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Valentine Gifts For Husbands

Updated on January 23, 2016

Valentine Gifts For Husbands: What To Get

Getting a Valentines gift for your husband can be challenging. While you probably know him better than any of the boyfriends you ever had, you won't get as many points just for getting one since who else would be his Valentine???

Also, if you are like me, you probably have some acts to follow. I have 24 acts to follow so each year I need to be a little more creative than just a box of heart shaped Valentines candy from the local store.

I think that Valentines is at a time of the year when we are not really feeling that romantic naturally, so we need an extra boost from the holiday to help us out.

If you want to go all out you can buy a fancy watch or some men's jewelry, but most likely you are looking for a reasonable priced gift in the range of $10 - $50. Flowers and chocolates are OK, but most men probably consider this a girl gift.

Don't buy him something that says he needs improving, like a fit bit or a gym membership. Get him something that he would like, that will make his life better, or that will spice up your romantic life.

Valentines Gifts For Husband You Can Buy

One way to go is to buy a Valentines gift for your husband. I definitely recommend creating a separate "allowance" in your budget so that the two of you can spend money without consulting each other. My husband and I set aside 5% of our take home pay for each of us to spend how we wish. I use this money, as does he, to him gifts. In fact, we started this system so that he could buy me a belated (15 years!) engagement ring for Valentines one year. Most importantly, it really cuts down on the number of arguments per year that we have over money. What better Valentines present could you give yourself and him than less fights?!

Here are some simple Valentines gifts that you can buy at stores or online:

  • Heart Themed Crystal Champagne Glasses for 2
  • Heart Themed garments such as heart patterned boxers and scarves
  • Kama Sutra massage oils
  • Lingerie for you but really for him
  • Sensual items to improve your love life (wink wink, you know what I mean, let's just leave it at that)
  • An Uber gift card so you can go out on the town dancing together or for a romantic dinner for 2
  • A day for two gift certificate to a local hot springs resort
  • An ad in your favorite newspaper's classifieds telling the world how much you still love him (OK now I am dating myself...probably can't even do this anymore)
  • A romantic DVD movie that you know he will like
  • Musk scented massage oil
  • A bottle of his favorite cologne
  • A book of poetry if he is the literary type
  • A gift relating to a hobby of his that you usually object to him doing because it takes time away from you, like a new video game.
  • Small gifts delivered all week before Valentines by various friends and family from you
  • A mirror for your bedroom

Valentines Gifts For Husbands You Can Make

  • A heart themed small scrap book with photos of some of your most romantic moments; honey moon, when you met, marriage, anniversary, vacation
  • A nicely framed photo of you and him for the office
  • His favorite cake shaped like a heart
  • A handmade Valentines card
  • Handmade gift certificates for romantic services by you such as massages
  • A picnic basket with his favorite shelf stable gourmet foods for a romantic picnic outdoors or inside if you live North
  • A sign for your front window telling the world that you are his Valentine
  • His favorite dinner for two
  • A painted candle with hearts and a mushy saying
  • If you are parents, a gift card to babysit for him so he can go out with his friends
  • A homemade gift card that says you will do all his chores for a week

I hope this list got you off to a good start for a successful Valentines day with your husband.

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