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Valentine's Day By Yourself

Updated on January 26, 2011

With Valentine's Day fast approaching, people are either filled with dread, sadness, or longing anticipation.  It's no wonder that with all the fanfare that is made for this holiday of love, that Valentine's Day drives people to depressed and suicidal thoughts.  What happens when you end a relationship?  How are you supposed to cope with what you are missing out on for Valentine's Day?  Or what if you've never been in a relationship before and would like to experience all the things you've only heard about through your friends?

Well, first of all, Valentine's Day is just a day.  Life goes on, whether or not it is recognized as anything significant.  You don't have to take on the attitude of "woe is me" if you are single.  In fact, not every place in the world even celebrates the day.  There are also couples who are constantly tuned in to their relationships that they don't need a special lovey-dovey day to prove their love to each other, because they are affirmed of this in every day life.  And if not, that's what their anniversaries are for!

But if you want to celebrate Valentine's Day, and you are single, there is nothing wrong with showing how much your friends and family mean to you by sending them cheery greeting cards, or by hosting (or attending) a Valentine's Day party.  And if you don't feel like doing that, you can always take advantage of the post-holiday sales and stock up on goodies for yourself to enjoy when you want to be pampered year-round, or to treat yourself to for next year.

The biggest thing to avoid when dealing with Valentine's Day is not to dwell on any negative feelings you have on being single.  So avoid going out to a restaurant alone, and don't force yourself to watch any cheesy romantic movies that will only bring you down. 

Overall, it is good to spend your time keeping busy, so that you can focus on what you can do to make a difference in the lives of others.  Maybe volunteer at a soup kitchen or elsewhere that you can be of service.  And if you keep your mind positive, then there's no end to the many blessings you will reap, regardless of the holiday or day's events.   


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