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Valentine's Day Guide For Single Girls

Updated on January 25, 2017

To all those single girls out there, you don’t have to treat Valentine’s Day like a daunting holiday anymore. There are plenty of ways you can have fun and celebrate even though you’re single and unattached.

I am putting down a few ideas for you to have fun with your besties or yourself on this love-filled holiday.

Plan a Group Trip

If you have a group of friends who got the similar idea, go for it! The day can turn out to be a big party day when everyone come together.

Head to the Movies

Gather up your other single friends and plan for a movie. Make sure you pick something anti-romantic. Keep all those sappy chick flicks out of your choice list. Get a big bucket of popcorn and enjoy the night to the fullest.

Host a Party Night

Host a fabulous party for all the singles in your group. Go with the “Love Hurts” theme, using all black decorations. Avoid flowers, candies or cards - It should be just good friends and good drinks!

Treat Yourself to a SPA Day

Make yourself feel pampered. After all everyone needs some alone time every once in awhile. Book yourself a spa day. Get a massage, facial or pedicure done, alone or with your friends.

Plan a Foodie Night

Book a reservation in some fancy restaurant with other single friends. Treat yourself to some place really nice. Don’t forget to get a delicious dessert.

Plan some Fun with Your Family

Got Nieces and Nephews? It time to show them the fun aunt in you. Plan a day with the kids or volunteer to babysit. You can take the kids to some indoor playground, or go out and get some junk to eat, that their parents will never let them have.

Get Dressed Up!

Get into the sexiest outfit you got and hit some bar. Challenge yourself to strike a conversation with at least five guys you would never approach otherwise.

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