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Valentines Day Gifts For The Kids

Updated on January 25, 2017
I'll Give You My Frog Babe
I'll Give You My Frog Babe

Only 26 days until Valentines Day. I'm sure your thinking of what to get the man or woman in your life.Check out What A Man Wants For Valentines Day

So you've read the recommended reading. Hopefully you've got some ideas. Now let's turn to the children. What to get the children?
Luckily alot of children don't understand the concept of Valentines Day. They don't care about showing love. They just know it's a day to get candy. Yes. I realize Valentine Day cards are exchanged, but what kid really cares about that. To be honest, most adult men don't really care about the card either.
Instead of the traditional box of candy, why not give that special child something else.

My suggestions for girls

Toy Oven..... Come on, don't you want to eat what she cooks for you?
Perfume..... She'll be spraying everyone. You'll be going to work smelling so good.Just tell your coworkers your wife changed dryer sheets.
Clothes..... What female, at any age, doesn't want clothes? Make it even more fun. Get the wrong size so she and your wife can return it. Think of the smile on their faces when they enter the store.. Plus you made your wife happy too.
Sleepover..... Let her have a sleepover. Ten girls running around the house. Talking all the girlie stuff. Non stop talking.Never stopping to catch a breath.
Ken doll..... Barbie will need protection. Read on, you'll see.
Jewelery..... There is no stopping a female and her need for jewelery. Might as well not fight it.

Boys are so much easier.
The latest action figure.
A frog..... Boys love frogs. I'm talking a real one, not some stuffed toy.
Band Aids. Scuffed knees and elbows
Video game
Barbie doll and firecrackers..... Boys hate Barbie. They will be so happy strapping firecrackers to her body. Let Daddy light the fuse.
Nerf gun..... He will enjoy shooting the family members over and over and over.
A pet..... He will promise to feed it, walk it and bathe it. At least until Feb 15.
A tattoo..... All boys want a tattoo. Just tattoo the neighborhood map on the arm. You know they will get lost at some point. It happens, but you also know males don't ask for directions. Not at any age.

So my advice is to not forget the children on Valentines Day. I realize the stress in buying a special gift for the special someone. This list, hopefully, makes taking care of the children easier.


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