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Valentine's Day - Electronic Gift Ideas

Updated on September 5, 2011

I know Valentine's Day is just around the corner and some people are still looking for the perfect gift. I will like to make some suggestions of gifts that can be very useful but not necessarily cheap or that affordable. You can check here for affordable and special gifts. This hub is more for generic gifts that are not so special but will definitely be well loved by the person receiving it! 

I decided to start with a gift on my wish list. I am still thinking whether or not I really, absolutely want it - but let's put it this way - if someone gave it to me.. I'd definitely love it and use it! So what am I referring to? The Kindle Wireless Reading Device. I love to read, especially romance novels, and getting this as Valentine's Day Gift will definitely make my day! It can hold up to 1,500 books and has a paper like display quality to it. What a gift!

A next suggestion is a Nintendo Wii. This I have and this I enjoy! I have the Wii Sport and I love to play the tennis and baseball. I also have a Carnival Wii Game and I like that one too, whilst my husband likes the Super Mario Galaxy game. So depending on the person you are buying a present for - this just might be the perfect Valentines Day Gift. And there's a Wii game for just about anyone!

I like the idea of a DVD movie either a single movie, a tv series or a collection. Depends on your budget but this can be a great gift. I know if someone gave me my favorite movie DVD (Stardust) I'd cherish it. I bought it for myself some time ago and I still have it! So here you will have to know the person you are buying this for - his/her movie tastes and whether or not they watch DVDs at home etc.

A digital camera! Yes this is the ultimate gift for Valentines Day! Chances are your Valentines already has one but I know many people who don't own their own cameras. I think this is a lovely gift. It helps someone make and preserve memories. I love to take pictures. And with the advent of Facebook, just about everyone likes to take photos and upload on the social networking site. Yes.. I am sure your Valentines has a Facebook profile. Now does he/she have a camera? There are many cameras on the market and they can be really affordable as well. I personally like the Panasonic Lumix camera but it all depends on the model etc.

Boze headphones. I know these are some pricey headphones but boy oh boy do I love them! I got the one that covers my ears - not to stick in my ear - and I love it. I use it on every flight that I take and its so comfy. It's well worth the cost. I dislike sticking headphones in my ear - it hurts and I also don't like sharing with someone.. like letting them 'take a listen' because.. hello .. ear wax! So this is a good gift for both you and your Valentines. Trust me, you won't regret them! They are great! My husband uses his in the office to listen to music whilst he is working.

Digital Photo frame: This can be a pricey or a relatively inexpensive gift and it's great for both men and women. I love it! Basically it is a digital frame where you can upload (by putting on a memory stick and plugging it into the frame) many, many pictures of your loved ones etc and the frame displays the pictures like a slideshow. It's a really good idea and I love taking pictures and looking at them - memories.. its a very nice thing!

IPOD - this is something I never got around to buying and now that I am exercising and riding my bicycle more and more.. I am seriously thinking about getting one. It will be a great gift for a music lover or someone who spends time alone and won't mind the company of music. 

Cell phone: Okay, chances are your Valentines already has one or maybe even two cell phones. Maybe you can upgrade his/her cell phone to a Blackberry or a really good Nokia? Just a suggestion! 

These are just a few suggestions. Off course your Valentines might have them all already.. or he/she might not.. So I hope this was helpful! Happy Valentines Day.


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