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Valentine's Day Gifts Do's and Don'ts For Your Man

Updated on February 10, 2014

Valentine's Day Gifts Do's and Don'ts

Are you stumped at what to get your guy for Valentine's Day? Have you given some real duds and disappointments in the past? Don't fret, I have some amazing ideas for gifts to give to your special someone. Don't let a budget hold you back from still giving him a great gift. There are so many things he would enjoy that are little cost to you. I've also explained disastrous ideas for gifts, so if you're planning on giving him one of the item's on my "Don't List," it's still not too late to fix it. Whether you find my article useful, or simply amusing, I hope you enjoy it.


1) Stuffed Animal

This gift says, “Here honey, making sure you’re not gay.” Or, “Hint, hint, this is what I want.” Personally, I’d be more worried if he actually did like the gift. Valentines Day tends to be a mushy girly romantic holiday, but you don’t have to crush his macho manliness entirely. He is not a Teddy Bear. Do not buy him one. He will find this deep dark hiding place in his closet for the stuffed animal to make sure none of his buds see it and make fun of him. When you come over, he’ll bring it out and put it on the shelf like he loves it, but I promise you as soon as you leave, it’s back to the hole. Don’t be the girl that gives his friends reasons to rag on him and make fun of him.

2) Watch

This is such a cliché gift for a guy. It says, “I had no idea what to get you, so I bought you the infamous watch.” Girls get jewelry, guys get watches, it’s as old as time. It’s the girl’s way of saying, “I bought you this wonderful expensive watch, as a hint and a trap for you to have to buy me expensive jewelry in return.” How many single guys do you see wearing watches? Not many, because they haven’t had a girlfriend to buy them one. Here’s your sign ladies.

3) A Coupon for Kisses and Hugs

Sigh. Ladies, if you’re in the celibacy stage where it’s new and you’re not “putting out” yet, or your morals have you waiting for marriage, then good for you, there’s nothing wrong with that. But if you are, then the coupons just aren’t for you. Coupons are a creative idea used to spice up your love life, and are a wonderful gift for your guy. But if you don’t have a love life, then the coupons are going to be a disappointment. “Happy Valentines Day Babe, you get free hugs and kisses!” He wouldn’t be with you if he wasn’t at least getting free hugs and kisses; some form of affection. You can do better than that ladies. I’m not saying go against your morals or rush into sex, I am just saying try a different gift, like tools if he’s a handyman, or an Autozone gift card if he works on cars.

4) Flowers

Ladies, come on. What is your man going to do with a bouquet of flowers? “Oh, I love them darling, they smell like your lavender soap.” Don’t be selfish, you know darn well you got them because you want them, and you know they’re going to go in your kitchen where you intended them to be all along. If your man screwed up, and didn’t get you flowers like you hinted you obviously wanted, then don’t screw up in return by buying him flowers. Trust me, get him an awesome gift, and by the end of the night he’ll have ran to the store to get you the flowers you wanted. Problem solved. If you give him a crappy gift in return, kiss your flowers goodbye unless you buy them yourselves.

5) Spa Treatment

Close, but not quite. He’d love a massage, but has no desire for a pedicure and manicure. You could’ve saved half your money by just getting him a massage. He doesn’t want someone waxing his hair, plucking his eyebrows, and filing his nails. That’s torture for a man! If you want him primped a little bit, then that’s a talk to have another day. Not a trap to put him in on Valentines Day. “Happy Valentines Day, honey, please wax your back hair.” If you are about to put him through that, at least give the poor guy a decent Valentine’s Day gift first.


1) A CD Mix of His Favorite Songs/ Ipod Songs Gift Card

If your man loves listening to music, and you often see him with headphones in while he’s working on things around the house, or when he goes for a jog, this is the perfect gift. You can pop the CD in while you drive to a restaurant for dinner, or while you are having a romantic meal together. Don’t forget to include “your couple’s song” so that you finish the night with a romantic slow dance and sing-a-long. It makes the CD all the more special by including you and your partner’s personal unique song, or rekindles the memory of “the song playing when you two met.” Just remember, don’t make the whole CD full of mushy love songs. Include your “couple’s song” but that’s it. The rest of the song’s should be upbeat; song’s to pump him up, and make him feel like a man while he jogs or works out at the gym

2) An Auto Zone Gift Card (If He Likes To Work On Cars)

Many guys love working on cars. It’s a “manly thing.” Does he have a “project vehicle” that he’s been working on with his dad for the last few years in “father/son” bonding? Or does he have this prized possession car he calls, “his Baby;” probably a sports car he loves showing off? Does he enjoy showing off his car at car shows? Maybe he’s been looking to add neon lights, a spoiler, tinted windows, or body work such as flames. Either way, if this sounds like your guy, you can’t go wrong with a gift card to his favorite car shop.

3) A Lowe’s Gift Card for Tools (If He’s a Handyman)

Is your guy good with his hands? Always working on some new project? Would his life be so much easier if he could buy an electric drill instead of using a screw driver? Save him time and effort? This is your way of thanking him for all he does around the house, and shows that even though you can’t help him because you don’t know what he’s doing, you still support him. Maybe you don’t know exactly what tools he wants or needs, but by giving him the gift card, he can finally buy what he’s been wanting all this time. Maybe it’s time he gets a riding lawn mower instead of a push-mower. Some mowers cost the same as a fancy watch. Include a catalog of mowers on sale with the gift card. He’ll be so happy that the time he puts in yard work has been cut in half, and maybe now he’ll have more time for the things he likes to do, but didn’t have time to do before. That extra time could also be time spent with you, so that makes it a win-win situation.

4) A Massage For His Hard Work

Does he enjoy coming home sore from work and receiving a back rub? Has he earned a day to massage out his knots and tight muscles from hard work? Show him you appreciate all he does for you and the family by treating him to a luxurious day of relaxation. Just remember, he doesn’t want to be waxed and have his nails filed. Exclude the hair removal and manicures; it’s a waste of money. If you are about to talk to him about how him looking like a hairy monkey is turning you off, at least give the guy a nice massage for Valentines Day before you put him through that. Don’t bring it up on Valentines Day, or ruin the gift for a massage by sneakily adding primping such as eye brown tweezing and hair waxing in the mix. In turn, he may switch your 5 Star-restaurant dinner to McDonalds.

5) Frisky Coupons

The easiest and cheapest way to make your man happy is to sexually please him. It costs you nothing, and it always makes him happy and satisfied. If he gives you that “smirk” and wink when you ask him what he wants for Valentines Day, you know what he’s asking for. When a man wines and dines you, he’s looking for a “happy ending.” It’s in a man’s DNA, he’s full of testosterone; he can’t help it. Have you been dating for enough time that you think Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity for “your first time” with him? How romantic would that be? Or if you’ve already been dating for some time, then use Valentine’s Day as a day to “spice things up” for him, and do something fun and special. Coupons have some great ideas, and are a creative gift that he’ll love. Try adding something with flavor, or whipped cream. Pick a spontaneous, daring, place, where the adrenaline is pumping, like off far in the woods, after a picnic, on a blanket in the twilight. Or surprise him in sexy new lingerie.

6) Sports Memorabilia (If He’s a Sports Fanatic)

Is your guy a huge sports fan? Is his man-cave covered in posters of his favorite teams, and his team’s colors? Does he celebrate the Super Bowl like it’s Christmas? Get him a Jersey, or a cool shirt with his team’s mascot and colors on it, or the number of his favorite player. Or get him tickets to the next Sports game. Even a cool new poster to add to his man-cave, that he’s been eyeing for some time. Maybe him being such an extreme Sports fan drives you nuts sometimes, but show him that you don’t mind sharing his craziness every once in a while, since it’s so important to him. Maybe if you go with him to a Sports game, he’ll go with you to a mushy chick-flick movie. A relationship is all about give and take. You have your hobbies, and he has his, and that must be respected. But every once in a while you two should give in, and share each other’s passions together. Support and embrace each other’s differences every now and then. It helps you to grow as a couple.

7) An Assortment of Cool Instrument Picks (Great for a Budget If Your Man Plays an Instrument)

Does your man play an instrument? This is a creative idea to get him for his instrument. Does he have a favorite band? Get him picks with his favorite band name’s on them. Does he need new strings? Include a pack of new strings with the picks. If you guys are low on cash, and have agreed on a budget, this is a perfect gift. Picks are a dollar at most.

8) A Cool Zippo (If He Smokes)

Does your man buy unique lighters? Buy him his particular brand pack of smokes, and include multiple lighters of his favorite sports team, favorite music band, sports team colors, and maybe even one with his name on it. It’s a great gift if you’re on a budget. Or, if you do have some money to spend, just get one Zippo since they’re expensive, with his favorite sports team, or band name on it. Every smoker wants one cool lighter, preferably a cool Zippo at least once.


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