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What to do with Newspaper this Christmas Season?

Updated on December 13, 2012

No need to Buy Gifts and other things for Holiday Season

Whether we do it intentionally or not, most of households collect a lot of newspapers. Most of the time, this things eat up space in our home. With this reason in mind, I decided to research on how to make use of newspaper for Christmas season instead of throwing it to the bin.. Based of my research, we can use newspapers to lessen the cost of buying things like gift wrap, gift, garland, gift basket, decor, and other things related to Christmas.

Here are some easy and not so easy ways to make use of newspaper this holiday season:

1) Gift wrapper

We all know that newspaper can be used for wrapping things. To be able to convey the message of Christmas, we can wrap our gifts using newspaper and give a touch of the season by putting a ribbon. Here are some variations of wrapping our gifts.


2) Garland

We can use newspaper as a garland too. The beauty of newspaper garland will depend on our preferences. The creative you are, the beautiful and festive the garland will appear. Here are some designs:


3) Gift

We can make use of some other materials and newspaper to make an item that we can give to our loved ones. Here are some examples:


4) Gift Basket

Most of the groceries or mall sells basket with food inside it. Fruits, chocolates and other grocery items are the usual content of it. We all know that arranged/packed items with basket are expensive. To save money, we can make basket and design it accordingly.


5) Decor

Every Christmas, we want to make sure that our home is filled with nice decors. Using newspaper as decor can be one of your option.

I know that these things consume time but its worth it. We can save money, we can save Mother Earth and we can fill the holiday season with love by spending time and effort to do things for our loved ones and guests who will visit our home during the season.

Note: There are a lot of channel in youtube that teaches how to do things that I wrote here. Just check them out using the keyword how to make newspaper... decor/bags/basket.

Tips: If we can't do it for this coming Christmas, we can start next year and make it habit to spend at least an hour to do things which you think needs a lot of time to finish.


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    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 5 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      wow, great ideas to recycle the newspaper into useful items. Great hub

    • jule729 profile image

      Julie Hementera-Agato 5 years ago

      Hi Tina Truelove,

      Thanks for your comment. Hopefully by the end of the season I can show some pictures on how these newspapers help me save money this season.

      Thanks again!

    • profile image

      Tina Truelove 5 years ago

      I found this very interesting. Thank you for the ideas!