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10 Valentine's Day Gift Ideas - Affordable and great!

Updated on March 24, 2010

Okay so in three days it will be Valentines Day 2010. Yes.. on February 14th, your loved one will be wondering what present he/she might be getting. So did you organize your Valentines Day Gift as yet? Don't worry.. there's still time. And no need to go breaking your piggy bank this year just to show your love one you care! Here are some relatively affordable Valentines Day presents you can give you loved one and know that you did good! Now, this list is just something that I came up with and I know everyone has different likes and dislikes but still, have a look.. maybe something will catch your eye and save you time and trouble! 

Valentines Day Gift Ideas for both men and women

1. Potted Plant: Instead of flowers, which in my opinion have become so commercialized and really expensive around Valentines Day, why not give a potted plant instead? I think this is a wonderful change from the usual flowers and potted plants last much longer than store bought flowers. It can be something that you and your loved one 'grow' together. Remember the love fern from How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days? Well that's the idea! You can give a 'love' fern, a flower plant like the sunflower or whichever flower is her favorite, lucky bamboo or even a small bonsai tree. These are really unique and very nice. Trust me, you'd save a bundle on this gift and it's special too. This is not only a girlie gift.. there are many men out there who love plants and would appreciate something like this. Give it a try!

2. Cook dinner. Yep.. I said it - cook dinner! You can cook a really romantic dinner at home instead of going to an overly priced restaurant on Valentines night. Trust me .. this is much better! A simple google search will help you get ideas of what to make for dinner. May I suggest something like: pasta, with seafood, french bread, mixed salad with a nice chocolate cake and ice cream or some fancy desert. Have a bottle of wine as well and you're good to go. Off course you can also cook lobster, steak, lasagna etc. It's up to you. Make sure and set the mood for dinner. Have candles, romantic music playing (top 10 romantic songs for valentines), maybe have dinner outside under the stars if that's possible (you can eat on a blanket or carry a table outside), put freshly cut flowers from your garden (or ask your neighbor for some) as a center piece and use your good dinner sets and cutlery! Can't cook? Then order something and have it home in your own setting rather than in a restaurant. Make sure and dress up nice.. not because you are dining at home, means you have dress in home clothes!

3. Wii game: This will only be applicable if the person you are giving the gift to has a Nintendo Wii console already! If not.. and you could afford one, check out Amazon. Now if the person has a Wii already, it's up to you to find out what game he/she might want and then you've got yourself a great gift idea for less than $50US.

4. Book: I for one love to read! If my husband gave me a Judith McNaught (my favorite author) book for Valentines Day I'd love that. She is an awesome romance novelist but I've already read all her books thus far. So like me, your Valentines might love reading and is interested in a new book that's just been published or has a keen interest in something that you might get a book about - such as Greek Mythology or whatever! It's not a bad idea. I know some people don't like to get just a book.. so maybe you can make your own Valentines Day Card or bookmark to go with it!

5. Weekend Getaway Trip: Okay so depending on where in the world you are living this one might be a little costly, so if it is then you can skip this suggestion. I like this as a gift idea because it's extremely romantic and can be very spontaneous. So here's what you do - go online and check out the prices of hotels in a place you'd like to visit. Make it somewhere close by that you can either drive to or take a short flight. You don't need to stay in a fancy hotel. It can be a cabin somewhere where you can spend your time walking in nature or fishing by a lake, or it can be a shopping area, or a visit to a theme park or just to go hang out by the beach. It can be a one or two night stay. Whatever you can manage in your budget.

6. Sign up for lessons for a class: This is a great gift for couples, moms and daughters, fathers and sons of all ages etc. What you need to find is a class in your community that you might both enjoy doing. This is a way for you to spend time together. It's a great gift idea, in my opinion. You can join a dance class, a pottery class, an art class (I like this one), yoga class, maybe even the gym! Whatever it is, do it with the idea of you guys spending time together.

7. Charm Bracelet: This is a fantastic gift for a lady. Be it your mom, daughter, wife or girlfriend etc. You can get a relatively inexpensive charm bracelet - in gold or silver, and start off by buying one or two charms. These charms come in all shapes and sizes so you can tailor it to suit the person you are getting it for. By that I mean, if the person loves dolphins or other animals, you can get a charm of such an animal. What I like about Charm Bracelets is that when the person travels she can collect charms from all over the world or based on life events - where each charm will have a story behind it. This is a very sentimental gift idea.

8. Digital Photo frame: This can be a pricey or a relatively inexpensive gift and it's great for both men and women. I love it! Basically it is a digital frame where you can upload (by putting on a memory stick and plugging it into the frame) many, many pictures of your loved ones etc and the frame displays the pictures like a slideshow. It's a really good idea and I love taking pictures and looking at them - memories.. its a very nice thing!

9. Bicycle: I know you are probably like What?? Well I recently got a bicycle from my husband and I absolutely love it so I decided to add it on this list. Yes! A bicycle to ride! It's a great form of exercise and guess what - it's a ton of fun! I enjoy it. I never thought I'd be riding a bicycle at 27 .. I did it back in my childhood days - but now that I am riding I am loving it! Off course you have to know what your neighborhood is like and if there are bike paths and whether or not it is safe to ride. But its still a great Valentines Day Gift idea I think! You can get one for yourself and make it a couple activity! You'd love it.. make sure and take the time to see the sights, smile and people and enjoy nature as you ride!

10. Mixed CD: Okay so this one is more for the teens. You can buy and download songs from Amazon (the legal way) that your significant other might like and burn it on to a CD as a gift for him/her to listen to in the car or at home etc. I got this when I was in my teens and found it was very cute. But back then it was a mixed tape .. not CD :-) Still very cute! If you want some ideas see my Top 10 romantic songs for Valentines

Okay I hope these ideas were helpful. I have lots more but not so affordable one time. I might just write another hub with these. But this listing has some Valentines Day Gift ideas that I personally love. Have a wonderful Valentines Day.


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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      What should you get a guy

    • Leandraluv profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Houston, Texas

      Hey Donna thanks!

    • DonnaWallace profile image

      Donna Wallace 

      8 years ago from North Carolina

      Leandraluv, what a great hub on Valentine's Day! I stumbled across this hub as I was looking for birthday gift ideas, and it's a great idea for those gifts, too. I particularly liked the idea of creating your own special music CD---it's not just for teens!

    • Leandraluv profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Houston, Texas

      Hey Jeff, Sorry I was away for a few days and I only now checked my email. I am happy this was helpful.. so how did Valentines Day turn out?? Did you get the plant? I hope she loved it!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      This is great. I was looking for something for my girlfriend and got it here...I am going to cook dinner and have nice potted plant. I hope she will keep it and we will be able to have it in our apt for a long time - Thankyou for this information


    • Leandraluv profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Houston, Texas

      No problem Elizabeth. I am glad you like these ideas! I especially love the potted plant :-)

    • profile image

      Elizabeth Ford 

      8 years ago

      Great ideas, thanks a lot for sharing as Valentine's day is coming


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