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Valentines Crafts You Can Make

Updated on November 16, 2016

Are you looking for the perfect valentine craft you can make for your sweetheart or with your kids?

1. Ipod Candy Box

This is an excellent valentines craft idea for making unique cards/candy boxes for older boys and girls or the music lover who has a special place in your heart. Make an ipod out of paper, foil and string and fill it with candy! I give this one 5 stars!

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2. DIY Valentines Mirror

Supplies Needed:

Wooden Framed Mirror
Paper Hearts (make your own or cut from cards)
non-toxic Paint
Paint Brush
Elmer's Glue

Decorate the wooden frame of the mirror using paint or by gluing paper hearts to the frame. Paint a favorite love quote on the top of bottom of the mirror. Voila'! You have a very special and easy valentines gift for a very special valentine. This website has some sweet quotes about love for you to pick from.

3. Seed Starter Valentine

Are your kids fascinated by the process of planting and growing? This sweet valentine's day craft is very green and would make a fun valentine's day card for your kids to hand out in class. Martha Stewart, my craft idol, has come up with a brilliantly simple and fun valentine's craft for green thumbs of all ages.

4. Homemade Bath Salts

Spa gifts are always a wonderful way to tell your special valentine you care and think they deserve to relax. This is a simple and inexpensive treat to make and you can easily make a large quantity of these to give out as little gifts for friends and family.

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