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Valentine's 2012 Gifts for the Woman in your Life

Updated on January 17, 2012

I dread Valentine's Day each year. Not because I'm single or alone, but because I feel men everywhere (mine included!) have a misconception of what they have to get the woman in their life on this big day. Personally, I would be happy with a card, and to be honest have never enjoyed the whole premise of buying roses, candies, and stuffed animals. The roses die, the candy makes me fat, and I'm just too plain old for stuffed animals, which I always feel guilty about throwing away. I also love jewelry, but only if I pick it out. So each Valentine's Day I've spent with my honey has been a flop, except for the one where he actually took my advice and just bought me a card that said he loved me. I was happy that year. Keep in mind, I realize not all women are like me, but for the men reading this, if you think your woman is, I've scoured for some neat little gifts that will show you love her without being too cliche, and you may get brownie points for originality!


My first little discovery were these absolutely adorable his-and-hers coffee cups, there are a few different designs, and I definitely wish my honey would buy me a set of these. I can imagine drinking my morning coffee, and remembering why I love him so much. For $27.99, they're worth it to warm your sweetie's heart.


I am a complete sucker for caricatures, I don't know what I find so fascinating about them, they are just so fun.

These are hand-painted for only $79.99. A little more pricey than a cheap box of chocolates, but something she'll never forget.


Now, these little devils are always fun! What woman wouldn't enjoy trading vouchers for her desires at her own whim? Personally, I would prefer the household ones over the sexual ones, but we'll hope your darling is feeling romantic.

These are only $9.95 for 12 coupons, with the front being personalized with a one-line message of your choice. This is a winner in my book.


Practical, and just so sweet, the Warmth of Love Personalized Blanket would make a great Valentine's gift. I know throw blankets are used a lot around my home, and how nice would it be to get a little reminder of how much you are loved each time to drape it over yourself? Gentlemen, treat your ladies to that. These are embroidered with any two names or initials, and I must say micro fleece is one of the softest materials, you could snuggle under it for days.


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