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Valentine's Day Homemade card - Love Grows

Updated on February 3, 2016

Tiny Hub

This is a tiny short HUB dedicated to the very easy to make Valentine's Day card called "Love Grows"

Hearts and Flowers

The card I am featuring today is all about Hearts and Flowers. The phrase "Love Grows" is so simple and so true.

This card can be given to anyone you love or are starting to love- my thoughts when I found this image in the Valentine's Day Cricut cartridge booklet was how perfect this card would be for my niece. She just gave birth to her first child and with her indeed "Love Grows".

Love Grows

Two Different Color Schemes

I chose a mixture of purples-both light and dark. I added two layers behind the Love Grows layer and could have added more- it requires less than 1/4" of background peaking around the layer for it to work.

Dark Front - Light Background

Two Different Color Schemes

This card, a simpler one, has only the front "Love Grows" layer adhered to a light background then adhered to the base card.

The Love Grows card like this one is very, very easy to create in multiples.

Combined Pics of the "Love Grows"

Base Card

Choose the size of your base card and cut out the cardstock.

Fold It

Using a folding tool ( this one is from the Cricut Essentials tool kit) fold the card in half.

The best way to have it come out even is to pinch/grip the open edges of the card together.

Without letting the edges move, slide the paper folder along the edge you want creased.

"Love Grows" background

Use the Real Dial Size button set at 5"

Use the Shift + 19 button to cut out the background for the "Love Grows" background cardstock piece.

"Love Grows" front layer

Use the Real Dial Size button set at 5"

Use just the #19 button to cut out the front layer of the "Love Grows" cardstock piece.

Finished Card choices

The finished card will have either a single layer on the base card or layer upon layer until just 1/4" or so bigger than the finished "Love Grows" top layer.


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