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Valentine Craft Ideas with Kids

Updated on March 9, 2014

Getting Started

Kids love to get involved in any kind of craft activity. It could be a simple paper cut-out, making Valentine cookies or creating an elaborate project with many parts. They’re usually up for anything. It’s up to you to provide some fun ideas to get them started.

But other than a doily heart or a paper card, what can you do to make something really different this year? You don’t want it to be too hard, but you want it to look nice so they can be proud of what they have created.

If you like to craft with kids, Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity. It’s easy to make heart shaped trinkets like necklaces, bracelets, and earrings out of clay. These lovely hand formed jewelry pieces will be as individual as your children are.


Valentine Jewelry

Get some Fimo or Sculpey clay at the craft store in red and white.

Of course, you can use other colors, too, if you like but these are generally Valentine’s Day colors. If there is a favorite color or some other motive, try that too!

You’ll also need some cord or string that is sturdy and not too thin. White shoe laces will work well if they are long enough. Wire is also a choice for necklaces and is sold at craft stores for this purpose.

These are all great for making some awesome personalized jewelry!



Make hearts out of the clay. Use the red clay to make one big heart for the center of the necklace. Use the white clay to make smaller hearts, birds or other shapes for around the necklace. Depending on how many you want on your necklace, you can make just three beads or enough to go all the way around.

Poke a hole all the way through each bead with a skewer. Make sure the hole will be big enough for the lace or string to go through. Always make the hole before baking the clay as you will not be able to make it after. Bake the clay according to the package directions. String the beads on the necklace when they are cool. Tie the necklace ends and wear!

This is a fun project to do with daycare students so they have something to give mom for Valentine’s Day. Or, if you’re a dad, have your kids make this for their mom for the big day. It requires few supplies and even the smallest kids can get involved in rolling the clay and making it into balls.

Earrings & Bracelets

You can also make bracelets or earrings with clay. At a craft store in the jewelry aisle, you will find metal parts to complete bracelets and earrings. They are usually right next to the beads and come in silver and gold tones. This can add a very upscale feel to any craft.

Shellac also works well on clay beads. So if you want to shellac your beads, buy a product designed for clay and then coat them per the instructions on the bottle.

You’ll need to do it before you string the beads on any necklace or other piece of jewelry.

Lasting Impressions

Your children’s homemade Valentine's Day gifts will be treasures forever. You’ll look back and remember the fun you had making each piece. And the clay will last and last. Unlike play dough type clays, the store bought professional clays are designed to last forever once they are baked.


What type of Valentine's gift would you prefer?

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    • Celebrates profile image

      Celebrates 3 years ago

      Great ideas for Valentine’s Day crafts for children.