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Valentine's Day Teddy Bears, Hearts and Flowers in ASCII Text Art

Updated on January 21, 2017

Happy hearts and flowers day.

People can have some pretty mixed and mixed up emotions about Valentine's Day. Lost or absent loves, broken hearts, new loves, and of course, the lucky ones who are happy and passionately in love. Some of us are alone this Valentine's Day. Some of us are happy to not be alone, we have family friends and maybe lovers too.

If you are alone for Valentine's Day don't take for granted your friends and family. The people who are here for you and with you now. Instead of feeling gloomy and let down, do something with a friend. Go out to a movie, out for dinner, out for a drive, something you can enjoy. Don't feel you have to impress the world by having a romantic relationship. The world has their own problems to deal with and is remarkably not as interested in you as you might like to think.

When you really are alone for Valentine's Day, pamper yourself. Treat yourself to some kind of luxury, buy yourself flowers, chocolates or take yourself out somewhere you have wanted to go but didn't think you should spend the time or money on. How about the theatre? Maybe an overnight stay in a fancy bed and breakfast or the high floors of a downtown hotel. Take a weekend or day trip to some historical location. Or go to a spa and pay someone to treat you like a star.

For those who are half of a couple and need some ideas... be less predictable. No vacuum cleaners, chocolates, ties or socks, this year be original. If you've been paying attention you already know what your partner would really like. There is something they have talked about, something they would really like but can't or have not done for themselves for some reason. Be practical and sensible but use your imagination too. A pet bunny may look cute and she may even like it... but what do you do with a rabbit after Valentine's Day when it needs to be fed, cleaned and kept somewhere.

My own ASCII art created for Valentine's Day.
My own ASCII art created for Valentine's Day. | Source


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