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Valentine's Day Gift Idea's For Coffee Drinkers- Gourmet Coffee Gift Basket Idea's

Updated on February 4, 2015

A Valentine's Gift Of Coffee Is A Gift Of Savings!

Valentine's Day Coffee Gift Ideas

Valentine's Day is here again and you don't want to give the same traditional gifts. I've been in the same situation and have decided to give coffee baskets to the special people that drink coffee that have been so good to me.

I guess we can use this idea to think of other ways to give back to those we appreciate. Yes I know Valentine's Day is for lovers; but I am a lover of people and I think it is high time to change the bar of Valentine's Day to extend way beyond couples.

Here are some helpful Valentine's Day gift ideas for your beloved coffee drinkers! Finding the right gift doesn't have to be hard when you already know what your favorite Valentines already cherishes. If your special someone spends money everyday for a cup of their favorite coffee, this is for you!

A coffee enthusiast will always appreciate a great or practical coffee gift on any occasion so why not Valentine's Day? You can be creative from the coffee cups they drink from to a coffee machine they use to fill them.

Everything surrounding the experience of drinking coffee is surely in scope. Not to mention the money that can be saved by making coffee at home. A coffee gift is the gift of saving money!

Like apples coffee comes in many varieties. Find out what your recipient drinks before spending that money on your special coffee gift for Valentine's day. Some coffee drinkers are actually drinking decaf! Either way they will still love a variety of special blends.

Just in case you want to put together your own Valentine's coffee basket. You will need some essentials.

  • decaffeinated
  • caffeinated
  • espresso
  • flavored creamers
  • coffee cookies
  • coffee mug

What does the favorite coffee cup look like? Is it large, small, colorful or is it built to travel? Use the original cups as a base to begin from or consider this a money saving intervention. Does your coffee enthusiast drink more than one cup a day? Do they enjoy a variety of blends? Do they have a special coffee brand or store they purchase from?

When asking yourself these question you will surely come up with great gift idea's for each of your gift recipients if you have a few.

7 Valentine's Day Coffee Gift Ideas

  1. Starbucks Gift Card- Or from any gourmet coffee spot they may enjoy!
  2. Personalized Coffee Mugs - If they have a common name you can find them easily or you may have the cups ordered.
  3. Leak Proof Coffee Mug for the long days by the computer.
  4. Specialty Coffee Machine- There are great machines that will make one serving of your choice of coffee blend.
  5. Gourmet Coffee Gift Basket- For the experimental coffee lover! This intriguing gift can open up a greater coffee experience!
  6. Espresso Machine- An espresso machine is a very special gift for the ultimate espresso drinker.
  7. Coffee Club of the Month- Getting a coffee surprise every month for a year is a gift that keeps on giving for the coffee drinker that has everything.

Save Your Coffee Drinker Money- Give A Coffee Gift

If you give a Valentine's Day gift of coffee you would have just allowed your dear coffee drinker to save a lot of money by making their own coffee versus spending money everyday adding to hundreds a year!

Whether you make a gift basket yourself or buy one; coffee drinkers will cherish and remember such a special gift. Ask the right questions to give the right gift. This advice can be used for any time you are gift giving.

Your coffee drinkers will be excited when receiving your gift every Valentine's Day. It is always important to give a gift that reflects the receiver. Gift giving is a time to show the recipient that they are important and that you pay attention to what they enjoy.

A Valentine's gifts without the receiver in mind is like throwing money down the drain. While the ted bear is cute and the candy is on their hips, your coffee gift will be used and appreciated every.

Hopefully you found this hub about Valentine's Day Coffee Gift Idea's useful and will vote it up! Enjoy!


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