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V for Vendetta Costumes

Updated on October 28, 2011

Find some of the best V for Vendetta Costumes and dress up as the Hero of the People, the fighter of Freedom, and the literary crusader, V!

One of my all time favorite movies has to be V for Vendetta. It provides an amazing social commentary on how governments control us, and how we should fight for freedom. For this reason my favorite Halloween costume idea this year had to be the legendary V.

A V for Vendetta costume is possible to create yourself, but the good news is that you can also find them fairly cheaply on eBay and Amazon (We will give you some price comparissons later so you get the best deal!). These complete V for Vendetta costume kits will have everything you need to look just like V himself!

But lets go in to a little more detail on what makes the best V for Vendetta costume!

V for Vendetta Costume Kit
V for Vendetta Costume Kit

What you Want for a V For Vendetta Costume

The best V for Vendetta costume kit needs to make you look just like the leader of the rebellion, V. This means that the kit you buy should contain all these things, so make sure you check before you buy!

  • Hat - V's Distinctive Hat is a must!
  • Mask - The mask that obscures the hidden face of V.
  • Wig - Some masks and/or hats have V's wig built in. It's not 100% compulsory, but you really need it if you want to look right!
  • Cape - In my opinion every Halloween costume should have a cape, ad you need it to look like V!
  • Clothes and Gloves - A lot of people improvise for this part of the V for Vendetta costume. But plenty of costume kits come with the gloves, the black clothes, and the belt!
  • Knives and their Holster - V's talent was with his knives, the kit doesn't come with the talent, but it does come with the holster!

How Much is a V for Vendeta Costume kit?

The price for a full V for Vendetta costume kit depends a lot on the quality you want. Cheaper kits are often just that, although you don't always need a really good looking V for Vendetta costume if you are mostly going to be in the dark, and will only use the costume for one night!

A lot of people improvise and maybe get a high quality V for Vendetta mask, but fashion the rest of the outfit themselves!


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