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Valentine’s Day Advice and Valentine’s Day Ideas for All

Updated on February 5, 2014
Valentine's Day Flowers
Valentine's Day Flowers | Source

If you stuck around after my History of Valentine’s Day hub, then I love you <3. Pushing the cheesiest aside, here is my guide and advice to all the single, dating, married and in betweens out there celebrating Valentine’s Day.

She is reading her bill, not a Valentine's card, All the Single Ladies
She is reading her bill, not a Valentine's card, All the Single Ladies | Source

Single Relationship Status

There are two types of single people, the people that like and/or accept being single and the people that don’t. Ingrained in our culture and cultures around the world and apparently evolution, it is looked down upon and seen as a bad thing to not have a mate and not be in a relationship. Even so, sometimes whatever the reason it does not work out that way and we are left alone. Not only that but members of both sides of the single spectrum, can both dread that one day out of the year when being in a relationship is celebrated and praised and being single looked down upon as a failure. I mean it is like that a lot regardless of the day and especially for the people that hate being single.

Even so, this is more apparent on this day, yes Valentine’s Day. That one day out of the year where being single is seen worst then suffering from a heartbreak. The candy, the cards (or Facebook statuses and Twitter tweets), the flowers, and the horrible rom-com movies, that all serve as a reminder of your devalued status as single. I will stop before the tears (its all good my friend, hang in there). Whether forever single, newly single, single and happy or single and hoping, there are my tips and advice for Valentine’s Day.

You're a sweetheart!!!
You're a sweetheart!!! | Source

Valentine's Day Ideas for Single People

Treat it like a regular day (because it is). We attach meaning to things that sometimes does not apply to us. We also get caught up in these overhyped up ideas and preconceived notions. Well just stop it. Do what you normally do? Whether you read, watch TV or hang out with friends, just do it. Don’t let a define who you are

Pamper yourself. If you can’t treat it as a regular day and you are miserable and jealous, pamper yourself. Eat chocolate and sweets, while in a bubble bath. Do what you can to make the most of it. Try not to feel too sorry for yourself

Give back. Volunteer and spread love and spread through altruism. Pay it forward, give out the love you want to receive. Or just simply give.

Celebrate the ones who love you. While you are at it, giving to others, give thanks to people that you do love and love you back. Appreciate them, your parents, your friends. Make a pot luck dinner and be close to the ones you love. Valentine’s Day isn’t just for lovers and couples. It celebrates love and all forms of it. So love and continue to love.

Love is complicated
Love is complicated | Source

Its Complicated Relationship Status

For all you almost single, but hanging on types, or the unrequited love types or the long distance lovers struggling to make it work types, or even the break- up then make up types, this is for you. Life is complicated and relationships can be as complicated. The complicated types have the pleasure and heart-break of sharing feelings that maybe both in line with the single people and the people in relationships. Whether the constant feelings of misery and elation, of not knowing and being miserable.

While as, the action of being in love and at the same tine half way out of love on a constant and ever-changing basis. The freedom and intense loneliness of being single and the act of love (closest, being accepted for who you are), all rolled into one. Sometimes it’s our faults and sometimes it is not, even so, for all the its complicated out there, this is for you.

Complicated and Fabulous
Complicated and Fabulous | Source

Valentine's Day Ideas for its Complicated

Love and celebrate yourself. Similar to pampering yourself, celebrate who you are and where you have come from. Life is complicated and sometimes we get so wrapped up in situations and people that we ignore or forget who we are. Single people can do this a bit better because they are not attached and don't have to worry about the complications of shared feelings and emotions. Use this day to get in touch with yourself and to celebrate who you are.

Go out on a date. Crazy right? Even so, whether its with yourself or a friend or a friend. Let yourself get set up. Dress up and go out to dinner, and have a good time. It will get your mind off of things and allow you to feel refreshed.

Dating | Source

Dating but not in a relationship status

For all you daters, that like shop around and sample products. The people that go on dates but are not in an exclusive relationship, this one is for you

Valentine's Day Fun
Valentine's Day Fun | Source

Valentine's Day Ideas for its Dating but not Exclusive

Date and date some more. You don’t need a day to stop what you are doing, so carry on. Maybe you can try speed-dating. Maybe you can just hang out in a bar with some friends and flirt the night away.

Or do the opposite and choose not to go on a date. It seems like this doesn’t make sense, but it does. Perhaps you want to take a break for the dating game for this day/week. Stay in and have fun or go outside and participate in non-dating activities. Take a stroll Get a massage. Skype your grandma, play online monopoly, organize your closest or go online or outside and window shop. Who knows you decide?

Teddy Bears Kissing
Teddy Bears Kissing | Source

In a relationship/ Engaged/ Married

For all you committed and exclusive couples out there, I got news for you. You better not slack on Valentine’s Day. This day has been given to you and you should make the best out of it.

Don’t take things for granted. Committed folks have the tendency of getting lazy and taking things for granted when they are comfortable in a relationship. They let themselves go a bit. Not shaving (both men and women), leaving toothpaste on the sink, not flushing the toilet. etc. Well Valentine’s Day is not the day to be lazy.

Romance isn't dead
Romance isn't dead | Source

Valentine's Day Ideas for Dating/Engaged/Married

Switch it up. Committed folks tendency for comfort leads not only to laziness, but the relationship becomes stale. Like a piece of bread left out. The relationship doesn’t feel special anymore and becomes more of a boring routine. What’s the best way to get out of this comfort? Get a bit uncomfortable (in a good way) and change things up. Do something different. Go on an offbeat date (sky-diving anyone).

Spice it up. Aligned with the change it up mantra; also spice things up in the romance department. Kiss in a different way, learn and try a new position, wear a different perfume or cologne.

Get humble and be grateful. To find someone you can intimately connect with, someone who loves you, treats you right and accepts you for who you are is rare these days. Especially in a connected, but sometimes unconnected world, so cherish who and what you have.

For Families

Whether you’re just starting out, or you just happen to be in town, visiting your parents and/or siblings. Valentine’s Day doesn’t really seem like a family holiday, even so, it’s a day to celebrate love, so why not family love.

Hand-Made Valentine's Day card
Hand-Made Valentine's Day card | Source
Home-made Valentine's Day pastries for your party
Home-made Valentine's Day pastries for your party | Source

Valentine's Day Ideas for Families

Go to the movies. Especially if you have young kids, create a movie date. Get dressed up and perhaps afterwards you can go out to eat at a nice

Create hand-made Valentine’s Day cards. It’s a fun arts and crafts project that’s worth it. Create hand-made cards with your kids and exchange them. Don’t stop at just cards, make jewelry and other crafts too.

Make Valentine’s themed pastries. Bake a cake or cookies. Just remember it to make it special and pink, red are Valentine’s Day colors.

Make a Valentine’s Day Themed Party. While you’re at it, make an event out of it. Invite neighbors’ and other family members.’ Dress in red and pink. Play some music, recite a poem, dance, and exchange hand-made cards and gifts. Eat the homemade cookies, cake, and other pastries.

Love is forever
Love is forever | Source

Widowed/Divorce/ Separated

Your position is different and unique from the other types of relationships. Whether your soul mate died, or you (physically, emotionally, but without death) lost your mate to another woman or to a war, these relationships are a part of you. You carry it, and sometimes it can carry you

Love is in your Grandchildren
Love is in your Grandchildren | Source

Valentine's Day for the Widowed/Divorcee/Seperated

Cherish the love you created. Cherish your children, grandchildren, pets and all the products of this love. Be this love; don’t let life take this love from you.

Stay Positive. Life is hard and it is difficult for a lot of people to consistently be optimistic and positive. Fight the negativity with positive energy.

Make a tradition. Visit their gravesite, create a day (along with the other 264 days of the year) to honor the memories of your loved ones.

Do all of the above and live life. Pamper yourself, volunteer, switch it up, love. Just find a way to live life.


Thank you for reading I really hope this advice, suggestions and guide really helps. Enjoy your Valentine’s Day all my sexy people!!!

What will you be doing for Valentine's Day?

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    • deecoleworld profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from USA

      Thank You for this comment :) Thanks for reading :)

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      5 years ago

      I like the vintage designs.


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