a surprise. Holiday plans can be a cruise holiday, or holiday in a beach resort.

2. Make a video of their beautiful moments

It will be good idea to create a video of their life best moment so that they can have a smile on their faces. If you had recorded some videos in the part of their earlier anniversaries, birthdays holidays or family function, you can add all of them and create a video. There are many video making software available online. Additionally you can add some of their favorite songs to the video. If you are short of previous videos, you can add their photos to the video.

3. Make a photo album

If you dont have any video for above idea no.2 of if you don't have knowledge about making videos for any reason, you can move back to good old days of making photo albums. You have choose and select some of your parent's most cherished pics and prepare a album which lot of personalized messages. For example, for each pic you can give a short story about when it was taken and details about that trip, holiday or occasion. It will bring back memories of those moments and definitely make every one in your family laugh.

Watch set
Watch set

4. Custom made wrist watches set

I have seen few of my friends giving this gift to their parents on their anniversary. You can buy custom made watches with special messages engraved on the dial. You can also have their pictures on dial or their names and anniversary dated engraved on the back of the watch. There are numerous way in which you can get the watches customized for the gift. You parents will be very happy to get such personalized gift on their anniversary. You can order such watches from

wedding ring set
wedding ring set

5. Wedding rings set

This is a fantastic idea to present them the wedding rings set on their anniversary and give them a chance to exchange the rings again and repeat their wedding promises. You can also get them engraved with special messages like 50th marriage anniversary etc. Just imagine when they are dressed in the wedding dresses and exchanging rings in front of all friends and family, it would be great experience of your life. You can order your personalized wedding rings at

6. Gold and Silver coin set

This is also a unique gift idea which I got from one of my friend who recently presented his parents with a set of gold coins specially made for their 25th anniversary. Presenting gold coins serves the dual purpose of gift as well as a good investment for them for later years. You can engrave their names and anniversary message on the gold coins.

7. Bonsai Tree

Bonsai tree brings with them peace and happiness in the house. Also, if your parents have hobby of gardening then its a perfect gift for them. You can buy Bonsai tree in UK at


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