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Valentine’s Day Date Ideas for each Zodiac Sign

Updated on February 11, 2016
Roses in the shape of a heart
Roses in the shape of a heart | Source

Valentine’s Day is almost here. Lovers are making their plans, setting reservations, ordering their flowers, buying their gifts, and making sure everything is set. Big surprises, fun and sexy nights planned. Even so, what about the perfect Valentine’s Day for each zodiac sign?

La Naissance de Venus/ Birth of Venus by Eugène-Emmanuel Amaury-Duval .. The FIRE STARE
La Naissance de Venus/ Birth of Venus by Eugène-Emmanuel Amaury-Duval .. The FIRE STARE | Source

Fire Signs: Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius

Fire Signs are dynamic, fun, energetic, passionate and fun people. They like to go on adventures and are very active.

Aries Medallion
Aries Medallion | Source

Aries Valentine's Day Date and Gifts Ideas


A perfect date will be something that allows Aries to be competitive and active. Take them indoor rock climbing, ice-skating or to a game (football, baseball, basketball, your choices are endless). Afterwards take them to a bar-type restaurant. Take them to a place where they can get drinks and eat big juicy dripping burgers. Aries don’t really care for expensive things. Even so, get them something they really want, such as a new TV set, video games, or a nice pair of shoes. Make them feel like a top dog (man or woman).

Leo Medallion
Leo Medallion | Source

Leo Valentine's Day Date and Gifts Ideas

Make your Leo feel like a star. Take them to the theater show, or a nice concert. Treat them to a dinner at a lavish expensive restaurant. Compliment them a lot. Buy them a unique and expensive present, like jewelry or a watch. A present that your Leo can show off. Also a gift that no one has ever seen before and cannot find or buy easily. Make them feel special.

Sagittarius Medallion
Sagittarius Medallion | Source

Sagittarius Valentine's Day Date and Gifts Ideas

Sagittarius likes to travel and expand themselves and surroundings. Take them on a surprise weekend getaway. Even if you can’t take them far, take them somewhere they have never seen or been to before. While there, go skiing, fishing, mountain climbing, ghost hunting, etc. Do some gambling at a casino, go to a concert, or a cool ethnic restaurant. Get them something cultural like a patterned scarf, native jewelry, or concert for a Chilean band tickets.

Venus and Amor by Hans Baldung Grien Earth Sensibilities
Venus and Amor by Hans Baldung Grien Earth Sensibilities | Source

Earth Signs: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn

Earth signs are practical, grounded, calm, and hardworking. Since they work hard, they play hard to and expect quality in things.

Taurus Medallion
Taurus Medallion | Source

Taurus Valentine's Day Date and Gifts Ideas

Taurus loves to eat and have expensive tastes. Take them out to a nice, cozy, expensive restaurant. Dress nice and be prepared to wine and dine good. Afterwards take them to a classy music place or to a nice show. Buy them something comfortable such as a sweater, shoes, or nice hat. The gift shouldn’t be cheap and should be of good quality.

Virgo Medallion
Virgo Medallion | Source

Virgo Valentine's Day Date and Gifts Ideas

Virgo loves to improve themselves and the ones around them. Take them out to nice vegan, healthy restaurant with reasonable prices. Coordinate what you are wearing in advance and make sure you are spick and span and is looking neat. Afterwards take them to a workshop such as cooking or pastry making. Buy them something they can use, like a juicer, or a couple of sessions at a fancy gym.

Capricorn Medallion
Capricorn Medallion | Source

Capricorn Valentine's Day Date and Gifts Ideas

Capricorn loves to show off their success and love activities where they feel important and accomplished. Take them to an exclusive fancy black tie- event and restaurant where they can be seen. A place where there is a dress code, a place where they can dress in their most expensive garments, and eat and drink expensively. Take them to a museum, a sports game where you are seated in the front row or to the opera. Buy them a nice watch, a beautiful Armani suit, or Prada shoes.

The Birth of Venus by Eduard Steinbrück, Airy with the Gemini Twins
The Birth of Venus by Eduard Steinbrück, Airy with the Gemini Twins | Source

Air Signs: Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius

Air signs are all about communication and learning. They enjoy good conversation above all.

Gemini Medallion
Gemini Medallion | Source

Gemini Valentine's Day Date and Gifts Ideas

Gemini likes to learn about a variety of topics, so for Valentine’s Day, do something different, something that can allow them to learn something new. Take them to a comedy workshop, an improv acting class or a class on pot-making or wood cutting. Buy them a good book, a fancy/handy electronic, guitar or language lessons.

Libra Medallion
Libra Medallion | Source

Libra Valentine's Day Date and Gifts Ideas

Libra is the socializer, the charmer of the zodiac. They love to dress nicely and socialize in a swanky environment. Take them to an art exhibition opening or a trendy bar or club. Afterwards a nice, most talked about restaurant in the trendy part of your neighborhood or city. Buy them the trendiest clothes or a book on wine-tasting.

Aquarius Medallion
Aquarius Medallion | Source

Aquarius Valentine's Day Date and Gifts Ideas

Aquarius is different and loves off-beat things and places. Take them to a convention of some sort. Treat them to their favorite Indian or Thai restaurant. Buy them the latest technologies (such as a new laptop, or iPad/tablet or eco-friendly clothing such as shoes or a shirt.

The Birth of Venus by William-Adolphe Bouguereau  Water Emotes
The Birth of Venus by William-Adolphe Bouguereau Water Emotes | Source

Water Signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Valentine’s Day was made for the water signs. Water signs are emotional, compassionate and intuitive people. They enjoy heart-felt places and things.

Cancer Medallion
Cancer Medallion | Source

Cancer Valentine's Day Date and Gifts Ideas

Cancer love family and familiar surroundings. Cook them a home cooked meal of some of their most favorite dishes. Treat them to a night in, watching their favorite movies and shows. If you choose to go out, take them to the movies, or a show that means something to them. Buy or make them something specific and heart-felt, it doesn’t have to be expensive; it should just mean something to them. Gifts such as a recipe book, a photo album with some of your favorite moments and memories together, a poem.

Scorpio Medallion
Scorpio Medallion | Source

Scorpio Valentine's Day Date and Gifts Ideas

Scorpio loves to be challenged, intellectually, physically and emotionally. They enjoy learning and seeing the other side of life. Take them to the opening of a documentary film. It has to be emotionally inspired and original. Afterwards treat them to a restaurant in a private, low key place. Buy them something thought provoking such as a documentary movie on WWII, a spell book, or a cd of their favorite band.

Pisces Medallion
Pisces Medallion | Source

Pisces Valentine's Day Date and Gifts Ideas

Pisces are elusive and are always in their own little worlds. So be a part of it. Take them to a shelter or a community play or an open mic night. Or perhaps a beach or boat ride at night. Treat them to an open air, restaurant on a boat type deal. Afterwards you can look for sea-monsters in the water. You don’t have to buy or get them anything; they’ll be perfectly fine without. If you choose to get them something perhaps collect some seashells for them, perhaps give them a turtle or some cute small animal or make them a song or a beautiful inspired painting.

Date Night
Date Night | Source

Overall Valentine’s Day is about love, and togetherness, and celebration of the people you love and who love you. Everyone has a zodiac sign and everyone likes something a bit different. By the way you don’t have to focus on their sun sign but also look at and consider most importantly their moon sign and their Venus sign. Anyway enjoy your Valentine’s Day!

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      4 years ago from USA

      Aww thank you for reading my hub? what's your sign?

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      4 years ago

      Lovely idea for an article. I must try some of these! Thank you...


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