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Valentine's Day Gift Tips

Updated on December 5, 2017

Valentine's Day is among one of the most stressful gift giving holidays. Why? Because unlike Christmas, Valentine's gifts are usually less numerous so in theory the gift giver has fewer chances to get it right. On top of that this holiday is mainly a romantic holiday specifically about celebrating love. However, unlike the pessimists of the world I don't see Valentine's day as a "couples" holiday. As I mentioned earlier Valentine's Day is celebrating love, so you should try to show the people that you love that you still love them on Valentine's Day. Thus, the gift tips I am giving here are for anyone you decide you love on Valentine's Day.

Gifts for Girls

Since I am in fact a girl I feel I have decent authority to speak to getting gifts for girls. This is not going to be a list of what to get and what not to get, this will just be clues and hints about how you should go about getting a gift for any girl.

Tried and True may not always be right for you

Chocolates, teddy bears, heart pillows, etc. Those are what people think of when they hear Valentine's Day. Those suggestions have earned their place as the top most given Valentine's gifts but if those are all you get you will wear them out fast. I'm not saying you should never get a girl chocolates or a teddy bear but just think for a second, how many stuffed animals does she have, do you even know if she likes chocolate? Don't just get the tried and true stuff or you may seem like a mindless consumer.

If you want to hit the nail on the head this year here is how to figure out what she wants. All you have to do is listen to her. She probably is dropping hints like bombs right around now. Does she keep mentioning how much she likes that bracelet from that jewelry store? Did she take you window shopping to a bunch of her favorite stores recently? Did she write a hub about giving gifts on Valentine's Day? If you said yes to any of these she has probably already given you a list of possible things you could get her. If you remember any of those things then go get one! If the lady in your life is more subtle, like myself, then you honestly may not know because she hasn't said anything. Don't worry, there is more!

If she just hasn't said anything then you will have to think a little harder. You probably know some of her likes and interests so go with those. If she likes rock climbing you could give her new shoes. Maybe she likes painting, get her a canvas or brushes. Just give her a gift that you think she may like but remember, girls read into gifts more than guys do. If she likes looking nice and you give her a gift card to super cuts you may have just inadvertently said the back of your head is ridiculous! Handle that. I know, that is a little dramatic but as a girl who often gets bath soaps I have begun to wonder if I am being given a subtle message...

Above I said this wouldn't be a list of things to give and things not to give but here is one thing you may want to think twice about. Lingerie. Victoria's Secret is bright with all the wonderful hues of pink and red right about now and a couple of you guys may want to get her a gift you can share... A few things for that; lingerie from a guy often means he wants to see it after it comes out of the bag... It puts pressure on a girl to give her something like that even if you don't intend to see it on her. If you don't want to add odd sexual pressure like that, do what I said, think twice. Next, sizing, I have trouble getting underwear that fits me so I don't know how a guy thinks he will size up a girl and get the right size. If it's too big you just said she was fat, if it's too small now she is fat. It's a catch 22 and believe me, you don't wanna go there. Plus, once you try on that sort of thing you really can't return it. But, if she wants lingerie and has a place she likes a gift card could be a good idea.

Gifts for Guys

As a girl who gets gifts for guys I understand the struggle of getting the perfect gift so I feel reasonably qualified to discuss this. Again, this is not a list of what to get and what not to get it's just tips and hints.

Let's be honest

I love guys, I have guy friends, I have a boyfriend, I have a brother and I have a dad, I love guys...but guys do not take Valentine's Day the same way girls do. He will get a gift, he will say I love you and he will do the pink and red thing but don't get confused, he is not taking it the same way. Unlike a girl a guy will not read into the gift you give him. On one hand that means that he won't think that the super nice razor you gave him means you think he's too scruffy. Then on the other hand that means that the love plant you bought will not represent your love blossoming and growing to him, it could be another chore and another potential reason for you to get upset with him. What can you do? KISS - keep it simple silly!

There are a myriad of cute, meaningful, and extravagant Valentine's Day gifts on the shelves in every store you go to, resist the urge to get the cutesy things. RESIST!! I'm not saying don't get anything cute but I am saying that you shouldn't just buy things that you like for him, buy things he would like. I understand, I have the urge to get the heart shaped paper weight with our names engraved on it too. However, I'm stopped when I remember that he doesn't have a desk or a like of paper weights. Just think, what will he do with those cutesy things? If you pondered it and came up with nothing then that is your answer, he will be doing nothing with those cutesy things. Buy the cutesy things for your lady friends. Guys just want simple things.

If you want to get exactly what he wants this year then listen to him! Guys are more likely to tell you what they want if you ask them. He might not know and that is fine too. Think about what he talks about a lot. Has he mentioned how much he likes the NY Jets? Get him a jersey. Did he ever own a dvd that he can no longer find? Buy him a new one. Might he have a crappy worn out wallet? Get him a new one! Things he will use will be great for him and you. Seeing him use something you gave him is the icing on the cake. It will be like you're with him all the time!! Sure, he won't ever say those words but still if he genuinely likes the gift it will be a good Valentine's Day for him. You don't want to be known as the crappy Valentine's Day gift giver, that's a hard title to shake.

Considering I am not a guy I can't say for sure a gift that just rubs a guy the wrong way but here is one that I have observed as the bane of gift receiving for guys on Valentine's Day. Couple's anything. If you get him something that matches something you got for yourself (i.e. sweaters, necklaces, rings. etc.) he may wear it to make you happy but it won't be a very appreciated gift. Just think about this, how many married couples do you know that wear matching red sweaters with I Love You sewn into the middle? If you know a couple that has those sweaters just look at his face in the pictures. I can almost guarantee, he is wholly unexcited.

Gifts for Friends

I don't know about other people but I make it my thing to give my friends gifts on Valentine's Day. I have heard enough people talk about how much they feel alone on Valentine's Day because they have no valentine. Make your friends feel loved with a little something from you that helps them remember that Valentine's Day is about love, of everyone.

Gifts for friends are usually something small that can be easily distributed depending on how many friends you love. I like to go with handmade cards. That isn't a viable option for everyone but it is heartfelt and small. If you only want to shower your really close friends with love then by all means, go big. Think of it this way, the cost and specificity of your gifts should vary in proportion to the number of people you are giving gifts (less people = larger more individualized gifts, more people = smaller general gifts). Of course that isn't a hard and fast rule for giving gifts but those are the ones I go by.

For friends the tried and true cliches of Valentine's Day are golden. Teddies, chocolates, hearts and Cupid's galore, layer on the cheesy commercial Valentine's Day stuff. Your friends will be a lot less picky so you don't have to try so hard to deviate from the norm. Honestly, anything at all should be nice. Think of it like kindergarten, you probably liked getting those little Dollar store cards from your classmates even though the teacher made everyone give something to everyone else. For your friends, it's just nice to know that you were thinking of them.


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    • Parchessey profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago

      Thanks! I'm really glad you liked my hub.

    • profile image

      Miss Madi Mae 

      8 years ago

      This made me smile greatly! and is incredibly to the point. I especially like the section about friends, it's so true. Everyone should feel loved on Valentines day, no matter what their relationship status is. :-)


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